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  1. We've got a covering of snow, which will have helped, but I'm only a few miles from Shap and the village is surrounded by fells so I think the cold air just collects here. Had we got 62cm like in Northumberland...
  2. Minus 11.2 here (still minus 10.1) making it the coldest night for over 10 years.
  3. Minus 11.2 overnight and still minus 10.1 which makes it the coldest night for over 10 years.
  4. I went out for a walk at lunchtime to take some photos across the valley towards the Pennines. The visibility was variable.
  5. I wonder how many of us will see this again? What a day - had to walk 5 miles across snowfields to literally dig my dad out of his house...and take him some kit kats.
  6. I've just bought a new telescope. I don't think I could have timed it worse. 

    1. jasonuk


      Is it a Refractor? Mrs Whisby will look rubbish in her bedroom upside down.


  7. Hi - Morning - I'd ask in your regional thread for the best answers. It's just a bunch of weirdos in this section!
  8. I think this thread would be much more use to everyone if people made considered posts based on the output and not knee jerk reactions to individual bits of a chart projecting what could happen 5 days off or what they think is going to happen.
  9. A proper winter month here with the lowest mean since December 2010. Temperature Max Temp: 8.6°C (20th) Min Temp: -9.8°C (9th) Mean Temp: 1.4°C Air Frosts: 19 Rainfall Total: 126.4mm Wettest Day: 32.2mm (19th) Wind Highest gust 32mph (19th) Snow Days with snow falling: 16 Days with snow lying: 11
  10. The Eden went over in Appleby las night. I'm not sure any properties would have been flooded at that level of water but today doesn't bode well. Hopefully we'll get nowhere near the ridiculous levels of Storm Desmond (black line at the top)
  11. If it wasn't for lockdown I'd venture over to the Honister Pass - it's phenomenal the amount of rain it receives
  12. I can almost guarantee the Eden will go over in Appleby, there's just a delay but when it rises it rises quickly. It drops quickly too of course.
  13. Yay! I don't know how quickly things are moving through but at ground level there's been no wind all day.
  14. I think I'd rather be worried unnecessarily than get caught out.
  15. Ah yes - I've seen those before but had forgotten where! Actually, I should have said it was my wife's car. I have a Volvo of course, called Lovejoy.
  16. One query - does the amber warning relate to the level of disruption rather than the actual volume of rain? I know the two are linked but it would take less rain to cause significant disruption in Leeds, for example, than it would in, say, Shap.
  17. That's my car!! My thoughts go to anyone who's at risk of flooding today. An utterly awful feeling of inevitable dread comes with it. I suspect I'm going to be ok today and I certainly won't be parking my car in that car park again. It's raining steadily here but not a puff of wind!
  18. In Appleby it's snowing but no covering. 5 miles away and 150ft up in Great Asby....nothing great but it looks pretty enough.
  19. I've got to go over to my dad's house later. It's at Murton...I'll let you know but it's snowing steadily and sticking in Great Asby.
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