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  1. Model Output Discussion 29th December - Into mid-Winter.

    And the benefit of a Greenland High is the blocking it provides against an Atlantic onslaught? I've only been here for 11 years - you're going to have to bear with me.
  2. Model Output Discussion 29th December - Into mid-Winter.

    We're going to be a bit stricter about off-topic posting while it could potentially turn cold. Please use the ramp/moan thread for anything that isn't model-related and anyone who says "I know this is off topic but" and still posts, will be banned.
  3. Model Output Discussion 29th December - Into mid-Winter.

    Just to remind people, this is the Model Discussion Thread, not the Ian Ferguson Twitter Thread! With thanks OON
  4. Model Output Discussion 29th December - Into mid-Winter.

    This is the Model Discussion Thread. In fairness to those who want to visit the Model Discussion Thread to see discussion about, or discuss, model output, please stick to model discussion. I hope that clarifies things?!
  5. Just a reminded to members - it's December 7th. Many thanks. 

  6. November 2016 Weather Statistics

    Ah!!!!! Thought we'd become a desert for a moment.
  7. The changing daylight hours thread

    Makes me a bit sullen.
  8. November 2016 Weather Statistics

    Wettest place in the UK had 70.4mm? I had 21mm more than that. I know I'm not official but that's a very low total for the wettest place.
  9. Autumn 2016

    Oh I see - sorry! I meant Nov 2010 when we had all the lying snow and a sub zero end to the month. No wonder you were confused!
  10. November 2016 Weather Statistics

    Highest temp 13.6º Lowest temp -6.4º Mean temp 3.4º Air frosts 17 Rainfall 91.8mm Highest gust 35mph
  11. Autumn 2016

    I was just simply comparing it to last year because it's the most recent comparison to hand!
  12. Autumn 2016

    The mean temperature here for November was 3.4º with 17 separate air frosts. This beats even Nov 2015 for number of frosts and the mean temp (if you're looking for cold). I do wonder why so many people pore over the models looking for cold when actually what we had in November was quite noteworthy in itself.
  13. First names you dislike

    I think I prove your point.
  14. Fibre Optic Broadband

    Well plenty who live here did need more speed and they're benefiting greatly. I agree - seems unfair but I think Cumbria's qualified for some European money from the Rural Development Fund so it's not directly at the expense of other areas.
  15. I am really sorry to hear you have decided to suspend the serious discussion forum. As a avid user and poster I feel it should be re-instated and those not treating the discussion with respect should be removed. The few many should not suffer for the many. As for forum and its use, yes its primarily for weather related matters, but it has grown to be much more.

    Please reinstate this forum discussion.

    Thank you


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    2. CreweCold


      That's the wrong attitude to have I'm afraid and will be a reason that footfall to this forum starts to decline. As Dami has said, there are people who come on here to feel part of a community and people who like to have their input on topical events as well as the weather discussion. The two go along together very nicely. saying 'there's plenty of other places on the internet things like politics can be discussed' is a slap in the face to a large cross section of your active members list. Also what happens in winter when the usual trolls come out of hibernation in the model thread? You're going to get just as much grief then.

      I would suggest those who find it too tough going being a moderator have a serious think as to whether they want to continue having moderator benefits on the site, because those that find it too tough going could always hand over the reigns to others who I'm sure would give their left arm to have a shot at moderating a site like this.

      Just my 2 pence worth.

    3. shuggee


      Members of the moderating team have generously volunteered their time to moderate a weather forum not a political bear pit.  We all accept grief is part of the job, we all get involved in the snow drama! And often it carries away with itself.  That's fine - we've all signed up to help with that.  But nobody signed up to moderate the snide often ridiculously partisan political discussions. So they're no longer available on this weather forum.

    4. Osbourne One-Nil

      Osbourne One-Nil

      Sorry Crewe (well I'm not actually) but that's absolute nonsense. All we've done is remove a section (and not said how long for) which was starting to attract some very very dubious views. Since closing it, we've not had a single borderline-racist post, blatantly racist post or post where someone feigns absolute outrage because someone has a different opinion to their own. 

      Perhaps we will some members over this. That would be a shame as we are (and this is important) a weather forum. But if we do, I suspect a good proportion will have only ever contributed to the serious discussion area. I also suspect that a lot of people are completely turned off by the sort of nonsense that has been seen in there. 

      Yes we could simply ban people, but we'd have to base a lot of that on our own subjective opinion. I'd much rather come here and talk to someone about the weather without knowing their political views as that's got nothing to do with the whole purpose of this place.