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  1. Well it's doing ok so far, already into half of Ireland. Looks earlier than forecast
  2. It will be interesting to compare the low and associated band of snow with the models in the morning. You never now it could go way further north... like someone said earlier it's happened before, its only a forecast a present and it will do what it wants
  3. Looks further north than it was earlier.. much further north.
  4. Just seen BBC weather forecast and shown Thursday night and thought it look quite good for Midlands... well better than it did earlier.
  5. I'm feeling it will reach the north Midlands. I'm a bit optermistic about how much to expect here in West Midlands. I see so many confusing comments, I just don't no. South East thread frustrates me, they seem to think it won't go further north than them.
  6. This is what is worrying me.. central Midlands Bearly seeing any precipitation due to the decay
  7. The front looks like it breaking as it hits the Midlands, however it's much heavier over West Wales. I'm guessing that's what is supposed to turn to snow over us
  8. Positive that the north west are now reporting rain turning to snow.
  9. What a great little storm that was out of no where. Torrential hail and what seemed like constant thunder for 5 minutes.
  10. http://www.meteox.com/gmapstatic.aspx?zoom=7&type=zoom&x=272&y=182 I also think mindlands
  11. Snowing in Wednesbury but nothing like that in Brum at the moment, not even that far away
  12. Might pull the snow from Wales as it pulls away. Guessing where the forecastmay be coming from
  13. My heavy snow symbols have been extended from 11am till 1pm.and light snow thereafter. Are they expecting the system to re-intensify ?
  14. Agree with the most. Radar suggests slowing down by just seems as heavy and with the winds got some nice drifting going on
  15. I'm reading it as a good sign that warnings are the same and not moved. Like some members have said, they have better data.
  16. Still Showing snow all day on BBC and met for my backyard. Surely they will be updating warning area soon
  17. Blizzard in Wednesbury. Best snow if day. Everywhere covered instantly
  18. Showers seem to have slightly shifted east, traveling down the m6 bringing more on the central Midlands in to play in next couple of hours ?
  19. To my surprise.(currently in rugeley) the rain is turning to snow here with snow flakes the size of bowling balls.
  20. Finally going to get good shower activity through Cheshire gap and looks like it will be of rain. Typical
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