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    Sheffield, South Yorkshire 93m asl
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    Meteorology, PC, PC Games, Hi-Fi, Movies.
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    Thunderstorms, snow and extreme weather

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  1. Partly cloudy, sunny spells. Temperature: 17.7°CHumidity: 78%Dew point: 14.0°CRain today: 0.0mmPressure: 1016.0mb - SteadyWind speed: 0.0mph
  2. Patchy cloud, frosty Temperature: -0.5°CTemperature change in the last hour: 0°CHumidity: 91%Dew point: -3.0°CRain today: 0.0mmPressure: 1016.0mb - Rising quicklyWind speed: 0.0mphWind direction: ---
  3. Cloudy Temperature: 8.2°CTemperature change in the last hour: +0.8°CHumidity: 77%Dew point: 5.0°CRain today: 1.4mmPressure: 993.0mb - Rising slowlyWind speed: 3.6mphWind direction: SSW
  4. Cloudy Temperature: 3.2°CTemperature change in the last hour: +0.2°CHumidity: 83%Dew point: 1.0°CRain today: 0.0mmPressure: 992.0mb - FallingWind speed: 2.0mphWind direction: SSW
  5. Rain/Snow cleared, now bright with sunny spells Temperature: 4.3°C Temperature change in the last hour: +1.7°C Humidity: 96% Dew point: 4.0°C Rain today: 8.4mm Pressure: 986.0mb - Steady Wind speed: 2.9mph Wind direction: NNW
  6. Cloudy Temperature: 4.1°CTemperature change in the last hour: -0.1°CHumidity: 97%Dew point: 4.0°CRain today: 1.0mmPressure: 986.0mb - Rising quicklyWind speed: 0.0mphWind direction: ---
  7. Sunny, breezy. Temperature: 7.6°CTemperature change in the last hour: +0.6°CHumidity: 66%Dew point: 2.0°CRain today: 1.0mmPressure: 1003.7mb - RisingWind speed: 4.3mphWind direction: W
  8. Cloudy Temperature: 2.6°C Temperature change in the last hour: +0.5°C Humidity: 97% Dew point: 3.0°C Rain today: 0.0mm Pressure: 999.7mb - Falling quickly Wind speed: 3.6mph Wind direction: SW
  9. Sheffield UK 10:05 AM Temp 9.4 - Dry- Humidity 91 pct-Wind 0mph N%20%23wdisplay

  10. Sheffield UK 13:15 PM Temp 14.3 - Dry- Humidity 93 pct-Wind 0mph NNE%20%23wdisplay

  11. Sheffield UK 09:45 AM Temp 9.8 - Dry- Humidity 98 pct-Wind 0mph ENE%20%23wdisplay

  12. Sheffield UK 18:20 PM Temp 15.6 - Dry- Humidity 66 pct-Wind 0mph WSW%20%23wdisplay

  13. Sheffield UK 19:55 PM Temp 12.3 - Dry- Humidity 97 pct-Wind 0mph W%20%23wdisplay

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