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  1. And we're back to 100% cover now, and it's really quite dull. Very disappointing day, and a bit of a rubbish forecast tbh.
  2. Brightened here a little but still 7/8 cloud cover. Noticed the BBC forecast going for 17c for NW England (inc our area) from Wednesday. Heatwave anyone?
  3. True of course, but the likes of Williamson grew up before 20-20 dominated, and anyway the really talented like him, Root etc, will flourish in any form of the game, they're just so good. Ordinary mortals have to really on a basically sound technique and hard work. As it happens, I think Crawley and Pope are both good players, but the pressure of failure means there won't be the time for them to bed in, that a reasonably successful team would give them.
  4. It's difficult to know where we go. The likes of Crawley and Pope are supposed to be our best young batsmen, and there doesn't seem to be a lot out there. The only alternative would seem to be a recall for the likes of Bairstow, Malan and Hales. 20-20 is destroying the technique of young players and now we're going to have the "100", compounding the damage. England and to a lesser extent Australia, are the last strongholds of test cricket, but it could be it's days as a mass spectator sport could be numbered even here.
  5. I must be getting a right miserable old so & so! It was great to have an almost capacity crowd at Edgbaston today, but the continued chanting of the same boring ,boring tune for hours on end, coupled with the attention seeking activities, made me wish for quieter times, or at least a Lords' crowd. The less said about most of the England batting the better...again.
  6. India should be in trouble with the ICC for this pitch, but of course, they won't be.
  7. A poor display this morning, although I think the value of neutral umpires has been shown. Far too many batsmen given out to balls clipping the stumps. Let's see if the same happens when India bat
  8. Not really. July 14th is slap bang in the middle of meteorological summer, 14th February leaves 2 weeks to meteorological spring.
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