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  1. It's a bit shocking really, 6th July, and although I haven't succumbed (yet), my heating thermostat light is showing it should be on!
  2. Almost complete cloud cover now in Stoke. Don't think it will be long, although we may not be the beneficiaries.
  3. For an area that we were assured last week never gets any storms, I seem to have spent an awful lot of evenings in the past few years watching the Bournemouth webcams!
  4. I think the omne showing in Stoke is false. It would be 400 metres from me & I heard nothing.
  5. Looks like we might catch part of the storm, plus that small development round Uttoxeter has started producins strikes. Fingers crossed!
  6. Not sure how we're doing it, there's been no sunshine here this morning! Anyhoo, just need SE Midlands to do the same for us.
  7. Shower here for about an hour, keeps back-building and doesn't want to clear.
  8. Hardly a storm but about 1 flash a minute in Stoke, most of them not showing on the detector.
  9. All getting a bit confusing, seems to be a lot of "hit & run" electrical activity. I suppose that's the way with pulse storms.
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