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  1. Yes, a nice little storm here, just east of overhead, but plenty of thunder, more than the lightning detector seems to be showing.
  2. Not holding out much hope. I'm away on holiday next week. I'm the preson who got the one bad week between the beginning of May and the end of July in June last year!
  3. davehsug

    In Memoriam

    Edward Kelsey, who played Joe Grundy in The Archers for over 30 years has died aged 88.
  4. Well, after a season even worse than the most pessimistic Stokie feared, at least Leeds are making the end of season a bit more fun! You'd need a heart of stone not to laugh.
  5. Well that was a very disappointing day. Cloudy, hazy and with a nagging wind. It certainly doesn't tie in with the forecast, yet it's received zero acknowledgement in the evening forecasts. Seems to be a growing trend of "sexing-up" TV weather forecasts in particular.
  6. Don't know the temperature but must be higher as Tuesday's snow and the ice is thawing even out of the sun. Looks like another snow shower about to start, but pretty to see rather than of any significance.
  7. Wondering if we've just missed out on the "sweet spot" in Stoke. Too much West in the wind this morning and looks like a bit too much North now. Good news for Shropshire & the WM.
  8. Yes, it's taken it's time. but heavy snow at last.
  9. Moderate snow in Stoke now, settling readily, already a covering.
  10. Rain most of the afternoon but moderate sleet now.
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