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  1. Premier League Discussion

    After all of the doom & gloom before the season - and I include myself in that - I have to say, we're looking a half decent side. Zouma is obviously an absoute dream loan, wondering if Chelsea will try to find a way of recalling him? Choupo-Mouting and Jese look like real steals, but to top it all Fletcher! Thanks Nick, what a fine player he is, I never rated him at Man U, but he always looked to run the show for The Baggies and he's ben supberb in the games I've seen so far. Back up to a 9th place finish I reckon, but a much better footballing season seems to beckon with fewer of those predictable & regular 4 goal surrenders.
  2. In Memoriam

    Walter Becker of Steely Dan aged 67. The first really "grown-up" music that I fell in love with. Always a bit too "sophisticated" for wider British tastes, but there are plenty of us who loved the Dan. Greatest hits is one of the select few albums I've got on my overwrcowded phone, and it gets a regular listen. Thanks for the music Walter.
  3. September 2017 C.E.T. forecasts

    14.3C please. No major signals for anything in particular, probably means a month around or just a little above average.
  4. Other phone picks up websites i've been looking at

    I had something like this a while back. I think it was something to do with the home networking thing? I know I solved it very wuickly, but for the life of me I can't remember what I did. That's not very helpful is it
  5. No Storms Club 2017 Season

    Mmm, not sure if I'm in or out. 2 closish rumbles from a heavy shower at lunchtime & a few other distant ones, certainly not a storm, but it maybe my only chance of escape before next spring!
  6. The treatment of Rashid is frankly baffling. Crane picked for a test on the strength of a few 4 over spells in T20? It will be a bigger problem if he returns good figures against the Windies. Could you really consider him for the ashes ahead of Rashid? Selectors just creating problems for themselves and, ultimately, the whole team.
  7. Seagulls a serious pest?

    Just back from a few days in Blackpool and kept an eye on them, after seeing this thread. There are plenty of them and lots of their droppings of course, but I saw no interaction between them and people, apart from a few chips being thrown down for them. There was none of the harassment or agression I've read about and seen clips of. Maybe Blackpool seagulls are a bit slow-learning, or perhaps there's more than enough food without the need for mugging!
  8. August 2017 C.E.T. forecasts

    15.8C please.
  9. The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion

    A torrential downpour followed the clearing of the rain band this afternoon. Electricity free of course. Surprised by how warm it was too, expected a cooling down with the clearer weather, but it was a little muggy if anything.
  10. The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion

    Yes, after my whinge this morning, it cleared up late morning & was a lovely afternoon. The sun at lunchtime was absolutely scorching, any longer than my 20 minutes & I would have burned!
  11. If we have to have a low sitting there, the ECM makes about the best of it. With light winds, after the next few days, and the air not that cold, it looks like a "sunshine & heavy showers" set up. A bit more encouraging for those of us who'll be on the West coast next week, where, apart from the odd front, there could be plenty of sunshine, few showers & light winds! My fear of strong cold winds and driving rain off the Irish sea, may not come to pass after all!
  12. The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion

    Hmm. If you looked at the forecasts on the TV right now, it's a clear sunny start to the day. So why am I looking out at thick cloud and drizzle?
  13. It wasn't a criticism of the METO, I'm well aware of the pitfalls of long range forecasts. It was incredulity that the poster thought that they had been "excellent" recently.
  14. Eh? The METO extended forecast which kept on saying there would be a settled spell starting in the middle of July, then the end of July, then not at all?
  15. 18z going along with stalling the low next week too, eventually allowing a (at this stage) short lived HP area to form over the UK. A new signal maybe? Fingers crossed for holidaymakers!