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  1. Pleasing that at least the reference to above normal temperatures, would mean that the METO don't see the high moving to mid-Atlantic or Greenland as likely.
  2. davehsug

    Sky Bet EFL Championship Discussion

    Foreign owners who don't know much about football attracted by the big name of Zola?
  3. davehsug

    Sky Bet EFL Championship Discussion

    Let's see. He has something to prove having turned us down in January. Knows the league for sure, and he isn't Mick McCarthy!
  4. Short heavy shower a few minutes ago, very localised, a 50 metre walk from office to bus stop and it hadn't rained there!
  5. davehsug

    Sky Bet EFL Championship Discussion

    A relief. Not much to work with and he improved the defence, but just about anybody except Hughes could have done that. Personally, I'd go for Allardyce. Stoke Fans are less precious about playing pretty football, although Allardyce produced an effective and capable team at Bolton. I'd be less happy with Moyes, but with a decent transfer pot & a calm and stable club to work with, maybe he could recreate his Everton success.
  6. Bright rather than sunny today. Still a little hazy sunshine, but cloud thickening. A little disappointing really.
  7. davehsug

    Premier League Discussion

    Eh? You don't concede 70 goals by putting 11 men behind the ball. Clearly, we've never been forgiven for that 6-1 anhialation that ruined Gerrard's party
  8. davehsug

    Premier League Discussion

    They may have been counted by Donald Trump?
  9. davehsug

    Premier League Discussion

    On the rare occasions that I happen to be unfortunate enough to hear 6-0-6, I get sick of hearing Man U supporter Lisa from Kent or Asif a Liverpool supporter from Romford! (names are made up for the avoidance of doubt!) I saw the bit about the banner, there were reports that Vale fans were going to do the same to us! FGS Vale fans still point at planes not hire them.
  10. davehsug

    Premier League Discussion

    You don't watch much football do you? Or at least with an open mind.
  11. davehsug

    Premier League Discussion

    Well there's a surprise. A Liverpool "fan" from London attacking a real club with real fans. Anyhoo, the whole season encapsulated in 90 minutes. Can't hold a lead, enough points thrown away to stay up comfortably, even in the last few weeks. Will await the loss of the 4 or 5 players that anybody else would want. Exposes the folly of giving Lambert a 2 and a half year contract, he's got a worse record than Kamara's short disastrous spell a few years back! we need a completely fresh start. Come on West Brom & Swansea, let's relegate Hughes twice!
  12. davehsug

    Premier League Discussion

    Well what would have been an excellent point in September, is probably pretty meaningless for Stoke today. It shows, as have many recent performances that we CAN defend, thank you Hughes. Still a record of 1 win in 13 matches is not great for Lambert, especially considering the relatively kind start he had fixtures-wise. I can't really go along with us winning the last 2 against Palace & Swansea, at least the agony should be over by next Saturday, it's the hope that kills you!
  13. Yep, unless anything starts to develop over the Bristol Chnnel/S Wales area. That lot to the South is going East of us. The usual pattern!
  14. 11th June in Blackpool.