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  1. davehsug

    European Championships Combined Events

    I think this has been a brilliant move, It's like having a mini-olympics, and the events as a whole are getting far more coverage than they would have done as stand-alone events. Well done whoever thought this up!
  2. Good grief! The cloud Will break, it's already started to here. So miserable all the time.
  3. davehsug

    Sky Bet EFL Championship Discussion

    Plus ca change as they say. We looked just like Stoke from last season. Looked like conceding everytime we are attacked & weak in front of goal. Poor show, and does anybody need an England goalkeeper?
  4. I disagree. They often hold on to the forecasts long after any modelling we can see suggests that whey are wrong, especially when that forecast has been relatively unchanged for a few days. It regularly gives false hope to coldies in the winter and warmies in the summer. Not that it matters either way, it was just an observation based on experience.
  5. Disappointing that the METO long range outlook has finally jumped ship this morning. It's held steady for days on the settled weather returning, but now only hints at this late on in the month. It seems that even 2018 can't overcome the curse of modern Augusts.
  6. A return to the conditions of May/June would be most welcome here. Days on end of crystal skies, strong sunshine, low humdidty, a decent breeze and temperatures around 25C, with coolish nights. For the first time this week, the heat has made the weather unpleasant, and as usual, the "plume" has brought thunderstorms for a few and a breakdown.
  7. Is it not still an effect of the unprecedented SSW in February? The atmosphere seems to have never quite recovered from that. That's what I'd assumed anyway.
  8. Biblical rain, no thunder...of course.
  9. davehsug

    Golf Chat

    Fantastic to see Molinari win. He's been just about the best in the world Tee to green for about 5 years, now he's become a "decent enough" putter, he's getting the rewards he deserves. A stalwart of the European Ryder cup team & the Tour.
  10. I can go back to 1976. From a desert on my way to a holiday, to a mixture of flooded fields & green grass on the way back home 10 days later. It was a VERY wet holiday!
  11. Heavy showe here. Non electric as usual.
  12. Supposedly prime position here, but no obvious signs of anything. Hazy sunshine and plenty of cloud, but no great height to convection and a little floccus but no alt cas I've noticed.
  13. 1 rumble now as it's passed by and engaged the hills to the East.
  14. Heavy downpour. Nothing electric, so frustrating, annoying and bloody typical!