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  1. Premier League Discussion

    Just a blip or the end of the run J10? Was praying for a Baggies equaliser today, we need to keep as many in it as possible .
  2. Yes, it's not really about how far North or South the low is, it's about how it won't move East. Was always a risk with an Easterly that you start to draw air from Southern Europe instead of North.
  3. Bravo to a model for spotting something, in a weeks time, which probably won't happen anyway?
  4. We need it further East as much as South. It's those Southerlies on the East flank doing the damage.
  5. Premier League Discussion

    Oh calamity! Never looked like conceding and then that happens. Would have taken a point beforehand, but it really should have been 3. Don't know where it leaves us tbh.
  6. We were right at the end of a Wash streamer in 2010, but I have to say that's the only time I've ever known it. We usually pick up a few showers from s straight Easterly. The difference here, is the unprecedented depth of cold for the time of year. We're alresdy seeing convective cloud today, in a set-up where skies would have been clear a month ago.
  7. Probably not too low due to wind and cloud, but it will be a severe penetrating frost nevertheless. It's under any deeper snowcover with clear skies and no wind that the really low temperatures occur.
  8. All it takes is for one small patch of milder uppers to get into that flow & there's no snow at all for most. I remember something a little similar in the 70s/80s, where the weather for the week showed lows dumbelling around each other over the UK/ Scandinavia, with snow forecast all week. A little bit of milder air got in from the South & it just carried on raining.
  9. considering where the cold might head surely "Voici la bête!"
  10. I think he means the average for the time of year is 7.
  11. Hardly surprising. People allow themselves to get sucked in, egged on by the usuals, and when it all goes from amazing to ordinary, as it invariably does, the recriminations start. Maybe this time will be the exception to the rule, let's hope so!
  12. We'll see, it's just what the years have taught me.
  13. I've never been able to understand this keenness for North Easterlies. I've seen many flows switch from East to North East & the outcome is always the same. Raised dewpoints, thick cloud & very cold rain or sleet.
  14. I'm staying cautious. Bitter experience has taught us what happens when small, seemingly inocuous changes for the worse creep in. "It's only 1 run, it's only the GFS, we still have the UKMO on side, it can all change tomorrow.........D'oh!"
  15. Comforting that the Icon has often been a bit of a clue to the ECM recently. Not particularly detail, but a good Icon has often led to a good ECM and vice versa.