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  1. I'll be watching 'til 1-1.30. Decent start so far with few alarms. Let's hope it comtinues. A couple of hours of Moeen always helps!
  2. I'd forgotten how good James Vince always looks. So much time. Just hope he stops giving it away after a stylish 20 or 30.
  3. I'm keeping mine firmly crossed that the models are wrong & we can keep the temperatures of the last couple of days through 'til March. But I don't think you meant that!
  4. I always ask myself the same question when we get this type of thing. Are they a multi-millionaire? Simply put, anybody who could do long-range forecasts with a much higher than average degree of accuracy, would be very rich, very quickly.
  5. The decline in thunder days.

    Interesting stats TM. Being within a few miles of me, they're quite relevant. If the 2010s are going to get up to the average of 10-12 after the 60s, the next couple of years will need to be fairly spectacular, something approaching 30 each year!
  6. So dark by 9pm & fully light by 3am in high summer? No thanks. We know there's only a limited amount of light in winter, it's about making the best use of it. We could also start by turning the clocks forward again at the end of February, not March. A whole month of potential evening light goes to waste then.
  7. 2017 Formula One Season

    I didn't notice it in real time, but the minute they showed the replay, my first reaction was, "he left the track". It wasn't a quetion of Kimi squeezing him, he just went straight over the curve. It was brave & brilliant, but, absolutely illegal.
  8. Premier League Discussion

    I think he ticks a couple of boxes for diversity. Anyhoo despite the fact that we should have won today and incompetent refereeing saved Bournemouth, I think it's time for Hughes to go. We are a completely ruddeless team, that can't defend. Of those available, I'd go fror Allardyce, not for the relegation thing, I think any reasonably competent manager could keep this team up comfortably. I just think he has a good balance of players to work with, no out & out panic & could fashion something decent. I doubt Peter Coates will allow this to drag on longer than one more game.
  9. As the light comes and cloud breaks are visible, there are some very tall towers out there. Fingers crossed for surprises maybe?
  10. Premier League Discussion

    Yes, it was regarding the quality of the football rather than anything else. I'm no fan of the vast sums poured into these clubs, but if the rules allow it there's nothing to be done. At least those who have been the recipients have, by and large, been what you might call "real" clubs. The only notable exception being PSG. Still, the thought of any of them going bust should warm anyone's heart. If only it were possible.
  11. Premier League Discussion

    I had us down for 5-0 on super 6 so in a way I was right! I think on what I've seen this season, Man City are pretty much now the "real deal" going forward and maybe a couple of defenders away from being at the Barcelona/Real level all around. Given average luck, they'll win the Champions league "on merit", (i.e. not the Man U/Chelsea way), in the next 2 or 3 seasons.
  12. Premier League Discussion

    I'd like to salute the glorious feat of scoring 2 goals at the Etihad today! I believe the other team scored more, but the details escape me. All hail 2 goal Stoke City!
  13. No not all! If it snows I'll enjoy it, but a big fat winter long Barty, (are we old-timers still allowed to call it that?), would suit many of us just fine!