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  1. We won't be going bust anytime soon. Peter Coates is the owner of Bet365 and a billionaire. We're just not a big enough club to get away with bending fthe ffp rules.
  2. I'm afraid so. We have good players, play decent football, even last night you could argue we were the better side, but we're just too easy to score against. Another Butland howler and 2 other soft goals. Jones is clearly a decent bloke and probably a good manager, and the fans have been really patient, but it's just not working here. Time to put both parties out of their misery.
  3. Leeds & fair play in the same sentence? Without the presence of either of the words not or never? Nah, not having it.
  4. Uphill task from here. We only have 3 batsmen capable of playing a long innings and with Burns & Root gone, that only leaves Stokes. I'm also sick of the adoration poured on Smith, impressive figures, but he must be the ugliest batsmen ever, I take no pleasure in any of his shots, I mean it's impossible to make a cover drive look ugly, but he manages it. Once the old minces start going he's toast.
  5. The radar is already nothing like the BBC graphics, so you can ignore their forecasts as usual.
  6. It was incredible. I have to admit, I was only half-watching after Buttler was out, trying to keep across Cricket, football, golf & The Vuelta isn't easy! I cme back full time when it got below 30, even then, I couldn't bear to watch the balls Leach faced. Stokes was magnificent, every bit the equal of Botham in 81, maybe better because Botham getting out wouldn't have been the end of the match & ashes after a certain point, and I watched that too. I was quite teary at the end. The power that sport has to touch us emotionally like that is really wonderful.
  7. That makes no sense at all. For 9-23 Sept, the predominant weather will be unsettled, but more settled conditions are expected around the middle of September. Which is it?
  8. It's not "the best" coming over I object to, all the counties used to have 2 oversees players, but they were the best players, Viv Richards, Joel Garner, Barry Richards, Richard Hadlee, Imran Khan etc. In those days, hardly any Aussies played county cricket. What I object to is the number of 18 & 19 year old Australians, who come to county cricker & play far more, of a higher standard than they ever could in Aussie grade cricket. I realise the very top players don't need the money from county cricket anymore, but even so, we shouldn't be helping Australia of all countries! Perhaps it's my age, but losing to India or the West Indies hurts, but losing to Australia REALLY hurts. Anyhoo, a much improved performance today, the pitch is easier and the weather helps, but you just know a collapse is imminent at some stage tomorrow. Prove me wrong England!
  9. I'm not sure, I think his commitment to play for England counts, as it did in the past for players like Hick.
  10. I've been complaining about this for years. Especially young batsmen coming into county cricket as a "finishing school". They should go back to the old rule of overseas players needing a minimum number of test caps.
  11. The problem is that they aren't out there. You can argue over a couple of names, but these are the best we've got. We've been trying younger players and they've done no better. We're just not producing test batsmen.
  12. I wonder if we'll finally abandon the idea of producing bowler friendly pitches, because we're the "better" bowling team?
  13. Yep I suppose so. I could just really, really do with having a holiday that has a few days of decent usable weather as promised by the Met.... until 2 weeks out lol!
  14. We just see it so often, winter, summer. They stick with a forecast for days on end, when it's obviously dodgy. This leads to people saying "Well the Met haven't changed & they have access to much more than us", only for them to do a complete 180 in 24 hours. I appreciate it may be unsatisfactory to change daily, but at least go with the latest updates and stop misleading people!
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