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  1. davehsug

    Golf Chat

    Looks a very good team, the wildcards are all people you might have expected to qualify anyway and only strengthen the team. Love the course, the French open is just about my favourite tournament because of it. Come on Europe! Let's win this before those dastardly Brexiters try and force us to leave something else
  2. Stokes is strokeless again. I'm all for responsibility, but you have to score, he's piling pressure on the other batter again.
  3. I still mantain that central contracts are part of the problem. By all means protect the fast bowlers from too much work, but batsmen need to bat. Batsmen in form need to stay in nick and batsmen out of form need a chance to find it. Our leading players play virtually no 1st class cricket other than tests, after the middle of May. They just don't play enough.
  4. davehsug

    EFL Cup And The Emirates FA Cup Discussion

    You'll have to forgive me, I'm feeling a bit faint. Are you reading this Nick? He's coming for you on Saturday!
  5. You see, when you post about an August day with a max of 15c as being near perfect, you can't be surprised when people question your posts. We all have preferences, but making blatantly provocative statements like that, is going to draw a reaction. Please would you perhaps read what you've typed before posting?
  6. Have to say it was a bit of a shock looking at ECM tonight. I wasn't expecting that. Looks like my anticipation of a dry warm week away from 2nd September was just a walk up the garden path. Hopefully the models have picked up some "rogue" signal & the forecasts of METO and some of our own posters are still intact!
  7. For most of us looking to enjoy the bank holiday, you can stick the 16-18c where the sun doesn't shine! Which of couse, it won't.
  8. davehsug

    Sky Bet EFL Championship Discussion

    We're not very good lol! Nice to have a little reminder though that if we think the reffing in the PL is bad, it's got nothing on the Championship! They seem to delight in booking anybody who they think might be a "name", just to show 'em!
  9. Another dull day here. Not had a properly sunny or even mostly sunny day for over 2 weeks. Can we just cancel Augusts altogether? Maybe extend July to 62 days and hope we fool the weather gods?
  10. davehsug

    European Championships Combined Events

    I think this has been a brilliant move, It's like having a mini-olympics, and the events as a whole are getting far more coverage than they would have done as stand-alone events. Well done whoever thought this up!
  11. davehsug

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Good grief! The cloud Will break, it's already started to here. So miserable all the time.
  12. davehsug

    Sky Bet EFL Championship Discussion

    Plus ca change as they say. We looked just like Stoke from last season. Looked like conceding everytime we are attacked & weak in front of goal. Poor show, and does anybody need an England goalkeeper?