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  1. Indeed. This was my one Not terrible for the one further north but the one across the SE/EA was a tad further east but touched into the eastern side of the severe (black circle) zone I put down. Expected more development in-between those two areas
  2. Yes, and the model didn't show it.. so it was a bust for the model
  3. I think the UKV/Met Office radar app can be completely and utterly ignored tonight. There's a lot of rain across EA/SE yet the UKV forecast for the same time shows absolutely nothing Complete and utter bust today..
  4. Seems to be evaporating before reaching the ground, there's lots of virga around and I've been under yellow for a good half an hour now but nothing
  5. Temperature has risen from 26.2 to 27c in the last hour or so, anyone else seeing their temperatures go up?
  6. Somewhere is going to be sat underneath this for quite a while, could be some pretty spectacular flash flooding!
  7. Here's my take. Storms likely to be more isolated across SW Eng, Wales & the central spine of the country. More organisation possible across SE/EA/E Counties but potentially severe and violent thunderstorms for Scotland with the potential for a tornado or two! Going to be another fantastic night if all goes to plan..
  8. Cells will begin breaking out along the leading edge of the EML plume as it moves north, anything that has already formed is more or less bonus viewing entertainment, post 9pm we should see things beginning to develop rapidly and widely
  9. Nope, all going to plan so far. Storms are beginning to initiate to the south, was always expected to be later rather than sooner
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