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  1. Chatham, Kent a short while ago I'd love to see pictures from underneath that convective line, that's flash flood territory right there!
  2. Is it possible to add the ability to save the radar animations has a gif?
  3. We waited all winter for a chart like this to show up and then finally it shows up right at the exact moment we don't want it, a bank holiday weekend!
  4. I think this is probably largely the reason. Models were likely lower resolution back then so you weren't able to see the actual temperatures in quite so much detail. I suspect thanks to climate change the Arctic is less cold in the winter months than it was back then too, but the resolution of the charts likely the biggest factor.
  5. February 1998 anyone? Early spring on the way if this mornings models are to be believed! Certainly a step away from any potential wintry weather across the board this morning Maybe we should have a "hunt for Spring" thread..
  6. A few from last night Even a couple of trollies had to be abandoned
  7. This winter tells me I need to move to Bluebell Hill or just anywhere with even slightly more elevation than where I live now! Snow thawing fairly quickly this morning though a drive just 200 feet up the hill has little to no thawing, a huge difference! Driving down the A2 during the heaviest snow with only 2 viable lanes was quite an experience, the 30mph everyone was doing was nice too, lots of people driving responsibly for a change!
  8. Just my iPhone XS, very good camera these days! Cannot wait to see the re-analysis of what went wrong/right tonight, nothing like this was expected
  9. Quick timelapse of my drive home 81F4D6E0-2BC8-4156-9821-F059D856A896.MOV
  10. This is insane!! Buses have been abandoned, cars sliding all over the place, 2-4cm at an estimate and that’s at sea level, more even just slightly higher up!!
  11. Not usually one to call "winter is over" but I feel like that's probably largely it, now. Very little support on any model for proper cold, EC46 has largely backed away from the idea though that model has been about as useful as a kettle in forecasting the weather this winter. Next week looks largely Atlantic dominated and those patterns can typically last a two weeks or more. It's been a fun one, an incredibly frustrating one but that's what keeps us coming back, I suppose!
  12. Well absolutely sod all on the ground here. Bring on a decent Easterly, what a rubbish winter this really has been so far
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