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  1. Convection kicking off properly now. Seems to have been under-modelled, perhaps a true and proper Thames streamer for a time?
  2. It definitely is, all showers were passing to our south for most of today but now they're hitting us again. Does seem to be somewhat of a dry slot coming up though, hopefully that doesn't cause too many issues for us.
  3. Red arrow: Current direction of travel Yellow: Winds shifting towards that direction in the next few hours bringing parts of Essex & London into the game. Some of these showers could give 1-2cm very quickly. Be lucky enough to catch a few of them and well.. enjoy!
  4. Went from very little snow on the ground to 2cm covering everything in about 20 minutes, a few more of those please!
  5. Heavy snow. That one little shower has given about 1cm so far, everything is covered and white again, lovely!
  6. Showers are gradually shifting further north again as winds shift back towards more of an easterly direction. Some pretty heavy showers developing too, a single shower could give 2cm in a very short space of time. Be nice to finish off with another dusting, mostly thawed here throughout the day.
  7. What happened to John Pike? Used to be a regular with the FAX charts, miss his analysis of them.
  8. Winds become more favourable around 11pm ish for N Kent, S Essex and into the London area as winds veer ESE for a time. AROME shows the risk quite well, too. Upper profile far better for convection tonight so these showers should be able to gain some reasonable intensity, the warmer mid-level wedge preventing deeper convection shifted today. Having said that, winds wont remain favourable for very long so there's a fairly short window, perhaps enough to give 1-3cm in places, nice for those who have seen an almost complete thaw.
  9. Looking at the radar a couple of hours ago I decided make a quick dash to Bearsted and intercept the heavier echos - A good 2-3cm within the space of an hour. It goes to show how unfortunate we've been in getting decent convection these past few days, could have been absolutely buried!
  10. This is absolutely beautiful1 Coming down thick and fast, 50p flakes, heaviest snowfall so far! Only adding totals where snow already was though, struggling to cover clear patches of ground.
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