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  1. Live footage of me looking for the 10-15cm some on here were suggesting.. We've got 2-3cm at most. I'm usually a snow lover but roll on Spring, fed up with the cold now
  2. Personally I'd rather the snow held off until about 11pm or sodded off altogether. As a delivery driver, this evening looks likely to be an absolute nightmare for me
  3. The PPN will develop 100-150 miles out in the estuary. It's not showing on the radars because it hasn't developed yet.
  4. I'm losing the will to live. Once again, for those at the back. The main snow risk isn't until 4pm onwards. 4pm onwards. 4pm onwards. 4pm onwards. 4pm onwards. The coldest air isn't over us yet, once it reaches our shores and winds back ENE (from 4pm onwards) then showers/streamers will kick into action. Hope that clears things up a little.
  5. Streamers develop 100-150 miles off of the coast, not out at sea. When the colder air moves over later today and winds turn more ENE then shower/streamer activity will kick in. No point looking for showers yet, we're hours away.
  6. This initial spell of snow tied in with the cold front was never supposed to produce masses of snowfall. It's later this afternoon when we start to see convection from the North Sea that's the interesting part, looking good for a Thames Streamer. Unfortunately, this is only likely to cover a narrow area.
  7. Light-Moderate snow for a couple of hours here now, 1-2cm on the grass etc but absolutely nothing settling on roads/pavements
  8. Streamers are the holy grail if you happen to be in a location where they're favourable, you can have large amounts of snow in a very short period of time. I wonder how much of this is going to settle given temperatures have been in the mid-teens the last few days.
  9. I have to say this cold spell really hasn’t dissapointed. We’ve had snow here every single day since Monday, maximum depth was 32c& I managed to see drifts over 2-3 foot deep which quite frankly was incredible! The thaw is starting now but I think that’s okay, we’ve had a good run!
  10. Just look at the radar. Nobody really knows
  11. Stop. Taking. The. Apps. So. Seriously.
  12. Blimey! http://www.kentonline.co.uk/medway/news/villagers-stranded-as-snow-returns-160865/
  13. Yep! I was taking it slow, no more than 10mph at any one time, I was being as safe as I possibly could, it was weird to feel the car just sliding sideways as I went round corners, fun but weird
  14. Roads are an absolute nightmare! Just went to fill the car up/make sure I could get the car out because I'm driving to Birmingham tomorrow, the car was sliding all over the place, great fun! First time I've ever driven in the snow.