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  1. Would you happen to have a link to view his thoughts Karyo? Thanks 🙂
  2. Predictions are one thing but backing up your reasonings behind your predictions as teits has done is priceless. Maybe give a balanced view on why any potent easterly will fail because imo anything past 96+ at the moment is dubious. There is a wide range of options on the table which is why i refrain from calling any option going forward at the moment.
  3. I agree a lot with steve's thoughts and analysis as it has been proven time & time again that the GFS cannot handle easterlies well. Another point i may make is that the first push of cold weather is virtually nailed on its into early mind next week when disagreements start. That's near a week away peeps especially when we are talking about small details having big effects things such as the positioning and orientation of the HP & shortwaves galore. Take one one step at a time, Don't hang on every run & sanity will be sparred.
  4. I believe Tamara used the phase 'The worm is turning last winter'.. 2017 SPECIAL... The TURTLE is turning and it's coming to a town near you.. 😱
  5. Model Output Discussion 01/09/17

    Really please explain..
  6. Model Output Discussion 01/09/17

    I don't see any watering down of charts just differentating variations of possibilities currently all output is cold. The key differences are from +72 - +144 on how we go forward. Take a a chill pill and enjoy the ice train...
  7. This looks like a sample starter before the mains. The radar is not picking up the constant strikes from the south but it's every 20secs. And look what's to come. Londoners get ready see you on the other side.
  8. Loving the radar atm sw london lookout in a hour or so going to go bang
  9. That seems to be the trouble the past few years we down in the south bake and those up north get all the goods storm wise.
  10. Storms starting to fire just south of Pompey,
  11. Typical depressive heat and a breeding ground for those up north.
  12. I'm in Morden SM4 what a shamble a 5 mile trek its utter madness here calm and cloudy tut tut tut..
  13. So so perilously close in sm4 constant thunder no rain as of yet but signs of back building as far south and east of me as dorking..