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  1. Hammering down here in Morden sw London
  2. Towers going up everywhere and can now hear distant thunder
  3. A few towers going up to my south of me here in Wimbledon.
  4. Think we are going to do well again in London tonight after last night it has suddenly gone cloudy and the humidity is unbearable
  5. All hail the great SM (Snow Machine) see all in November.
  6. No it is not however what moisture it can bring over the Thames may well pep up
  7. Directly N / NW of Brugge is where I’m looking atm and the possibility of pepping up that band if that’s the case and we can keep on the right track then things could get interesting again in a few hours as it crosses the Thames. We shall see
  8. A bust I’m afraid a slushy deposit at best. Ah well roll on spring what a beautiful day it was Thursday gone only to be replaced by this cold meaningless muck
  9. What happened to ‘Be patient’ & ‘The fun and games start after 9pm’? Has the weather fooled us yet again
  10. Yep I’m on last night shift tonight and was looking forward to a tricky drive into work, suffice to say atm it’s a bit mehh
  11. Did someone say patience earlier
  12. Fair enough BA, Not overly fussed about this event hope all of region gets pasted except me (working nights outside with a busted Achilles is no fun).
  13. Yup not sure where people are getting Thames streamer from and talk of 2009, This to me atm looks like a far southeastern event.
  14. Kent clipper or Thames streamer take your pick
  15. If correct 2009 gave me the biggest snowfall seen nigh on a foot and the meto issued a red warning albeit very localised other parts of the region received copious amounts also a great event that stands out in my memory although a quick thaw occurred and within a day or two the snow was gone. Would be great if we see even half that total over the weekend more runs needed however.