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  1. Must have missed something, Why so crucial when promised lands is at long range?
  2. You know what makes me laugh is that this could have been a major event if lower dps and a notch down on the temp come then this would be big big news, However slushy snow fest atm..
  3. Ohfs will this misery of a band ever move off..
  4. Waste of time that band has just about crossed us I’d say 3cms on cars & roofs about a dust on pavement and nothing on roads.
  5. Meto has heavy snow from midnight into 8am here I guess it may be the back building or possibly strong shower activity. Either way I’m dissatisfied and will retire to my steak chips and diane sauce 👌
  6. Absolutely terrible radar returns maybe a brief hour of heavy snow but that looks it..
  7. Something must have changed heavy snow and up to at least 2 cms within 20 mins
  8. Absolutely terrible radar returns for those west and sw of london a covering if lucky.
  9. Please turn west to northwest...
  10. Few flakes here morden sw london 👌
  11. I think it’s a case of who’s going to get the most action. Need a more nw movement from that band for my area westwards.
  12. Very windy out there now though..
  13. Next few frames of radar are crucial needs to keep pivoting nw to see the snow west and sw of london. Otherwise areas further e/ne may get the goods.