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  1. Points of the morning, Their is no definitive clear trend beyond d6 which takes us to the 19th, Now forgive me if i am incorrect but wasn’t the implications post the ssw to be felt after the 20th possibly a few days further? Add to this we have also seen a further warming which effects could be felt towards late January. All leads me to feel that we are in with a very decent chance however those dice has not stopped rolling on the table.
  2. A person with near 10 thousand posts should know better.. All about trends my friends and nothing is nailed on yet. except from the miserable heavy rain currently having after experiencing a cold and cloudy drab past week.
  3. Can we just get to this possible cold outbreak before talking snow chances, duration of the spell itself etc etc.. I feel that it will calm a lot of nerves and toy throwing and doom and booms.. The uk north to south, east to west is a tiny mass of land not even a thousand miles HUNDREDS which equates to needle in a haystack when trying to pin down weather patterns especially when the abnormal occurs such as a ssw.
  4. Just an observation but don’t we usually see e-w patterns back west (westward correction) as time progresses towards a possible cold outbreak from the east or north east.
  5. 6 weeks time takes us up to mid-late February, I have been keeping an eye closely on the models since mid November as well as this fantastic forum with great input from the strat lads & lasses however we cannot seem to strike it rich so to speak! However some are quick to dismiss a possible cold outbreak circa 19th-22nd of January are a bit quick to jump the gun imo as we have seen the past days of ensembles scattering on or just after the date mentioned so imo very much all cards on the table. Lets see where we are at come Monday morning.. Stay Safe 👍
  6. Brilliant cell just overhead frequently cloud to ground and booming thunder.
  7. Looking at the radar now everything east is taking a nw dive so atm can’t see how the se will join in.
  8. Where does people get 4am from (I,E LIFT OFF), Imo storms should start rocking se/ea around a hours time and into London at 00:00, we’ll see good luck all.
  9. As I stated earlier on I feel that (if you look at the radar returns) storms will start firing up ahead of main band west of Pompey and into London and for the main crackerjack into west of Brighton northeastwards..
  10. Wouldn’t be surprised if those shower bands started to become active ahead of that main action in the next hour or two.
  11. Spitting out with what I would class as tropical rain here very humid and large warm raindrops.
  12. Think we have lift off and imo we’ll see our lightning show sooner than expected maybe 11pm-12am..
  13. Good luck and goodnight those east of Kent, Looking forward to your snaps tomorrow..
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