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  1. Scotland/Alba Regional Weather Discussion

    Heavy snow here settling nicely
  2. Pretty special day considering I'm at sea level here. Great snow. My old home was 215m asl being at sea level now is not great for snow.
  3. Slightly snowy southside Glasgow
  4. Scotland - Weather Chat

    Minus 1 at the momment took a quick pic also this is in westwood in ek Have work to do tonight here. Also 4wd quattro is great. I bought a old land rover 4l v8 discovery couple of months ago which is epic in the snow. Must say audi feels just as good
  5. Scotland - Weather Chat

    Great snow this morning. Took couple of quick snaps. Was taking gf to work hence not great quality pictures. Stunning morning though
  6. Scotland - Weather Chat

    Got a feeling this could be a very memorable snow event for Glasgow and surrounding area.
  7. Scotland - Weather Chat

    M74 at cambuslang. Lol!
  8. Scotland - Weather Chat

  9. Scotland - Weather Chat

    Snow still coming down here I need to go to bed up at 5am but cant help but stay awake!!
  10. Scotland - Weather Chat

    Upto 5 to 6cm here could be a great event this. Il grab pictures first thing in the morning 20cm plus hopefully ha!
  11. Scotland - Weather Chat

    Heavy sleet in Glasgow city centre. Here goes a potentially epic day :)
  12. Scotland - Weather Chat

    Off topic but i have been keeping eye on new york snow. Two hours between these pictures. Just at central park.
  13. Scotland - Weather Chat

    Well cold spell coming to an end. Its been pretty potent. Anyone who lives or works in Glasgow knows that lying snow is a rarity. To have snow lying since Friday night is pretty exceptional. Only couple of inches of snow at the most but it survived for a week which is epic. Good being in the city and snow about cheers Scott
  14. Scotland - Weather Chat

    Yeah noticed blob out to west seems to be gwtting its act together.heres hoping
  15. Scotland - Weather Chat

    Just looking at front over Ireland. Doesn't seem to be moving at. Good snow for the hills of Ireland but any for us hmmm.