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    Physics, Football, Geography<br /><br />Also I like reading about Stephen Hawking, What a genius he is!

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  1. Your name is approproate to this topic ha, the time in question was the 27,28th December 2000 and western areas got subjected to a polar low there was widespread significant snowfall, here in Glasgow we had a level foot was a great snow event. Polar lows deliver BIG time when it comes to snow Scott
  2. This is my twin brother and myself I am the one in the blue t shirt Photo was take outside the Glasgow university union. Cheers Scott
  3. wow didn't realise you were so young, really knowledgeable for such a young man :)

  4. always seems to snow in March..
  5. Hmm wonder if I will see snow for my 18th.......20th of april I doubt it very much!!
  6. saw countless Icicles during the December 2000 cold snap! rather large too about a foot easily hanging from the rooftops when I think about it they were a potential hazard!
  7. Well I have had many memories of snow when I was little I remember 1995 as we had a white xmas and I remember my dad driving by a car which had a snowman on the top of it which was quite odd! <_< but the one memory that stands out most was december 28th 2000. That night was amazing here in Glasgow. I stayed up the whole night watching the snow get heavier and deeper and when It got to about 8 oclock in the morning I jumped out my house.It was hard to distinguish between cars and roads because everything was covered in over a foot of snow it was fantastic, we still had bits of snow a mon
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