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  1. It is snowing here in north Essex. Temperature is 1.2c and slowly dropping so not settling yet.
  2. Great Yeldham, 23cm. Hopefully not too deep Monday morning as I am installing a stove in the village and need to get on the roof
  3. And just like that the rain has turned to snow in Essex, 6 miles north of Halstead
  4. Judging by the radar the rain is approximately 20-25 miles further north than forcast. Also I really wasn't the temperature to have dropped so quickly once it started raining. Now 1.8c but I am right on the northern extent of the front in north Essex
  5. I can't believe that its still just plain old rain here in north Essex. The radar suggests heavy rain as well but in reality it's very light.
  6. Much milder last night with a low of 6c. I am surprised to see how cloudy it is though. Here's hoping to the last of the frost
  7. A bright sunny start here but can see the cold front about 50 miles to the north. Already 15c so we might just scrape 17 or 18c before it arrives.
  8. A damp dull morning here in Essex and mild too at 13c at 8am. Completely the opposite to the forcast 'a sunny start with a touch of frost'
  9. Draztik, we appreciate you are new to this but Steve has been here many years and is a well respected member of the forum. I think the clue in his post might be the use of the words 'Outside/very slim'. Probably best to read the post properly first and digest what it says before making a comment which quite frankly makes you look a little silly. And as others hace mentioned he is commenting on the current run.
  10. Hazy sunshine coming through in north Essex. Looks like another warm day for these parts but hopefully slightly cooler than yesterday afternoon which at times was very hot due to tge strong sun anf and humidity. What an amazing May we had - the warmest on record and sunniest sinxe 1989! From some of the reports from Norfolk though it sounds like you might have had the dullest locally!
  11. Interesting day of weather here in north Essex with a marked change in temperature throughout the day. It started very mild and windy and was 11c on the drive into work. As the squall lime passed through late morning the temperature dropped very quickly to 7c and you could instantly feel the change in airmass. Now cool at 5c but still breezy and dropping slowly.
  12. I drove through a shower at 6.15pm and it was 2c but most definitely rain. Must have been very marginal.
  13. This weather front which was meant to be directly over us at midday already seams to have cleared. Am I missing something?
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