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  1. Draztik, we appreciate you are new to this but Steve has been here many years and is a well respected member of the forum. I think the clue in his post might be the use of the words 'Outside/very slim'. Probably best to read the post properly first and digest what it says before making a comment which quite frankly makes you look a little silly. And as others hace mentioned he is commenting on the current run.
  2. Hazy sunshine coming through in north Essex. Looks like another warm day for these parts but hopefully slightly cooler than yesterday afternoon which at times was very hot due to tge strong sun anf and humidity. What an amazing May we had - the warmest on record and sunniest sinxe 1989! From some of the reports from Norfolk though it sounds like you might have had the dullest locally!
  3. Interesting day of weather here in north Essex with a marked change in temperature throughout the day. It started very mild and windy and was 11c on the drive into work. As the squall lime passed through late morning the temperature dropped very quickly to 7c and you could instantly feel the change in airmass. Now cool at 5c but still breezy and dropping slowly.
  4. I drove through a shower at 6.15pm and it was 2c but most definitely rain. Must have been very marginal.
  5. This weather front which was meant to be directly over us at midday already seams to have cleared. Am I missing something?
  6. It's good to see a more settled and warmer spell shown on the 06z compared to the 0z early next week after this weekends brief but much needed rain in the south. Just compare the charts and you will see.Certainly a more positive picture for those looking for a warmer end to August.
  7. On a positive note this weekends warm spell across England has upgraded in terms of temperatures.
  8. Yes it is. Others took much better photos here http://www.itv.com/news/anglia/2016-07-29/dramatic-footage-shows-twister-above-the-skies-of-essex/
  9. I watched this form from some distance away. http://www.itv.com/news/anglia/2016-07-29/dramatic-footage-shows-twister-above-the-skies-of-essex/
  10. Just spotted a funnel cloud West of Haverhill. I took this photo but it really doesn't show much.
  11. Just spent two days on the Essex coast in Walton on the naze and Clacton. Lovely sunny weather apart from this morning but both days reached 25c so now that's 12 days in a row of 25c or above. I do however appreciate this is very localised.
  12. Very much a continuation of weather we have seen for the last 7 days with anyone from a line from say the Humber to Bristol seeing warm settled conditions (23-25c) and those further northwest seeing more influence from the week trough to the north west. As we have seen generally seen the settled conditions have actually been more widespread than the models have been suggesting with this weekend being a fine example I suspect that this may continue with the trough digging south West next weekend to give us another shot at hot weather. Out of interest; what was originally described as 2 or 3 warm days has tuned out to be 7 continuous days hot and sunny weathe between 25c and 31c here in Essex
  13. The 12z gfs run is much better for high pressure next week and as such quite a bit warmer. Here are the 06z and 12z for comparison.
  14. According to the 18z we are back on for very warm to hot weather over the weekend across England and Wales. Let's see what happens tomorrow morning although we are now that bit closer in terms of how close the warm up is.
  15. Comparing the 18z to the 00z we see the Azores having a greater influence towards the end of next week across the south than was shown previously in this time frame giving a better medium term Outlook. However the 18z did go in the show a warmer end than the 00z.
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