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  1. Yes good chance will end up with the warmest first half to August since 2003. Good to compare with 1995 as well. In 2003 the heat relented mid month onwards, 1995 it didn't until the very tail end. Signs are things will cool off notably next week. Just seen stats, both 2003 and 1995 returned 19.8 degrees by 16th. Another hot month was 1997 get forgotten about that one because it was often wet, but it was exceptionally humid, worse than this month I remember.
  2. Heat ebbing away as the rest of the week wears on, tomorrow looks the last very hot day, temps staying warm still but closer to the August average through the weekend and into next week. Humidity not going anywhere fast though, not until middle of next week models suggesting something much fresher from the atlantic as the jet buckles and we move onto its colder side.
  3. Peak of the hot spell here right now, up until today whilst warm we haven't experienced that hot sticky feeling, alas we have today, max of 28 degrees. A very stuffy night ahead, uncomfortable. Tomorrow looks very similar but greater chance of thunderstorms, by Thursday slightly cooler conditions likely but staying humid. No a fan of August always our most humid month.
  4. Lots of thunder lightening heavy rain overnight. A hot day here currently 28 degrees, wind switched to the SE and barely any of it. A very humid night ahead not sure if we will have any showers. Tomorrow looking equally hot.
  5. What a dull month June was in London. Both April and May appreciably sunnier than June and July, has that happened before?
  6. Only been taking cursory glances at the models over recent days. Outlook remains rather uncertain, the heat looks like it will drain away slowly as we move past Thursday with lower heights invading from the south, creating a messy disturbed picture. The weekend currently looking much fresher and mostly fine with chance of showery rain in places. ECM and GFS then want to bring the trough down and through the UK producing a much cooler unsettled outlook, but with heights still sat to our NE, such a spell could be shortlived with heat once again returning. Longer term awaiting to see how tropical storm developments might shake things up a bit, given forecasts for a very active season, but so far we haven't had much influence..
  7. Yes it did, September was very cyclonic and wet, followed by a warm dry October, a mildish November then a cold snowy December. Interestingly, there was a marked change in March 95 after a very wet winter, it became very dry with the atlantic blocked, same thing happened mid March this year, however, June 95 brought cool northerlies just like this month, then a very warm end, we had a hot shot but not on the same length as 95 this June. July 95 was very warm and drier than this July but synoptically not far off, both months cyclonic., mmm lots of correlation. Also I think 95-96 came at solar minima.
  8. Net weather forecast for summer doing preety well, a cyclonic July with westerlies and an anticyclonic August, often dry and warm - still lots of time to go. Also some suggestion of a possible 1995 which so far is coming to fruition, that month though saw dry warm weather holding right throung until the end, and the heat was much more widespread than the current spell.
  9. It's usually around now on overcast or wet evenings I start to notice light levels dropping. Today a case in point, a shield of cloud and by 9 pm a quick descent into dusk, dark by 9.30 pm. Whilst we are experiencing significant warmth and our longest sustained spell of warm temperatures, no denying there is a change in feel as we move into late Summer. Reason I'm not a fan of August, despite often giving very warm weather especially first half, a warm spell now doesn't have the same feeling of one in late May - late July. Balmy light nights become a distant memory as we move through the month.
  10. Nothing particularly warm expected in the NE this weekend thanks to the airflow coming off the North Sea, high teens maxima.
  11. Interesting to note the years with active hurricane seasons brought generally colder drier conditions late autumn, early winter... well 95, 05, 10 and 17 did.
  12. Any hurricane activity stirring? Entering the storm season proper now and forecasts are going for an active year, so would be expecting developments soon.
  13. Very heavy rain overnight Tuesday and Wednesday morning, easily a couple of inches. Today rather cloudy max of 20 degrees. Outlook looking good, but nothing exceptional here, maxes between 21-23 degrees next 3 days, cloudy tomorrow, sunnier weekend. Into next week the easterly feed might bring higher temps into the mid 20s which will be very good. We have had many poor Augusts in recent years.
  14. Getting fed up with the weather forecasts lumping England into one homogenous zone, describing upcoming spell as staying hot in England, not the case, far north of England low-mid 20s tomorrow at best, low 20s Saturday and just high teens for NE parts on Sunday. Preety average for time of year. A very SE centric focus. It is very annoying.
  15. Nor is it looking like a repeat of Aug 2003 which brought widespread consecutive days nationwide 30 degrees plus.
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