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  1. -15 degrees would make it the coldest min for 6 years I think, beating anything winter 12/13 offered, tonight is going under the radar..
  2. Currently I believe -12 degrees Tulloch Bridge. I think -14 degrees is the lowest min so far this season, could we go lower tonight - quite possibly...
  3. Interesting to see differences in snowline on a travel through the centre of the Lake District today. Snowline about 200 metres along Thirlmere and towards St Johns in Vale, but it then climbs to nearly 300 metres alongside A66 towards Troutbeck. However, it doesn't take long to fine knee deep snow - 400 metres, had temps past few days been couple degrees colder, then the central lakes valley level would have been buried in the stuff - still it has made for excellent photos, the green valleys set against the snowy domes of the fells - superb! Word on tomorrow, could be about to see a repeat of 29 Dec, the front looks like arriving about the same time, we had 4 cms, not bad, nd it took until lunchtime before it tfizzled out, it rapidly thawed though. This time we will have denser colder air ahead of the front, and it looks like the front will have some heavier precipitation on it and be slower moving taking longer to cross us, so we might see a bit more snow, and hopefully it won't turn to rain until well in the afternoon to give at least a few hours of heavy snowfall. We do very well in these kind of set ups, the snow can linger for quite some time.
  4. The theme of the winter so far has been for any tropical maritime airstream to be quickly shoved aside thanks to enough amplification in upstream flow to kick the azores high back west quickly pulling down northwesterly, and the models for next week are continuing this theme, suggestion of a long lived longdrawn southwesterly now disappearing down the pan, yes a couple of very mild days tures-wed more so in the south then ite back to cool NW flow. What are the models showing next, a resurgent azores high building northwards into southern regions probably stretching into the near continent, bringing dry mild conditions by day, return of frost by night, the north prone to atlantic incursions - but crucially the jet is forecast to be much weaker, and this should allow heights to build further north and possibly NE blocking out the atlantic as we enter February - a good building block to a possible colder period, not necessarily snowy though! This is very much an episodic winter; it continues to be a forecasters headache with no force seeming to win the battle.
  5. Cold zonality returns

    Mmm not the best cold zonal spell for the Lake District, but it has delivered quite a bit of snow overall, but hit and miss in southern parts, so it certainly won't rank alongside Jan 1984 in this respect. In overview a wintry week, but what should be expected for mid January.
  6. Great mid winter conditions in the Lakeland Fells today. Didn't venture too high but didn't need too for deep snow, 400 metres and level snow up to the knee made for very tough going along a path that no-one had broken in.. very tough at times. I was on the old drovers road between Dowthwaitehead and St Johns in the vale if anyone knows it. Spectacular views of Blencathra. Shame the snow will be washed away in the days ahead, but highest hills should retain a cover just about perhaps. Mid winter in the Lake District - there is a special quality at this time of year, everything in its mid winter slumber when it snows even better. It can be a dismal time, but days like today make up for the dark days..
  7. Disagree, only coastal parts of Cumbria tend to do poor for snow. Alot of Cumbria away from the coast and North Cumbria is at least 200 metres above sea level, and whilst it isn't best placed to see snow from northerly and easterly airstreams, it can see significant snowfall from frontal events. Don't have to go far to see snow either, just climb one of the fells, and under atlantic airstreams you hit the snowline.
  8. This week has been a very good one for much of south scotland, some very significant amounts of snowfall and number of snow events in a short space - border country has hit the jackpot it seems! Down here, not great though, just on the margins and quite frustrating, but don't have to go too far to see some decent cover, given proximity to high ground. Could have been so much better.
  9. Barely any showers today - not sure the met office weather warning justified, and the heavy precipitation that was over SW Scotland is now invading central cumbria - but we are just seeing cold sleety rain from it... not cold enough for snow at low levels. Fells will be getting another pasting. Tomorrow morning could produce a surprise snowfall for some parts of the region, I;ve learnt the best snowfalls tend to be the last minute surprises never forecast. Sunday morning looks marginal for most, perhaps a bit of wet snow for some first thing, but plenty of time for things to change if the front is delayed and more slow moving then a couple of hours of heavy snow could fall and give a cover for a time.
  10. All swings and roundabouts this winter so far, cold to mild to cold to mild, no-one winning the battle, from Sunday onwards the models are reverting back to the milder atlantic theme, but with the azores high anchoring itself close to our shores it doesn't look like an especially wet week, heaviest rain reserved for the NW with classic warm sector, cold front combo. Later in the week, ECM and GFS showing the azores high ridging NE into southern Britain with the jet far to the north, we could therefore see a quiet end to the month, possibly becoming quite cold if heights build into the continent, return of frost.
  11. Yes we were just on the boundary between a lengthy spell of heavy snow, and the sleet/snow back to sleet combo, still we were on the right side of the boundary just for a cover. That's two snowfalls of more than 2 cms so far this winter, better than anything since winter 14/15.
  12. A decent snow event for much of the NE part of the region then, looks like most places got at least 3 inches, which is the mark of a fairly good event in my book. Dewpoints and lower surface temps ahead of the system helped alot. Conversely, here we just managed a couple of cms of slushy stuff that turned into a skate rink this morning. It was good to see the sleet turn to heavy snow around half 10 last night though. It could have been a much better event here though, we haven't had a single fall of more than 3 inches since January 2013 now, many many times just a cm or two.. very annoying. Fingers crossed we get a decent event before the winter is out. Next couple of days will see the fields retain their snow cover, low daytime max, and the limited strength from the sun won't do much, especially given minima will be around 0 degrees, maintaining cold ground temps. We are forecast a few heavy snow showers in the next 24 hours as well - but we nice to see them band together preferably about 3/4pm tomorrow. Sunday morning could bring a shortlived spell of wet heavy snow, but I doubt it will be a Dec 29 event, however, it might if the front takes longer to arrive than anticipated a snowy sunday morning would be a bonus, marking the end of a rather wintry week, but nothing exceptional, indeed what you expect from mid January really. Saturday promises to be an excellent day for winter weather enthusiasts - if you like snowy mid winter scenes - get out and enjoy it! There is alot of winter left, Feb and March are every bit as snowy as an average Dec and Jan in this region, and there is much greater chance of northerly and easterly spells and not just one day wonders, despite the increasing rays of the sun - as the days lengthen the cold strengthens, very apt during mid Jan-mid Feb..the cold core of the winter.
  13. Could have been so much better!- alas we managed a couple of cms, had the precipitation stated as snow then we could have seen about 2 inches, had it been heavier throughout its duration possibly more like 4 inches. So Dec 29 remains the best snowfall of the winter so far - only 4 cms mind.. Expecting sleety snowy showers at times today, nothing significant, but may see another dusting later today/overnight, and possibly more showers tomorrow morning, would be nice if the snow can stick Sat morning at least for kids etc.
  14. Heavy snow now, quickly covering all surfaces.
  15. A wrap around is expected so don't give up hope.