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  1. Last night was very uncomfortable, worst one of this hot spell for me.. Alas hopefully tonight will be more comfortable, temp outside is 19.5 degrees, this contrasts with 22 degrees same time yesterday. However, indoor temps still very stuffy at 24.5 degrees, will take some time for them to come down. Lovely weekend on the cards - not as warm as last weekend, or recent days, bu maxes of 22-23 degrees and plenty of sunshine and more of a fresh breeze, ideal for late July. Monday could bring a few showers, but the unsettled breakdown not expected to hit here in earnest until Tuesday, o
  2. Yes Katesbridge the perpetual frost hollow, many a time seems to be the coldest place, despite many more frost hollows in Scotland and England being much further distant from the sea. Again I question the validity of n Ireland readings past and present in this respect..
  3. Oddly its warmer inside than this time yesterday despite outside being a bit cooler.. but not much in it. Currently 21.5 outside and 25 degrees inside. Hoping this might be the last uncomfortable night.. bit suspect tomorrow will be equally so.. and it will take a few days for the house to cool down despite maxes dropping back into low 20s, minima still in the 13-15 degree category. Though much fresher northerly airstream is forecast so that will help.
  4. Yes I think it is a one off set up as you say the core of the high is directly over N Ireland and there is no wind to stir things at all. Highly unusual for it to barely reorientate itself for so long..
  5. I'm more surprised how low the absolute max value for N Ireland is. Surely 32 degrees has been recorded in past heatwave. As said the current synoptics are not especially exceptional.
  6. I'm surprised the last few days have delivered temp records in N Ireland, how are the current synoptics which are not exceptional in any way producing record high temps in N Ireland? It makes me question the accuracy of previous readings. Seems to be a regular occurrence of cold and warm temp records in N Ireland in recent years.
  7. Temp has risen to 27.8 degrees.. to still be doing this at 6.30pm quite remarkable. Can't expect it to continue though..
  8. Good post from Tamara looking at longer term prospects. One new factor that emerges in August is tropical storm activity. Always a tricky one to forecast and can make for sudden developments and major uncertainty. Statistically settled sustained conditions in latter part of summer becomes harder to achieve.. we are seeing a very see-saw summer it seems, but unusually the north and west is doing better than the south and east, with trough action settling in a more southerly position than usual inbetween the strong ridging often establishing to the NW.. indicative of the la Nina influence.. with
  9. Thought today would be the hottest of this spell.. but alas we are stuck on 27.5 degrees. Can only think it's due to the shift in wind direction.. we are not that far away from the N Sea.. southern parts of the region are more sheltered in a light easterly flow. Remainder of the week turning cooler more so by Saturday but only back to near average, low 20s. More cloud about, we may escape any rain here until the new week..
  10. Our temps have been on a par. Not as hot last Saturday mind reached 25 degrees. Yesterday hotter though at 28 degrees. Current temp 27.2 degrees same, we might hit 29 degrees but 30 degrees probably out of the question. Our hottest temp seems to be happening between 5 and 6pm very late...
  11. I was commenting on how good summer 06 was.. was it pulled down significantly due to sunshine levels in August. Otherwise I would expect it to have been higher in ranking, better than 2013 in my opinion.
  12. Summer 06 let down by a very dull average August, though not a washout. Definitely one of the best summers up there with likes 76, 95 and 18.
  13. 25 degrees now. Definitely warmest day of the year on the cards so far.m Can we hit hit 30 degrees! Would be a notably hot day for us, not easy to achieve in an average summer, but becoming more common. More unusual given it's been aided by high pressure and day on day heating rather than a plume event.
  14. Equivalent of the record cold in Dec 2010. High positioned same place..
  15. Agree the figures in themselves can mask the reality on the ground. In summer particularly you could end up with a very wet month thanks to two intense downpours and the rest of the month stays dry. Conversely you might see a drier than average month that yields many wet days with showers or spells of light rain. The latter month will feel a much wetter month than the former. Temperatures are the same, a hot month might come courtesy of a very hot 7 day spell set against three weeks or so of just average or slightly above average temps.
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