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  1. Living and working for a leading insurer based in Antigua for the next 3 years. Only a few weeks to go before it's all eyes west Africa coast for those first tropical waves. It's all the talk in the office, plus earthquakes!
  2. Great input this year, catacol.!
  3. Check out hotel artic, Illulissat, Greenland. - 32 today and the bay completely frozen. It doesn't always  do that. 

    1. gone


      Thanks. I am having a look :)

    2. karyo



  4. A bit disappointing. A dusting on the tops of the Cotswolds and now skies have cleared and temp dropped to 1c.
  5. Parts of the Cotswolds are over 200 meters (Cleeve hill is over 300) so pretty confident we will see some decent snow this afternoon.
  6. So, 10 days on from 30th December = 9th Jan. and a scandi high favoured. Seems like a great shout GP.
  7. If all goes to plan the Brecon Beacons should see snow - right height, right location. I live just north of Cheltenham and quite often Cotwolds (Cleeve Hill) and Malverns can be clear but look across to the black mountains they are often white.
  8. To my eyes we are about to see a significant change in Synoptics so far seen this winter. The blocking highs of December are moving and for the first time we can look north west for our weather and with this originating from Greenland directions it will be a very raw and seasonal mix of all sorts, which has to include snow. Both GFS and ECM are now showing this change for next week and I wouldn't look beyond 192 as that rarely varifies. So a long awaited change on its way and it's a wintry one !
  9. Thanks. Certainly did a better job copying across that I did.
  10. RE the link don't think that is displaying properly. Basis Joe is saying big flip for Western Europe with Eurasia vortex setting up in Scandinavia in first week of January. Big chill coming. We shall see
  11. something for discussion. Happy Christmas all
  12. Yes, the model output is dire for those of use wanting the cold weather. Looking the present and forward modelling and Fergies comments maybe it was a front loaded winter afterall. The end of Nov and early Dec are perhaps as good as it gets. So close to something akin to 2009 / 2010.
  13. Brilliant Jo. A wonderful place. I think net weather should charter a plane for the poor suffering snow starved fanatics on here. I can think of a few takers straight away: steve M, frosty, north west snow, Feb 1991 to name just a few.