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  1. There are the Cheviot Hills and Northumberland National Park. A very unspoilt part of the UK. The Northumberland Coast Path was very popular last week. Also great place for bird life for those interested in that. Also good rail network.
  2. Just back from a week on the Northumberland coast. I’ve been fortunate enough to see a lot of beaches in my time but you’d find is difficult to beat those Northumberland beaches. This is the view to Farne Islands from Bamburgh. Last weeks weather was fab. No rain, lots of sun and around 18c I reckon. Northumberland is so unspoilt, it’s a real gem for a staycation
  3. Still 20,000 people displaced from their homes. The Caribbean knows Volcano's well. There's been Montserrat which still smoking 24 years after the eruption and St. Lucia has alot of activity by the Pitons.
  4. UKMO is already a world leading forecaster. I recall in 2017 UKMO was the best performing model during the Atlantic Hurricane season. I was living and working in Antigua at the time and the forecast for Harvey, Irma and Maria was very good.
  5. Lucky you. It’s been cloudy all day keen wind and 11.7c as of now. I reckon the trees are about 10 - 14 days behind on last year.
  6. I took from the Met Office website and then posted it in here. Ties in with @tight isobar post.
  7. Met Office is saying the same Friday 26 Feb - Friday 12 Mar Into late February there is a signal for higher than average pressure to expand westwards leading to an increased chance of snow showers redeveloping in the east, for conditions in the north to become generally quite settled and for unsettled weather in the south, with disruptive snow possible. A similar picture continues into March, though milder conditions in the west look more likely to spread northwards. Disruptive snow possible in the South. That's worth staying tuned in for.
  8. Just had a met office snow and ice warning appear on my met office app for tonight. Seems to cover a lot of the midlands
  9. YES, these are classic charts for the South West. I remember seeing these in the 80's I reckon. Snow drifts would last for weeks !!
  10. Nick - Who's on the panel ? Hope there's room for John Kettley, & Michael Fish.
  11. For us living in the UK you really have to look at these charts long and hard, because we never see charts with such a long Easterly feed. It’s a sight for our very sore eyes. Enjoy the ride over the next few days
  12. Cheltenham races cancelled again for tomorrrow. That follows the Jan 1st cancellation. Odd really because I dont think its been that wet. Tewkesbury for example has no major flooding this winter. Really hard to call rain or snow tomorrow. Its feel spring like outside right now so am thinking rain more that snow, but the Cotswolds at typically 200m could be the sweet spot.
  13. Yep, I'm just up the M5 from you and its been pretty cold to me. The top of Cleeve Hill held snow for a week and as you say we've had 3 snow events. No big blizzard but its been OK
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