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  1. I'm back in Antigua on Saturday. Was hoping for a quiet season but it's looking the opposite unfortunately. We've already issued a no new business note to all our Caribbean islands. In case you're wondering I work for a Caribbean insurer.
  2. Re Florence it seems the Bermuda / azores high is forecast to intensify. If so then instead of turning NW, Florence is due to stay more westerly and may be impact East coast US in the future. Certainly one to watch. With Florence already at 17 degrees N its v unlikely to effect the Caribbean.
  3. Re Florence, theres now talk of it turning more West in a few days as the bermuda/azores Ridge intensifies moving Florence more towards the US than north Atlantic / UK. Sst's are above average so any tropical system heading into the north Atlantic is likely to have more of an impact
  4. Hurricane Florence in the Atlantic heading your way. That will shake things up.
  5. Things are about to change in the tropical Atlantic. The Sahara dust which seems to have been particularly strong this year is not subsiding and the SST’s are now around average (those cooler SST’s are diminishing). 2 recent August forecasts are now saying an average season (forecasters were talking below average the last couple of months). This is not good news for us in the Caribbean
  6. Here in cheltenham cloudy and breezy around lunchtime. Line of v light showers around 2.00 and then sun comes out, breeze drops and temps up to 28.0
  7. Beryl is such a small storm that it could easily weaken with shear or Sahara dust. It looks like that is what is happening this morning. It's track goes over Dominica which is still recovering from Maria last September.
  8. I'm senior insurance underwriting mgr for a leading property & casualty insurer in the Caribbean. Trust me it's not as boring as it may sound. 3 year contract. After Irma and Maria last year the Caribbean needs a quiet year.
  9. Fortunately its a v small storm, but pretty impressive how quickly it formed. Local forecasters are saying it will fizzle out before leeward islands thanks to Sahara dust.
  10. So from nowhere there are two areas to watch. 1. South of Bermuda which has a 50% chance of development and then a Cape Verde system. Only yesterday this had a 20% chance of developing, today that is now 70%. looks a well organised feature which is due to become a tropical depression before encountering less favourable conditions. Its a bit surprising this one as ocean temps are generally lower this season, but the system is well south where the SST are nearer normal. Hopefully it will just bring lots of rain for the leeward islands to ease the drought here.
  11. Interesting comments. I'll follow this thread over the next 6 months and hoping those Majors avoid the Caribbean Islands. The Economic loss for these small island threatens so many businesses and people. St Maarten, Anguilla, BVI, Dominica are still struggling to cope. Puerto Rico is worse but I dont know what the latest is there. We are a leading property insurer, based in Antigua and a quiet year would suit everyone or if there are going to happen lets see them keep south i.e Barbados, St Lucia.
  12. It’s just you ! The next 3/4 weeks is what most on net weather look forward to.
  13. Temp forecasts for Oslo, Stockholm, Moscow & Copenhagen all heading colder towards end of next week, suggesting a pressure rises in that area.
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