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  1. Yes, 6th April this year was 3 cm at 9 a.m. Previous April snow was 6 cm in April 1999. I've seen falling snow in April most years, 2006 for example we had a brief dusting from a heavy shower late in the month.
  2. Snow is very rare down here. The last major snowfall probably occurred in the late 70s, with 1981 providing some too I believe. We've been snow free since 2005, settling at least. The average days with snow falling in a year is probably 1-2, with maybe a 2 inch covering once every 2-3 years. Our snow tends to come from northerly flows in late Feb/early Mar as the sea is at it's coolest and troughs move south.
  3. hey lightninghunter, love your pic, did u take it yourself? hagn

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