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  1. Floods on the lane following the wettest day of 2007 so far...

    © © Will Garner

  2. A walk through the village was out of the question today - even while it wasn't raining, this flood, a few hundred metres from my door would have been impossible to comfortably navigate on foot.

    © © Will Garner

  3. Today only brought around one third of the rain which had been forecast, which leaves me wondering what the damage the full onslaught could have caused... Whilst less exciting for the weather watcher, one could argue we got off lightly.

    © @copy; Will Garner

  4. Flooding is common on the windy country lanes of Blakenhall, but, as this was the wettest of the 10 summers I have seen here, this was the deepest the flood levels had reached - this road was closed on both ends, and we had to take a car just to take this picture. Indeed, a deeper flood, just around the corner could not be reached due to the depth of this one. Much more weather like this may see my village entirely cut off.

    © © Will Garner

  5. I suspect I've posted the one of me in the rain before, but it seems very fitting for here, since the picture I was braving the elements to take probably ended up on here! The other is me in London (obviously) about a year ago. And this... is me relaxing on a bench at a station - one of few pictures people get of me that I actually liked!
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