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Thundery wintry showers

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  1. When seeing rain on the radar for the first time, my first instinct was to check the precipitation type!  I had to remind myself that it's June and that the year isn't 1975...

  2. Rather odd to be thinking, "Summer in the traditional British sense has arrived, but it looks unlikely to last as the anomalously hot dry sunny weather looks set to return".  Usually it's the other way around!

    1. MP-R


      Certainly not traditional summer weather here this weekend. Without the warm background, it would've been a cool and autumnal weekend in most other summers.

  3. These two Beasts from the East have, unusually, really lived up to their name in Exeter!

    1. D.V.R


      What's the condition like?.. Cornwall looked very snowy on the news. It must be a while since you guys got this much snow?

  4. Both Exeter and my parents' in North Yorkshire got proper big thunderstorms today.  Staying up at my parents' this weekend, but due to an ill-timed trip to South Shields, I contrived to miss the whole lot!

    1. Daniel*


      That's most unfortunate zilch here in SE London

  5. An amazing Leicester double- Leicester City FC crowned champions and then Mark "Jester from Leicester" Selby won the snooker less than an hour later!

    1. William Grimsley

      William Grimsley

      TWS, are you still in Exeter? If so, are you looking forward to this thundery outbreak? :D

    2. Thundery wintry showers

      Thundery wintry showers

      I'm cautiously optimistic, but won't get excited until the models are still showing it a couple of days before the event- sometimes these events get shunted further south/north/east nearer the event!  It does look promising for us though.

  6. Been following the weather of Munich at the webcam https://www.webcam-4insiders.com/en/weather-M%C3%BCnchen-Webcam/13966-Webcam-M%C3%BCnchen-weather.php   They do seem to get more exciting weather than us.  Some impressive snowstorms there recently.

    1. Spikecollie


      May can be an interesting month in central Europe. There have been some spectacular t-storm events in Germany and the Netherlands in May. I go to Nuremberg a few times a year for work, and in May you never know what to expect. Looking forward to whatever comes my way later next month!

  7. Some upland parts of northern England might get an unexpected bookies' white Christmas, though with lying snow only over the highest ground.  Rain and 3-4C for low ground.

  8. Over 55mm of rain already this month!

    1. Polar Maritime

      Polar Maritime

      106.5mm here TWS!

    2. Lettucing Gutted

      Lettucing Gutted

      At least we got SOME cold to do it justice though :D

  9. I think the BBC national weather forecasts are much better than they were a few years ago- the last half-dozen that I've seen have reminded me of what they used to be like in the 1990s, and in a good way.

    1. Steve C

      Steve C

      Agreed. Seeing more synoptic charts is much better.

  10. Second thunderstorm of the day- a localised cell sprouted up overhead to the south of the main belt!

    1. pip22


      I'm having a second here too!! :-)

  11. I predicted dry cloudy weather till yesterday but really thought that the sun would break through today. Mostly cloudy again so far though!

    1. Thundery wintry showers

      Thundery wintry showers

      Sunshine starting to break through now though, so maybe my prediction will be OK!

    2. lassie23


      It was sunny for five minutes in London!

  12. If Mark Selby can produce a similar standard to what he showed in his semi-final, the final with Ronnie O'Sullivan could be a cracker. If he's drained, though, Ronnie might well walk it.

  13. There will be a potent northerly blast into next weekend, with a mix of sunshine and snow showers, and with maximum temperatures between 4 and 7C, there will be accumulations of snow in the heavier showers. The showers will also widely produce hail and thunder. The exception will be a small area centred on Tynemouth, where it will be dry and cloudy.

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    2. Thundery wintry showers

      Thundery wintry showers

      Yes, it was an April Fool's joke- there are no signals for any potent northerlies in the next 10 days (although a feeble one is possible in around 10 days according to the ECM).

    3. Eugene


      A potent northerly blast in April here is 9C>LOL

    4. JON SNOW

      JON SNOW

      watch out for the moon dust

  14. Largely missed out on any dramatic weather yesterday, but today is certainly delivering- just had an impressive hailstorm.

  15. Continuing to explore film music- the soundtrack for "The Good, The Bad and the Ugly" is pretty ace!

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    2. Bishop Brennan

      Bishop Brennan

      Go see "Under The Skin", it has a beautifully haunting soundtrack.

    3. ZONE 51

      ZONE 51

      One of my favorite soundtracks and film

    4. chubbyfan


      the good the bad and the ugly..epic music for an epic film.

  16. Adobe switched my automatic update settings to the default (fully on) without asking me today. A bit of a worrying trend. Why have options if whatever you do, it goes to the default anyway because you're supposed to do what the developers think you should, rather than what you want to?

    1. Bottesford


      Kill the update service (set to manual start) then it shall be kept quiet. If its just pdf reader you need look at Foxit - much lighter weight.

    2. Thundery wintry showers

      Thundery wintry showers

      Trouble is, I always set it to manual- its normal behaviour is to prompt me to switch to automatic every time I install an update, but this time it auto-switched to automatic without asking me. Thanks for the advice re. pdf viewers- will have a look into Foxit to see if I prefer it- but I'm still likely to need Adobe Flash Player installed for certain things for example.

    3. reef


      Just checked mine and its done it to me too. Update service duly disabled, I hate when companies do this.

  17. I am standing by my original prediction of a wintry spell around 20-25 January as high pressure drifts E from the Atlantic and merges with any surviving high pressure to the N/NE. I don't think the coming 10 days will deliver much from the east although temperatures may fall close to or just below average at times.

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    2. Steve C

      Steve C

      Yes TWS. I detect some are feeling prematurely stressed!

    3. gottolovethisweather


      My thoughts remain as yesterday - just a delay and some things will be a changing before too long -

    4. Ravendane


      Still have a horrible sense of running out of winter :-(

  18. There's been rather more backtracking towards the ECM this morning than I expected. Maybe a shot at significant snow cover for Ulster, Wales and the Cheshire Gap iand the NE of Scotland and Norfolk if these runs verify.

    1. karyo


      I won't count my chickens just yet but so far a better day

  19. The northerlies being churned out by the ECMWF look very potent and would probably bring widespread snow showers at some stage (generally speaking if a northerly lasts longer than 36 hours, we tend to get trough activity rather than just showers for the usual coastal areas). However until we get the GFS on board I am sitting on the fence.

  20. Three thunderstorms here in the space of a fortnight, from south-westerlies, in October/November- that's got to be unusual!

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    2. Snowmadsam


      hmm you are right it is a bit odd...nothing in wales yet though :)

    3. cheese


      Our storm shield malfunctioned in August but it was repaired quickly and we have had nothing at all since, and we had nothing prior either. Oh well, it was foggy this morning - woohoo.

    4. IanR


      same here 3 storms in fortnight, in late autumn, dont get that in a plume set up in summer thesedays

  21. Re. Monday's impending storms, heed the advice from the Doctor!

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    2. gottolovethisweather


      What a long nose you have.

    3. gottolovethisweather


      *Just read Leslie Nielsen died back in 2010, I didn't even know that, what sad news*

    4. Angelici Magiovinium

      Angelici Magiovinium

      Lol - keep calm and carry on :-)

  22. Today's weather (grey, wet, 11.9C) reminds me a lot of those early-September days that we used to get when I had to return to school after the summer holiday!

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    2. Summer of 95

      Summer of 95

      Those rotten Septembers of the early 90s stick in my mind, it was always like this when school started to be followed by frost in October

    3. Scorcher


      I generally don't remember the early to mid 90s very well- most of the Septembers while I was at secondary school were good or at least had warm spells- 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2004 were all good with 2001 the only real exception

    4. Lettucing Gutted

      Lettucing Gutted

      Well I'm pleased to say that for the first time since late June it now feels fresh instead of stuffy even with the windows fully shut. :D

  23. It often seems to be the way that in dry sunny summer months, like this one, July 1995, July 1999, July 2006 and others, when we do get unsettled weather it ends up bright & showery rather than dull & wet- compare with last year, when we often struggled to get sunshine/showers/thunder even though it was a very unsettled summer, because there was rarely enough sun!

    1. karyo


      Last summer was decent for me, thunderwise.

    2. General Cluster

      General Cluster

      Very true, Ian...That's why it's 25C over here, today - again!

  24. Having a reasonable 2nd half of holiday in Ireland after being ill to begin with. Once again I find myself disagreeing with weather forecasters' value judgements on the weather- I may find southern Ulster's sunshine and 27-28C a bit hot around the hottest time of day but I certainly wouldn't consider overcast and 20C an improvement over it!

    1. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      Not the best time to get ill when your on holiday hope it wasn't too bad

  25. I'm normally OK in temperatures of 27 or 28C but today is remarkably "airless" here in N Yorkshire which is making it quite uncomfortable out there- the first day of this spell where I've struggled to stay outside for long.

    1. Bottesford


      It is very 'close' for sure. Still at least its proper warm again. Last Sunday still been the best day for clear sun with heat. So far...

    2. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      tues 9th my hottest 28.0C

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