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  1. Ysgol Y Preseli closed at noon, so daughters happy with 1/2 snow day. Light snow started 12.30 in Narberth, just cold light rain here in Carew atm.
  2. Great shot, they've barely crossed the cattle grids onto the Moor and got stuck, LOL a bit unlucky really. I wonder if that's Malcolm Waite driving the digger!
  3. I think Wales was adequately warned about this event, it was flagged up very early in the week by Derek, all the talk was of 'the beast from the east' etc, possible snow depths were widely publicised in advance, so job well done. The fact that that practically all the schools were closed in advance, places of work shut early , and hundreds of motorists weren't trapped overnight in their cars suggests the message did in fact get out.
  4. My daughters go to school in Crymych, it isn't very often (as in never LOL) they can tell their friends from up your way we had more snow than them, we had 12cm level snow on Thursday evening.
  5. I've been here 14 years and never dreamt I'd see dry powdery snow drifting along The Esplanade, what conditions, superb.
  6. I used to live up there, had a business there from '99 to 2003, we had a few snowfalls of a couple of inches but nothing on a par with this, was always hoping something like this would happen while I was there, envious is an understatement.
  7. A bit heavier here now, not settling as yet, but I am right on the sea front so don't expect much. Tenby's primary schools could have a few issues with their pupil's concentration this morning, my daughter included.
  8. Now snowing lightly in Tenby, not a very common occurrance!
  9. All Pembrokeshire schools now closed, i do fear for my rattly old sash windows when it's like this . Probably the worst winds here since 2004.
  10. Send it to Derek Brockway, he might show it for the novelty factor
  11. LOL, what a nice surprise, first falling snow I've seen here for years, didn't settle of course. Bearing in mind I think the last settling snow we had here was in 2010 so I don't expect an awful lot, anything is a bonus.
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