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  1. I'd say some of the higher fellsides have better than 50-50 chance of a brief snow cover through October, Leyburn itself is reasonably high up too. More realistically it would be surprising if one or two mornings didn't have a touch of frost. Here on the moors the average 'days with snow falling' this month is probably about 2, with light snow cover expected perhaps slightly less than one day on average. Having said that Leyburn on Met Office site shows around 10-12C most days with cloud and light rain at times so you are out of luck, the final week this year looks more promising at the moment. Hawes further up the dale is degree or two cooler with minimums of 3 or 4C some days - that's low enough for sleet over some of the higher passes like Buttertubs.
  2. It's the short days and low light levels through at least 3 months which get me, especially being interested in photo and video. Good light for that plunges to almost nothing for several weeks, or rather the short periods which are usable you are at work or should be doing something more important.
  3. Global land change from 1982 to 2016 WWW.NATURE.COM Satellite data for the period 1982–2016 reveal changes in land use and land cover at global and regional scales that reflect...
  4. It's annoying that in the local town there are still two banks with cash machines (not my bank anymore though) also at least two of the supermarkets have them - then at least one petrol station, but nearer home the bank closed and mahine has gone, post office is only part time so if you need cash unexpectedly it's about 20 miles round trip.
  5. You do sometimes get these raggy bits of cloud which may or may not be rotating, to be honest the shots aren't very conclusive. When a definite funnel forms it's quite a tight structure, the edges look darker and more sharply defined. A strong one will often develop into an almost implausible rope-like structure before dissipating. From a decent elevated vantage point small funnels are relatively common and can form below quite innocuous looking clouds which aren't even producing rain let alone electrical activity.
  6. More propaganda pushed by well funded sources. It's clear enough that since they became protected numbers have vastly increased along with TB cases in cattle and other wildlife. The increased numbers have also had devastating effects on ground nesting birds and hedgehogs for example Those promoting vaccination presumably have a plan to catch them all annually without making them disperse? Results from culls in TB hotspots have been quite encouraging despite the massive interference to thwart them - which did mean less infected sets were removed than was ideal. People watch badgers on TV and think they look cuddly, but they are voracious predators which will attack and eat almost anything, also they are very strong and dangerous to attempt to handle them. The damage from their digging and undermining can also be a major problem when it's not allowed to attempt to stop them.
  7. Over the moors it seemed to have gone by about 11am but the afternoon has been more rain on and off, hardly moving - which wasn't supposed to happen. Still *only* 15mm but it's getting waterlogged with events like this every couple of days. Next week looks more mobile and breezy so ought to dry up a bit.
  8. Maybe someone will invent waterproof clothing one day.
  9. 4wd

    October Fog Index

    Around dusk yesterday quite spectacular ground fog formed and I thought try to get a shot or two before light failed - but it was really difficult. As you walked towards an apparently denser patch it *vanished* - best seen from 100 yards away. Plus it really was very short lived too.
  10. Dropped to -0.3C just after sunrise, having been very close on and off for a couple of hours before that.
  11. The lights were visible here at times on Saturday evening, rather low in the sky though. There was some high cloud overhead which was reflecting it, making it curiously bright for a moonless night.
  12. They do regular snowploughing routinely too, and get paid to be on standby even when it isn't snowing. It's the carting away of piles from in town - to release parking areas or whatever - that is quite unusual in England anyway.
  13. It seems like a complicated way to do the same job as a snow blower. In 2009 and 2010 the local agricultural contactors who couldn't do much else during the prolonged snowy spell trailered away many loads that had been piled up in some of the more congested villages round here, they just used conventional JCB style loading shovels though
  14. And also, why is it equinox when here Sunrise is 06:50 and sunset 19:01
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