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  1. The post says weather is weird because rain and sun are alternating. April is noted for this so not "weird" now - or in any season for that matter. Even if it was supposed to be a jokey alliteration.
  2. Just like last year but a day later.
  3. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-39703948 There will have been many casualties from this wintry snap.
  4. Overnight showers seem to have stayed more out to Sea than expected. With strong wind and -0.8C earlier, quite a keen and damaging frost.
  5. Gusts around 40mph here and humidity/depoints are low which also emphasises the cold. Since the cold front showers have been trivial (but sleet/soft hail) and good sunny spells.
  6. Yes rather disappointing considering cows should be going out here. I think they will be best kept in until at least Friday, or will spend a lot of time huddled behind a hedge and risk of health problem to calves.
  7. It reminds me of rescuing lambs from snowdrifts on May 1st 1979. Only time ever heard cuckoo calling during a bizzard.
  8. Lovely dreamy video to this.
  9. It's the same here, we used to be usually able to get cows out by 20th or 25th in 1970s and 80s but now 1st May or later is the norm. Usually the prolem is ground conditions too wet rather than lack of initial growth, but if mine were out now, after a big dust storm they'd scoff the lot in about a week and regrowth would be negligible as nights and ground temperatures are still too cold. We still have the almost inevitable springtime delight of a protracted spell of east or north-east winds bringing in sea fog and 7C maxmums to look forward to, usually the west side has glorious sun and 15-20C during that fortnight.
  10. Still ample time for heavy spring snow well into May though, even here we will often get the worst blizzard of winter in April e.g. 2012 despite a warm March and 20c just days before. April 5th 2012
  11. IMuch on North Yorkshire gets TV from Bilsdale and that is Newcastle based rather than Yorkshire/Leeds. Here near Whitby we have more in common with Teesside and the NE than Leeds anyway, but if you are down near Thirsk and Harrogate you might stlll be getting Newcastle programmes. The day will come where online broadcasting gives complete freedom, we are already almost there. A lot of people move and retain strong interest in their original home area so not just border areas where more options are welcome.
  12. I think it can just be a temporary high concentration of broken ice which is enough to qualify as ice cover for a while, though if it was only shown very briefly maybe a bad reading. I don't think solid ice bridge has ever been a commonplace thing but someone will probably be able to list winters when it occurred.
  13. Miserable obnoxious people who throw bottles and cans from cars onto verge or field. Worse the ones who sneakiliy drop whole bin bags full of crap in the ditch, If you can carry a full can all the way up the moor you can carry the empty home surely. This problem has increased exponentially in the past 10 years or so. Hard to believe I am picking up McDonalds cups and Pizza boxes when the nearest place selling them is 15 miles away. Don't get me started on the lycra lout cyclists who specialise in bottles of energy drink with nozzle on - they swig at that while freewheeling down hill and sling it on the verge because that's what they do in Turd de France presumably.