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  1. Heavy rain and sleet look about to clear and it's dropped a degree to 2C - snowing now but not for long as sky is brightening. One brief gust of 56mph at 2pm, wind has not been bad really but pretty nasty with rain and sleet at the same time.
  2. 4.2C and a gust of 52mph just now - a few spots of rain arriving after a reasonably dry morning.
  3. Nice clearance line now from that squally band, we've had almost 10mm so far but just passing showers until maybe 2pm then another couple of hours wet and windy. Not had gusts above 30mph yet.
  4. Worth bearing in mind the Vue console works perfectly well with VP2, even if you eventually get the full thing a second console is handy in another room especially if your main one is tied to a computer for uploading. I started with the Vue then spotted a VP2 on ebay 'condition uncertain' but anemometer and main board were Ok so I used it as a second station to do wind only for a hile, then gradualy bought replacements for other failed components. The VP2 isn't fantastically reliable and all but the rain bucket have been replaced again in the past 6 years! They really are overdue a major revamp but seem to be happy churning them out with only minor changes. And we keep buying them.
  5. It will be very brief cover with milder air again in the evening. We had 56mph last night here, I don't think we'll have anything worse tomorrow but the main focus is a bit south of us. Going by current forecast. Mainly it will be wet which is annoying since the wind has dried things up nicely the past day or two.
  6. It's also looking reasonably dry perhaps until end of month which is useful with the first half of Feb being on the wet side at times.
  7. Nice drone capture of rock fall in Switzerland.
  8. This looks fairly normal and harmless (from a distance) at first. As it hits the lower slopes snow seems very deep but wet and it behaves more like a mud slide.
  9. Slight frost and fog patches here earlier too but soon cleared, 9.7C now and has gone cloudy.
  10. Those seem strange comments when I suspect winter will be near average - not mild or only a little above norm. I think we only had a handful of 'mild' days around 10C here.
  11. Quite right too, at best you'd be late for your tea Easy to damage the car getting it pulled out if it didn't get damaged going in.
  12. There's some Lion Inn pics in my N.Y.moors gallery.
  13. The fire engine was pulling a car from a ditch - they'd got stuck and couldn't leave the vehicle as there was a very young baby on board. When it' foggy and blowing snow it's very disorientating even when you know those featureless roads well. We went over there with a landrover every day between 1976 and 1986 as we had farm stock both sides of the hill. There were times when the only way to make it was by Whitby-Scarborough coast road and that is quite high and exposed in places too. The Helmsley-Stokesley road is sheltered in Bilsdale but the high arable fields above Rievaulx are ideal monster drift forming ground.
  14. Yes almost feels like deck chairs might go out, 5.2C currently with sunny spells and lighter winds - feels quite mild. Only 4C forecast.