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  1. 4wd

    Windows Creaters Spring update

    I'm not keen on attempting a full install with latest W10 if there still might be a driver issue. At the moment it works fine and won't attempt to update again unless it's restarted (rare). This PC is only about six months and a high end machine for rendering 4K in real time. It rarely goes online, in fact could stay off altogether quite easily.
  2. 4wd

    Windows Creaters Spring update

    The update troubleshooter said something about corrupt update database, I did some fixes which are supposed to delete any cached files and re-download - still didn't work and now the (unhelpful) troubleshooter won't start either.
  3. 4wd

    Windows Creaters Spring update

    My video editing PC has been trying to do the update but seems to fail due to a driver issue, I'm thinking it will have to wait for now. Been trying a range of ways to workaround it such as using the manual update tool and making an image on a USB. Always the same result - it flashes through to 30% then reboots to a blue 'wait' screen, eventually rebooting again into what looks like safe mode but you can't log-in or do anything except restart. Then it reverts to previous version. This soon gets tedious - must have been through it at least six times There is a list of SSds which are known to have driver problems but mine isn't on it. Manually checking for diver updates I found one for Bluetooth, (which was disabled) but that didn't help.
  4. 4wd

    Windows Creaters Spring update

    You might be able to turn it off in user accounts, they seem muddled with this, one of mine is still OK with no password at all, the other requires it on reboot but not from sleep (if that's what you mean) since changing in users account. Meanwhile my video editing machine is struggling, it has prompted to update twice but restarts with a screen at wrong resolution - which asks for password (!) then says it's wrong, and restarts but reverts to previous windows version. I'm trying to do it manually now as a full download.
  5. Tomorrow looks like sea fog and 11C at least to start with. Not much better Wednesday.
  6. 4wd

    Windows Creaters Spring update

    The laptop kept jumping between my calibrated colour profile and something blue - could be windows default A further manual restart seems to have fixed it. Older desktop curiously lost sound but it had simply *decided* to change to headphone settings. I don't even own headphones so it had no precedent. Newer desktop still seems undecided if it dares do it, and hasn't suggested doing anything yet. Remarkably little seems to have changed, (that I use). They do seem to have strange ideas about what constitutes amazing new features.
  7. Down to -1.1C at dawn, it's already warmer than the last couple of day by some margin though.
  8. 4wd

    Fryup Dale Head

  9. 4wd

    Aerial images

    Taken with DJI Quadcopters. These are all best viewed at largest size
  10. 4wd

    Other Landscapes

    I do mainly landscapes in and around the North York Moors because I live there, but some of these are from further afield - and not so much weather related.
  11. 4wd

    Farm Stuff

  12. Wind dropped out about 4pm for a while and temperature briefly peaked at 23.2C It has mostly been around 21C
  13. 4wd

    Antarctic Ice Discussion

    Well it isn't melting [more] there because of air temperatures getting above freezing. Geothermal heat isn't constant for millions of years. Is that surprising?
  14. Not this morning, just back from Ruswarp and it was like driving through a monsoon. There hadn't been much first thing and I thought we'd get away with 3 or 4mm, About 7mm now but must be about through.
  15. For about £166 with discount, it's tempting, but it sounds like to get decent temperature accuracy the base unit ideally wants to be in a louvred enclosure, keeping 'in the shade' will get mixed results. There has also been some issues with the rain detection, I'd like to hear more real world reports. Weather-Display seems to be compatible with it so should be feasible to dovetail within existing data. The lack of moving parts to block up and break is the main plus point, and discrete unobtrusive size.