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  1. Has anyone else noticed intemittent pig slurry smell today? I think they are stirring the storage in Holland as spreading is allowed again next week.
  2. There won't be as much as December 2010 though because then winds were more from NE with longer fetch to pick up moisture, and sea was at 10C or higher not 5C. Also this spell can't last for weeks as spring advances. It is a lot more like March 2013 but the worst part of that was later in the month with an ice day here on the 11th. Amounts of snow (here) were not very great but a lot of days has snow falling.
  3. I wouldn't tell them to expect a foot of snow though. High Pressure is never far away, there will be white and wintry scenes and several days will barely get above freezing.
  4. Kids today . You want the bath filled with coal and hand saws ready to cut up furniture when you run out. Two sacks of spuds under the bed which will hopefully be one of the few places in the house they won't freeze. The truly forward thinking would be considering a fair way to decide who gets sacrificed first in case it comes to cannibalism. To avoid suspicion get the kids on the scales beforehand to calculate weights, you might invite elderly relatives round at the weekend, they will be less likely to already be wasting away due to the great 2018 KFC famine.
  5. The Climate of Cheddar Man?

    I suspect ice sheets not that far away might not have had as much effect on climate as you'd imagine since we probably had a more continental style climate being still attached directly. Summers might have been better than now but no doubt winters could still be sub-arctic. Nowadays in the Alps and Scandinavia you can get 'normal' forest in very close proximity to glaciers, however the UK was probably only gradually being colonised by trees at the time.
  6. It might still turn out a bit above freezing most days, with patchy drizzle or sleet on the coast and snow flurries inland. The North East gets most snow when there's a long fetch North Easterly; east winds are unpredictable, so much depends on source of the air and how much it is modified near the surface when crossing the North Sea - at 6c or whatever. All the fuss in main model threads is because the SE has a short sea track and might actually see a few days barely above freezing. Complications arise if a Low Pressure tries to move up into the cold flow but gets stalled - anywhere could get a significant snowfall if that happens.
  7. Gosh so lucky not Scottish Politics vapourised.
  8. I wouldn't get too excited until the mainstream forecasts start to change. At the moment it looks much like it's been all month so far. https://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/0/2641148
  9. December 1981-January 1982

    It was mainly just December here, January was more normal. It didn't get going until about a week in, there was quite a dramatic start with sort of wall of heavy snow sweeping from the north. Soon there was about two feet of snow which remained dry and powdery through until after Christmas. We recorded some of the lowest temperatures ever here with -15C often reached even before dusk. Often after it got dark temperature seemed to rise a little, probably due to not being all that far from the Sea. December 2010 freeze started the last week of November and there was no significant thaw for about six weeks rather than four in '81. Deeper snow and a similar mean but the absolute lows were less extreme at -12.3C, though the difference may well be accounted for by more accurate measurement now - as in 1981 we just put out a thermometer intended for checking the freezer was cold enough!. We don't get as cold as areas further inland though, and lower than -10 is quite a rarity. In 2010 there was no significant thaw for about six weeks rather than four in '81.
  10. Purchasing weather station - advice needed!

    I find the rain gauge to be about 15% too low, otherwise it's OK especially with FARS (fan assisted) - but in 6 years every sensor has needed replacing. However it wasn't new when I got it, someone was selling it with unknown fault and it needed Temp/Humidity then and has had another since. A lesser station like my first 'Nexus' one would likely fail and be thrown out after a couple of years mind.
  11. Purchasing weather station - advice needed!

    Even with the Pro your rain and temperature are one unit which is not quite ideal. - then most places you have to compromise with the wind een if only due to shelter from some directions (I have that here from the East and North but it's open to the main winds). Vue before Pro took up residence