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  1. There may be some reason why it's better to have slight ventilation. I wouldn't tape over it. Possibly battery getting slightly warmer/colder can lead to condensation which needs air exchange to dry out again.
  2. Winter flowering cherry - https://www.rhs.org.uk/Plants/94025/i-Prunus-i-×-i-subhirtella-i-Autumnalis-Rosea/Details
  3. It has been nasty if you are under it. Just 4mm here, an increasingly narrow band is just to the west though.
  4. I've been amazed how rain held off here until the past hour or so - looked awful dark most of the day though.
  5. Reached 4.1C an hour ago but on the way down now at 3.8C We had ground frost but as often happens wind stopped it dropping below freezing. Plenty of ice about though and it's not shifting either despite sunshine.
  6. For general trends and longer outlook what he uses is no worse than more official channels. I'd be very surprised if this winter isn't considerably more snowy than recent years (not hard admittedly).
  7. After the feline intervention it had some digits on screen but they might have been written in Klingon for what sense it made. TBH I've forgotten how you do the update but re-applying firmware if possible has got to be your best hope, unless it' some hardware issue like wire off the power input. There must be few used ones kicking about surely (ebay?)
  8. Mine needed a firmware update and halfway through the cat walked over laptop keyboard and somehow messed it up. However I started the update again despite it being bricked (Davis said send it in) and it worked normally when applied again. https://www.davisnet.com/support/vantage-vue-console-firmware-direct-pc-install/
  9. Firefox Quantum Meteociel issues

    It is much faster, my fireFTP addon isn't compatible but have installed filezilla which is nicer anyway.
  10. 12.2mm and increasingly sleety after dark - stopped now though
  11. It's been quite wet at times this afternoon, combined with strong gusty wind at about 4C not a day to do much outside. In the heavier bursts part melted snowflakes can be spotted on glass. Just passed 3mm
  12. Sun feels lovely today with light wind, but its only 10.2C. Seen a few bees and butterflies on late dandelions and such.