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  1. Heavy showers on and off since dark yesterday - about 18mm, and 10mm since midnight. It has stopped now but very murky.
  2. A few spots here just now but the main event is still south of the Humber. I fancy the present track takes them somewhat SE of us which would be nice as really don't need another major soak.
  3. Not difficult after about 30mm yesterday here! Although it's still warm enough at about 18C the wind is giving an Autumnal feel again. At least we have had a good few days of proper summer which is not always the case.
  4. That train of showers is very close but the heaviest spots are just to SE of here. Already well over 10mm, I think the rain gauge is partly plugged but it will all be counted eventually. It was very heavy indeed for a while.
  5. In August 1991 we were motorbike touring in SW France in the Dordogne, it did feel very hot but toleable while moving It became obvious that it was VERY hot when we stopped at Rocamadour. Due to minimal space for packing I had option of sunburnt legs+unsafe shorts or full bike leathers neither of which was appealing for walking up and down countless steps and steep hills. A chemist shop had an outdoor temperature display and it showed 42C though I suspect 38C was more realistic, however Rocamadour is built on a cliff face facing vaguely South and absolutely baking on sunny days
  6. A lot of these old series (and films) can be found on a cheap Android TV box now, I did attempt to watch some of Logans Run but it was too dreadful to continue. However nice to be reminded of a few titles to search for ...hmm... how about Catweasle we liked that...! In the 70s and 80s mainstream TV was much more controversial than now. Many of the films we used to watch on BBC after the News (9:30pm then) would not now be screened due to 'difficult' subjects covered. Also documentaries were typically far more hard-hitting than anything shown now.
  7. They are also very good at athletics (without drugs!) and would undoubtedly have claimed some of the medals GB won.
  8. We wouldn't have been in this position if the Russian team had not been largely excluded.
  9. It's quite hard to be sure without good binoculars, I think the low hills are where the B1257 road runs from Malton towards Helmsley. So Castle Howard(ish) is just over the skyline. It's taken from a grassy track through fields on high ground between Hutton-le-Hole and Appleton-le-Moors.
  10. I'd advise against it, so many pitfalls longer term. If you want to sell it later it will be the hardest thing imaginable. Rent when you need one and you aren't tied to the same site.
  11. The blue remembered hills

    From the album Other Landscapes

    This is the expansive view over Ryedale towards the Howardian Hills near Castle Howard and Malton. We used to live near this spot as children and spent many hours roaming for miles - it's still pleasant walk for a warm summer evening. Geologically the scene is interesting, the steeply wooded slopes mid-distance re where streams have cut through a Limestone ridge to flow south from the North York Moors into what was once Lake Pickering. Now mostly good farmland the low-lying area could not drain to the North Sea which was then a mass of ice from Scandinavia. The Derwent starts near the coast but was diverted inland by Ice and glacial debris; it is still flows inland towards Malton and York, eventually reaching the sea at Hull.
  12. They've used one of my photos with credit to Getty
  13. A lot of wild plants tend to go through cycles of being scarcity then abundance. Poppies are annuals and are rarely seen in grass verges unless there's been soil disturbance. You're more likely to see them in a crop where herbicide has been missed or less effective than normal, or in deliberately left strips along the edges e.g for game cover. Also the flowering period is quite brief so easy to miss the few days they are out in places where they are growing
  14. If you have already got the files onto the PC www.handbrake.fr might convert them into more easily edited (and played) format. Once in AVI format you can edit with Moviemaker or GoPro studio or consider something more advanced like https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/uk/products/davinciresolve - (still free basic version) If you don't mind buying, Cyberlink power director or Corel Video Studio are reasonable price and relatively easy to use. I'm a heavy user and bought Adobe Premiere a while ago - still learning it but very powerful software if you are really into video
  15. Don't really understand what you are converting to what or why. What type of video file is your camera producing? A surprisingly good free one is GoPro studio though it seems a bit baffling at first there is lot of help online. It will work with a range of file types not just gopro recordings If it's for youtube the best export is H.264 MP4 but they will accept most options. If what you are using now is crashing your PC might have barely adequate resources for any serious video work. Have you tried re-install of the program you are familiar with?