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  1. Fading memories of 2010

    This is state of play here at end of November. There was no let up until after Christmas A few more photos from this spell (between others) here, at the time it was such a grind taking pictures was rarely on my mind.
  2. http://www.solda2000.com/webstelvioen.htm Stelvio cam says -4C this morning with quite a bit more snow - it seems to be closing in early this year but they are still open most days.
  3. The internet there will be Moorsnet community wifi but its quite fast - in fact uploads are much better than mine on ADSL
  4. The wind records from there would be interesting. One of the snags I found with the Vue is how often it all got chocked up with wet snow which then froze and could be jammed for several days. However it's basically a fairly robust unit with battery replacement annually.
  5. It has been very wet here the last few days with month total now on 90mm which is 30mm above the mean. Yesterday someone got caught out on one of the fords and ended up jammed under a footbridge, it's been recovered some time today even though the water was highest yet early on. There's been 70mm since the 12th, and 28mm today and yesterday.
  6. Autumn thoughts

    They do seem early, more colour here than you'd expect most years well into October. A common reason given for early colouring is a dry summer but that doesn't apply. They did come into leaf quite early and growing conditions have been good so probably just completed the cycle and keep moving on. If we happen to have a real frost on the early side too it will really hammer them. I do recall a few times a serious frost approaching -5 happened relatively early -while most were in full leaf, and the next day they were literally tumbling off as the sun hit them.
  7. Hurricane Irma

    https://goo.gl/maps/51R7N6mjVWK2 Marlin Stores
  8. Hurricane Irma

    Wooden buildings can be more resilient than typical UK construction as everything is more seriously connected together and braced in a good design. The major risk is windows breaking from flying debris - this allows pressure to build inside exploding the roof off. If the exterior shell remains intact the chances of minimal damage are improved.
  9. Hurricane Irma

    It's nothing new for that to happen, those who build there know the risks. They know the advantages too and even if it were swept clean would build there again.
  10. UFO sighting in Slovenia 2017 :)

  11. Aerial images

    Taken with a DJI Phantom. Due to the wide angle lens, these are all best viewed at largest size - after opening, right click and select large.
  12. Is Everything Getting Smaller?

    You aren't allowed to lift more than 25kg bags now.