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  1. In the obligatory daily climate change tale of woe on BBC is this https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-48755154 The irony is that the need to escape economic collapse will come about due to over zealous measures the greens want to impose to halt their imaginary Armageddon.
  2. Such a fuss about heat, for us the automated forecast on here shows only Saturday getting above 20C with a 24C. That will likely be the only June day this year above 70F
  3. I see a light easterly bringing cool air off the sea near the coast, not conducive to big storms but you never know.
  4. With an easterly, can imagine us near the NE coast struggling around 15C while inland it's 25-30. Same thing happened last June which was nothing special until the very end here.
  5. Away from the south and probably parts of NW Scotland May hasn't been warm either. Highest maximum here so far this year is 20.9C on 20th April I am just wondering if that will be beaten at all you never know. I seem to remember a couple of late 70s summers it struggled to get above 21C at all.
  6. Here June 2007 totalled 154mm and 2012 had 127mm About 90mm so far and I doubt we will come near 2012 let alone 2007
  7. The log schemes are of little use when everything gets waterlogged. It concerns me that as they rot a lot of the deliberate debris could come downstream in sudden bursts, blocking bridges or other pinch points. This is usually very bad news as there will be an almost instantaneous rapid flood either side of the temporary dam. The backers of the Pickering scheme could not wait to claim major improvement but the event they pointed to would not have caused any flooding anyway, since like this one it was a slow burner. Incidentally the same is true of current in vogue beavers, it is pretty odd that in countries where they are widespread they are often removed as they are seen to cause flooding and dangerous sudden surges as their dams fail.
  8. Radar animation is curious with apparently heavier blobs from the East evaporating or something soon after hitting the coast. Every now and then a few spots reach us but hard surfaces barely get wet then dry off again. So far.
  9. Really surprised we are still completely dry in fact strong wind is drying things up from (20mm) rain last Friday. On the hour by hour type sites it looks like heavy rain at times from about 5pm, but nothing especially worrying and largely through by early hours of Thursday.
  10. A decent funnel cloud develops into a well defined rope-like form quite often, There will be a distinct boundary around it. you can get a more flabby rotation which is potentially a proper funnel. When rotating clouds become funnel is hard to say. Think of what we've all seen in a sink - the water often rotates slowly but doesn't always create that open funnel - but it can come and go almost at random. Exactly the same processes are involved
  11. There's a very nasty blob of rain rotating in-situ off Teesport this morning. It must be the centre of the Low Pressure. Luckily it seems to be edging northwards at the moment, in fact it's brightening up here now after a few spots earlier. 20mm yesterday between 5pm and midnight. That's the wettest day this year so far (surprisingly)
  12. Showers gave us 15mm yesterday, taking the month to about 67mm - May average is 51mm March was also above average but April less than half normal. It's interesting how 'dry' it has seemed when the actual totals are only a little below average so far this year. Year is on 248mm when normal for this point is 284mm - a wet day or couple of thunderstorms difference.
  13. Dry here until just now, I was about to cut lawn, what a pity, never mind Cold windy morning but it eased through the afternoon - felt OK but only reached 12C
  14. 4wd

    Very slow PC

    It sounds like Firefox browser, which has got slow and buggy with various pages recently. Chrome or Edge are better now IMO A general spring clean wouldn't hurt to maximise free space, CCleaner is an option but I'd use it once then remove it to stop them constantly nagging you. It's more drastic but re-install from scratch works wonders, it will also force you to back up any important stuff you want to put back on. Various programs and features are incrementally updating themselves and it all gets a bit of a mess over time. You can do a refresh without deleting files and programs would help - somewhat risky, back up first.
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