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  1. I can imagine it only being a bit of patchy drizzle to be honest, but tomorrow heats up again so anything could happen. A lot of grass has been cut for silage bales and hay the past few days and its been panic stations today trying to get it baled up! Here we have more hay to do yet usually in July so do hope some of the more unsettled options don't verify. Won't be the first time the only good hay made was snatched in June when the upland meadows aren't really ready to cut, because typically they have sheep grazing there until May.
  2. About 6mm this morning but bright/sunny spells the past hour. Rain looks quite fragmented on radar but seems likely to continue on and off until late evening tomorrow.
  3. From the album Aerial images

    This sub-arctic plant thrives in damper pats of the moors where heather is not happy. In good years the sheets of nodding white flowers resemble patches of snow on the hillsides.
  4. With the cool onshore wind (11C here) we aren't likely to see anything thundery. Another frustrating day for those wanting rain, but damp enough to annoy holiday makers on a day out too. 10mm from a couple of showers wold have been very welcome.
  5. Lots of threatening dark clouds and distant thunder here, but it seemed like the strong wind somehow disintegrated everything as they reached the moors. Just a few spots about 1pm and some patchy drizzle this evening. Could do with 10mm or so of rain really so a bit disappointing - but Monday might produce some more.
  6. http://news.bbc.co.uk/local/york/hi/people_and_places/nature/newsid_8976000/8976626.stm
  7. The forecast for today does remind me of the flash flooding in June 2005 which was mainly one huge thunderstorm around 5pm. Totals don't appear particularly high but the rain all fell in less than 2 hours. Moorland streams rose as much as 15 feet above normal, uprooting trees and rolling boulders which had not moved in centuries. By dusk the water had largely subsided http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/climate/uk/interesting/19jun2005.html
  8. A frequent east cost effect enhanced by cooler North Sea - we don't have the added mountain drama though!
  9. That's a very simplistic view. You won't get prescribed antibiotics for a cold but you might for complications following it - which canbe very hazardous to anyone with an already compromised immune system or other health problems. Bacteria consantly evolve and can share resistance DNA without us doing anything 'wrong'. Every time they are used, resistant variations will multiply into the free space created. Using antibitics at all sows the seed of resistance and eventual failure. There is no easy answer, because riskily witholding treatment is not going to happen.
  10. What would you propose to stop pathogens evolving. The more you do to fight resistance the stronger they become.
  11. March was probably too early even in thEg reenhouse as they are very soft things and grow like crazy (almost visibly) when it's warm enough. I'd still have expected at least some to grow so bad batch of seeds seems likely. Still ample time especially if you can start them in pots try two beans in each. Here we never put them out unti well into June but alwys started indoors. You didn't mention what planted in but in soil I have seen little white grubs attacking them to the point nothing emerges - shouldn't be a problem in bought in compost
  12. On radar you'd think it was raining here but it's not. To south of the moors a few places are showing patchy rain. I think we'll get a few heavy bursts later but nothing like 10-20mm which looked possible.
  13. Missed that here. Despite the fuss about turning unsettled I suspect we'll be way below average for May - probably around 20mm, none at all yet here this month.
  14. The post says weather is weird because rain and sun are alternating. April is noted for this so not "weird" now - or in any season for that matter. Even if it was supposed to be a jokey alliteration.