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  1. 4wd

    Interesting Or Unusual Videos & Pictures

    I suppose this plane is in flight, but it does almost look like it's submerged. https://goo.gl/maps/Qq3RwUYdx452
  2. 4wd

    Avg app

    I've only used the inbuilt windows defender for years, if the PC is used by several people who might do dodgy downloads or click dodgy links something more might be wise. Chrome at least is also pretty good at flagging or blocking any page which is likely to try sneaky scripts. I do have Malwarebytes free installed which is run periodically or if something made me uneasy.
  3. And reasonably dry again for the time of year. October ended up about 20mm above normal here so no harm in that. Until about mid-month the general dryness was a little worrying for our spring water supply with cattle about to be housed, not that it had given any cause for concern at all this year. I think it was about 1993 September and October were dry and it was barely coping until well into November when a few rain storms passed through. For all the fuss about drought earlier it can't have been too bad as I recall several summers when water troughs in the yard had to be turned off to keep the house going. Cows can drink from a stream if need be, while they are out.
  4. Some of these shows actually state they are a dramatisation only loosely (or not at all) based on real events. Some quite convincing explanations have been put about how some places create a 'feeling of dread' due to hard to detect but real things such as ultra sound vibrations which we can't hear but are subconsciously aware of. We are also deeply hard-wired to 'see' familiar forms like faces and figures in random patterns (e.g. man in the moon)
  5. About -1 for a couple of hours here this evening, but edging up now with some cloud moving in.
  6. Still just below freezing after a low of -1.3, there's been a brief snow shower or two and tops are white again, here some surfaces are kind of dotted with big flakes
  7. Stelvio is suddenly very snowy, there were cars still there yesterday, you can just make out snowplough action probably to get them down before total closure for the season. http://www.solda2000.com/webstelvioen.htm
  8. Have you been up there, have been loading an artic truck with wool sheets at the collection site (Castleton) this morning, and he said it was a struggle at highest points coming up empty. We were kind of lucky with just 2 or 3 hail showers while doing the job. [
  9. We have a slight slushy cover, looks properly white above about 1000 feet.
  10. There's a few flakes in the heavier bursts but it's 3.5C so inconsequential here at 650feet, the tops are usually about 1.5C cooler in this sort of scenario - probably some slushy cover.
  11. For sheer number of flashes (hundreds probably) July this year must be among the 'best'. It wasn't visually appealing in the way this example was, which didn't really affect us but gave hail and heavy rain to the north. (October 2012)