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  1. It seems like a 'normal' but warmish North Sea clag day, hard to imagine any thundery showers lasting long when they meet low cloud and 15C Probably different towards the Pennines. Could do with a couple more dry days to finish baling hay. Today is too humid for final crackle even though not wet so far.
  2. Has anyone seen any actual totals or rain rates. The water seemed to be channeled down the road, I wondered if a culvert had blocked causing most of the damage.
  3. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Nikon-D80-Digital-10MP-SLR-Camera-Body-Charger-Battery-2-208-Shots-Free-UK-Post-/27275118120
  4. Power went off here too and router wouldn't connect when it came back up. Had to do a restore router settings from saved file - worrying moment as twice before have had power surges damage stuff through phone line. Luckily I'd changed batteries in console about a month ago as they were about pooped after about 7 years. We had almost 30mm in well under an hour. Tried to look at other local stations and it's shocking how many don't do rain - Netamo? Total here was highest I've seen.
  5. Almost 30mm in 30 minutes here, though no major issues apparent yet but all roof gutters and downpipes were overwhelmed and every hard surface was flooded inches deep. Roads became torrents but luckily the most intense part only lasted ten minutes. Weather station calculated a new peak rain rate record of 1080mm/hour at 17:30
  6. Here it's been an average to cool (and wet) month were it not for three days which exceeded 25C - nothing unusual in late June. Because one day in the southern UHI was warmest since 1976 (but not as warm) we get that kind of analysis rushed out. This week has mostly struggled around 12C, on the 28th the maximum was 10.5C - this seems significantly more out of line. But the wrong way to merit any study.
  7. I needed to pick something up from Kirkbymoorside and it seemed heavier there. It must be this more coastal strip in lighter stuff most of the day. It didn't start raining till about 8am mind.
  8. It's curiously light here despite rough looking radar and onshore wind. Not reached 6mm yet and quite long spells more or less drizzly. Only 8.9C at 2pm but toasty now at 9.5C
  9. I can imagine it only being a bit of patchy drizzle to be honest, but tomorrow heats up again so anything could happen. A lot of grass has been cut for silage bales and hay the past few days and its been panic stations today trying to get it baled up! Here we have more hay to do yet usually in July so do hope some of the more unsettled options don't verify. Won't be the first time the only good hay made was snatched in June when the upland meadows aren't really ready to cut, because typically they have sheep grazing there until May.
  10. About 6mm this morning but bright/sunny spells the past hour. Rain looks quite fragmented on radar but seems likely to continue on and off until late evening tomorrow.
  11. From the album Aerial images

    This sub-arctic plant thrives in damper pats of the moors where heather is not happy. In good years the sheets of nodding white flowers resemble patches of snow on the hillsides.
  12. With the cool onshore wind (11C here) we aren't likely to see anything thundery. Another frustrating day for those wanting rain, but damp enough to annoy holiday makers on a day out too. 10mm from a couple of showers wold have been very welcome.
  13. Lots of threatening dark clouds and distant thunder here, but it seemed like the strong wind somehow disintegrated everything as they reached the moors. Just a few spots about 1pm and some patchy drizzle this evening. Could do with 10mm or so of rain really so a bit disappointing - but Monday might produce some more.
  14. http://news.bbc.co.uk/local/york/hi/people_and_places/nature/newsid_8976000/8976626.stm