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  1. I'm surprised they still seem undecided, I don't think we'll get much rain from that but could easily be an inch later today and overnight.
  2. 4wd

    Typhoon mangkhut

    It will cause much disruption but the modern buildings won't suffer too much damage. Hong Kong and Shenzhen still have areas of densely packed and poorly maintained older buildings though. The rural areas even close to town will suffer most, landslides and power cuts etc.
  3. Rain forecast for today seems to have disappeared, and not much to show for an ex-tropical storm next week at the moment. It is still unusually dry deeper down. 16mm so far this month. September average is 62mm here.
  4. 4wd

    Arctic melt Season 2018

    The area of globe covered by sea ice is barely 1%, it will always be ice for most of the year. In any case the Arctic loses more heat where it is open water than when it is covered in ice. There is only a very short period when the sun is hgh enough to cause any heating on darker water, and that's June which doesn't coincide with higher open areas in August.
  5. According to Weather Display it's the lowest August since I started with WX stations in 2009 http://weather.westerdale.info/records1.html
  6. 0.8C minimum a few minutes ago, bottom of valley looks white.
  7. Surprised how roaky it was overnight - came in about 5pm with drizzle and hill fog then most of the night was complete fogfest right down in the dale. Wind has dropped right out and it soon broke up and cleared this morning. Bit off topic but did this video last Monday at Whitby when it was trying to come in again - you can see low cloud characteristically brushing the top of the Abbey ruin - and a few snippets of quite rough sea. A lot of these rides do a circuit right round the NE area and were at the hoppings. They'll be at Stokesley early September and Yarm a couple of week slater.
  8. Why would they need treated water. It's not a waste either unless you consider producing valuable commodities a waste. Also 'billions' of gallons sounds like a typical fact-free 1000 fold exaggeration..
  9. It's partly the runways but much of the greater London area is one big heat island, in particular these built up areas retain heat overnight and start from a higher minimum each day. Anyone who cycles or rides motorbikes will have noticed that any significant town is much warmer after sunset than rural areas. Sometimes you can feel waves of heat coming up from the road and surfaces are literally warm to the touch for hours - just like a storage radiator with bricks inside.
  10. It shouldn't be impossible to strip it back and mate them up by colour. The connectors resemble what you use to plug a phone line into a modem, there's probably four fine wires inside.
  11. Same here, though the number of days in the low 20s has been unusual, only 2 or 3 days exceeded 25C and not by very much, highest was 27.9C on the 26th. This is all fairly normal for a good spell in summer. It reminds me a lot of 1995. It is nothing like 1976, there is no comparison.
  12. No hail here but about 23mm from the two lots of storms. Month is now only 10mm below aerage at 63mm This is from our back window looking towards Redcar and Teesside about 15 miles away.
  13. 22mm here, still raining with thunder but not too bad. 17.4C
  14. Probably the most extreme electrical storm I ever saw, have decent quality video of it too but won't be online until tomorrow at best. Just too special to crop down too much.