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  1. Very heavy showers with thunder around Newton Aycliffe/Spennymoor just now? A smaller one to the south here sounds bad enough
  2. Heavy shower rumbling a few miles to the south here I would guess currently near Pickering. We have had about 3mm in two brief but heavy showers already.
  3. Mainly Rosedale opposite Lion Inn on Blakey, at the start is halfway up Farndale
  4. 4wd

    Flora, Fauna, and Close-ups

    Things that catch the eye as the seasons unfurl.
  5. I would check the plug in connector is reasonably clean but most likely you'll need replace it. The actual sensor might be replaceable but if it's been up 7 years it will be getting tired anyway. My previous one low wind would no longer turn the cups so I changed bearIngs then shortly after had a similar north wind only (= no signal) issue so got another from weather spares
  6. I have seen similar and more in early May, there is usually the odd day in April but there have been several and extreme low temperatures too this time.
  7. My webcam needs replacing but a nice Christmassy scene this morning. Again
  8. Another significant snowfall must be the last today surely. Heavy snow for past couple of hours on and off, brightening up now but still freezing. About two inche on the ground similar to yesterday
  9. An inch or so here first thing the main feature was hideous wind chill with gusts close to 50mph and -2C until after 10am. Conditions have eased this afternoon it just reached 4C but still some snow remaining in shade.
  10. Here this was 24th March at about 17C These are wild ones rarely fully open before April here. Then this was 5th April The worst thing was a great deal of damage to power and phone cables due to this effect. (4th) Some places were not reconnected for about two weeks but they did set up temporary emergency generators.
  11. Equinox is on the 20th a little early this year. I note the time between sunrise and sunset actually exceeds 12 hours here on the 18th though. We are now at peak gain with about 4:25 more light every day - it starts to decelerate during the last week of March.
  12. I live very few miles away and it is rare to get more than 3 or 4 days over 25C in the entire year and over 30C is practically a once in a decade event. Unless you go back to 1975/76 which mysteriously get overlooked when people want to present the idea it is getting hotter in the UK.
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