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  1. Below freezing until after midnight then a little above due to strong wind maybe, not much change in snow cover yet but there's less than 2 inches. Yesterday it was doing the sublimation thing - gradually disappearing but leaving dry ground due to lowish humidity.
  2. It blew about a lot, drifts of a foot or so, while other patches are bare
  3. They are obsessed with easterlies, easterly winds can bring 4c and drizzle depending where the air mass originated. For the north an Arctic flow is far more likely to bring sunshine and snow showers.
  4. Drifting during showers could be spectacular higher up even if there's barely a covering. This sort of thing...
  5. Gust to 59mph the highest so far, it seems to have eased slightly just now. Things have dried up nicely, Dad used to say drying up for snow when it was like this - with a North Westerly often true too. We'll see showers but they will whizz through so fast amounts will be trivil for most especially further est. I see relatively dry and slightly frosty for several days possibly for most of the month.
  6. It's actually pretty mild here today at 7.8C with sunny spells. If you can get out of wind the sun almost has that first hint of warmth which brings the snowdrops on in sheltered hedge bottoms.
  7. Freezing rain first thing but only a few spots, it stayed decidedly cold and windy until well after dark with about 2mm of rain through the afternoon, risen to 5.6C now. Bit of snow from early yesterday melted by noon today. Yesterday actually got briefly warmer at 4.8C - but with clear skies ground stayed below freezing. Yesterday (5th)
  8. 2017 - first dusting of snow

    From the album Aerial images

    Showers turned to snow in the early hours of 5th January and around sunrise temperature fell to -2.5C
  9. Today is the first day with an extra minute in the morning too. 8:24 rather than 8:25 it's been since about Christmas. Agree yesterday was significantly lighter in the evening, sky was ideal for it - not perfectly clear but some lumps of high-ish cloud which reflected sun down for longer - but at 15:52 that's about 13 minutes later than Mid-December.
  10. Got down to -0.1 aboout 9:30 and still below 1C. Quite a stiff wind making it feel seriously cold. We also have icing sugar layer of snow on cold surfaces.
  11. Sky has that classic snow showers look, even the light is different with wind just east of north now.
  12. Kildale - classic England in mid-winter. Woods, Church, Railway, Big House and little village
  13. This was just on vintage TV (freeview 82) and reminded me the lead singer August Darnell bought a house next to our sheep in the 1980s On wikipedia it mentions he moved to England in the early 1980s I recently found some comments about how the record company were in trouble for fixing the charts so that this song got to #2 by buying the records themselves. This ties in with what happened when they left the house after a couple of years it seemed they'd been using 45rpm single copies of Annie I'm not your Daddy as frisbees - there were at least a dozen yards down the field! Still have some copies today in the attic I suspect, but gave them away to friends and family at the time. I have a feeling I mentioned this before many pages ago... It's not a bad song must say. While they were here there was a lot of .... umm... action with celebrity friends coming and going. He drove about in a Ford Transit van completely lined internally with six inch long red fake fur material. And a mattress in the back, in case he got tired obviously.
  14. December last year (here) had no less than 18 days reaching above 10C (I'd consider very mild) and highest was 14.8C on the 19th This year only 4 days above 10C so far and highest 12.8C on the 7th. There is no comparison, this year has been relatively normal but on the mild side. The rest of the month will continue much the same.
  15. It has been very dry here that's far more unusual. Just 13mm so far and again there won't be much the next ten days I'd be surprised if we reach 20mm which is about 25% normal. High Pressure has dominated with very litle Atlantic influence.