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  1. To actually stay that high choice is limited, Lion Inn Blakey? https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/forecast/gcxjrz300#?date=2019-01-17
  2. 4.4C (+1.0C) here at the10th
  3. It's a little showery and some wet flakes + hail in it, hill tops don't look white but I guess proper snow at times up there. 2.8C here.
  4. I'm not sure that forecast is to be trusted though as the more local option for me (Castleton) shows a few busts of drizzle. Some flakes will be falling at some point no doubt, and it might be blowing about in the wind higher up - which is nice to see if you aren't in danger of getting stuck up there.
  5. Looking at Austrian cams there is plenty of new snow and some showing temperatures about -10 https://www.montafon.at/en/service/webcams
  6. 15th December for the snow starved masses
  7. Bit of wet now over the moors today
  8. Pressure is hovering around 1044mb but we have light sleet currently at 2.5C Going over the moor later I expect it will be wet snow.
  9. Advection fog timelapse this morning. It did lift away early afternoon.
  10. Just a nice snow video taken few years ago.
  11. Not rain here but it has gone a little above freezing +0.4 now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMdliZwIQC0
  12. Ground water seems to be still surprisingly low, here we are only 100mm down on the year but land conditions are still much drier than is expected this time of year. Just a bit wet and sticky on top in places.
  13. The worst thing is sending texts, it takes ages to shout each letter. Some letters are especially tricky - for example every time I bellow 'A' they think I shouted 'Eh?' and keep repeating themselves. The long winter evenings do fly by.
  14. Wind warning area must have shrunk for tomorrow as we aren't covered anymore. It was borderline anyway with gusts about 40mph which is pretty much a typical winter day here.
  15. 4wd

    Winter tyres who has them fitted.

    UK has one of the best (low!) accident rates in the world which says something. Going back to snow tyres though there are plenty of YouTube vids showing how much better they are both keeping going and stopping. If you really need to get places during snow it could be worth changing, realistically you'd still get stuck behind other things that can't move anyway. Some types of wet snow packing to ice underneath make almost any vehicle hard to keep moving unless it has studded tyres or chains fitted. Snow chains or similar lightweight alternatives are probably a better option for 2 or 3 days when it's really grim and you must go out.