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  1. Fake rain here, radar looks quite serious but it's halfway across and not tripped 0.2mm yet. Surfaces are damp but evaporation is taking it away again.
  2. We were more or less under a chain late yesterday, and it was rumbling from 6pm until after midnight. 34mm from intermittent heavy rain - looks greener already. Interesting streams and rivers have only gone up modestly suggesting most of it soaked in to the ground.
  3. It's really come in dark late afternoon but not a drop of rain/shower to be seen on radar. 24C was the high about 2pm, 19C now.
  4. 4wd

    Ghosts of the Iron Age

    I would've thought the greener stripes seen now have rather deeper topsoil so I guess they dug shallow ditches around little fields as they cleared them. There would have been a need to fence animals in or out probably using poles cut from surrounding woodland. They would have been growing rye, barley, oats and hay mainly I expect.
  5. 4wd

    Ghosts of the Iron Age

    These have never been recorded before at this location. On the ground you just see unhappy clover plants. The surrounding hills nave various known sites, dating to around 400BC
  6. It's not that unusual you just get one discharge and it's done. In winter we quite often get fast-moving snow and hail showers which might have one little rumble as they pass.
  7. 4wd

    Aerial images

    Taken with DJI Quadcopters. These are all best viewed at largest size
  8. 22.4C here already, wind is picking up though so may not go much higher. It's from NNW rather than NE for a change.
  9. 4wd

    Your Random Photographs

    I was playing about in photoshop with this, taken about ten years back when a re-enacting group were at the NYMR steam railway. Combining images and text can sometimes work well. But then you wonder what you'll do with it....
  10. 4wd

    Your Random Photographs

    Just a big old ivy. This is hosted on flickr I thought external hosts were blocked?
  11. People tend to mention 1976 but forget that 1975 was a dry year throughout and the winter between was also unusually dry for many areas. That's why the water situation wa already getting critical by July in '76 This year there won't be widespread supply shortages but we will be needing a decent top up through winter to be OK with a more average period next year. There's a serious agricultural drought already with much of the country seeing grass and crop growth practically halted except where irrigation is possible - mainly potato growing areas and farms with their own storage. Compared to 1976 there is more irrigation - and on-farm reservoirs storing winter rain especially in arable areas. Autumn sown crops are more popular now (due to better weed control products mainly). Anything sown in Spring this year will be struggling to establish and yields will be patchy at best. The Autumn sown crops will be affected too, but will mostly be able to go through more normal growth stages, but premature ripening will typically cause a percentage of grain with poor bushel weights - i.e. shrivelled grains with little inside the husk.
  12. Fog tried to push in soon after sunrise then mid-afternoon quite a serious low cloud layer arrived but breaking again now. Nice cool breeze and still reached 20 about 1pm Video from this morning about 6:30am https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K49FJZLxxKA
  13. It is turning into probably the best haymaking season since 1976. The first field cut was spread just once and is almost dry enough to bale as hay two days later. That's the sort of result you might expect in the American mid-west. Humidity is low, we have sun and wind for longest days possible, and ground is bone dry underneath - perfect baking conditions. The drawback is that yields are reduce but not dramatically so and that's partly a trade off from relatiely early cutting.
  14. Contractors in yesterday with fascinating baler/wrapper. (v.expensive) Several more fields of proper hay to do through next week - first one is nearly there already. Perfect weather, what a change to last year when it all went wrong after two hot days mid-June.