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  1. On the other hand even with guy wires it's not vertical. I know which I'd rather have.
  2. You can get single lengths of scaffold pole as long as you have now, it's not as if it had to be an exact length anyway. In a garden guy wires are something you might trip over or cut somehow, after several years something will get tired and break which could result in expensive stuff breaking.
  3. Change it for a single aluminium scaffold pole? There will be some effect on rain tip buckets if it's not level, and any movement in the wind can cause additional early tips. Won't matter so much if it's only the VP2 anemometer going on it soon. Guy wires are always kind of clumsy solution and best avoided for a long term installation if possible. Here we had some second hand telephone poles and I set one in which is about ten feet tall - then strapped a scaffold pole to that no guy wires needed.
  4. Patchy fog and pretty white as it has been to -0.4
  5. Or indeed White Zombie. The alternative rock scene was at it's peak and bands such as Nirvana were mainstream
  6. I'm not surprised because of the persistent easterly(ish) wind. Meanwhile here near the North Sea we've had plenty of showers again today bringing the month to 52mm which is on the high side for this point considering month average is about 70mm This isn't especially clear but shows last 30 days wind direction, though plenty of days with SW flow the easterlies are much higher than normal and even when wind was from the other way it was often continental in origin.
  7. 1990 Vintage TV is really good for 80s and 90s tracks you almost forgot
  8. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/10/14/twitchers-flock-to-village-car-park-to-catch-glimpse-of-rare-sib/
  9. My parents were returning from a coach trip to Italy and the ferry had to sit at Dover all night as it was too dangerous to dock. It was relatively sheltered on the boat and that was stable enough, but the tall harbour lamp posts were catching the full blast and swayed alarmingly to almost 45 degrees at times.
  10. There's some from this winter in my gallery here. At the time it was all a bit of a blur and I wish I'd taken more. Short days and poor light made it more difficult than you'd think and travelling any distance was inadvisable.
  11. It's too early to get terribly excited yet. 2010 did turn surprisingly severe the last week of November though. But there's still two weeks of October yet.
  12. This is pretty odd. It's like a slow shutter artefact but the lighting conditions don't support that, it is unlikely the drone was recording below 1/50th Could it be a small meteor - note possible vapour or smoke trail.
  13. Actually I don't mind it but it sits there so long you wonder if it's still OK, and tastes so weird you can't tell.