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  1. it will only settle on the surfaces that already have snow like grass, roofs and cars. ground temps are too warm. Doesn't bother me that much as I need to go out in the car later!
  2. looks like the French system is further north than expected so an increased risk of small amounts of snow for southern counties
  3. well it buggered us up yesterday but works in our favour today, not that it matters as it wont settle but nice to see falling snow anyway
  4. yes, and BBC graphics with Helen just now totally dry. Meteogroup and their awful graphics must be changed or at least forced to improve
  5. amounts will be much less I think. We had about a foot but not expecting anything like this. That was also a Sunday night so we got a day off Monday. But this time it will be melted by this coming Monday!
  6. altitude must be making a big difference. still wet at the surface here
  7. me too. First time I've seen it since Janine was in it. Must be about 10 years. Sad to see the two girls go like that.
  8. cold, but nothing to get very excited about to be fair, especially for us southerners. Cant complain considering what we have endured in recent years nice synoptics anyway that could develop into something interesting later. Or it could just sink!
  9. TWO refugee here! Didn't think the outlook was that severe for the servers to go down! Disappointing 06z run, hopefully just a wobble
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