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  1. little to hang a hat on for coldies but cant see any appetite to maintain a strong tpv in week 2
  2. It could hardly not drop though .....otherwise the upper atmosphere is in danger of escaping into deep space !!!!!!
  3. I think one of the 50 members builds a scandi high ........
  4. Point is Ali, just selecting an isolated ens member at day 15 is pretty well equivalent to just drawing your dream chart ....
  5. Slowly the potential of the Ukmo day 6 chart dribbles out ....... been burned too many times by day 6 charts which are isolated .... but 4pm this afternoon could see a semi wtf moment if the run repeats and that fella slides se ....
  6. Some hints through the day so far that the euro heights may not rise much through week 2 and the trough may dig to our south a little more than last few days direction of travel have indicated …….lets see hwere the noon eps are and then tomorrow mornings output to see if merely a pendulum swing which heads back again …..
  7. Not too encouraged by what seems to be the trend ..... can’t get the trough to dive south without another pulse of the Azores ridge to follow - hence the colder uppers are continually removed and can’t establish for any length of time ..... over time looks like euro heights may become more established aswell ... enough uncertainty not to be too downhearted for coldies but certainly not headed where they may have hoped with any confidence for third week Dec
  8. Also a low risk of more widespread snow on the northern edge of rain bands. Clever phrase to use Imo
  9. seems pretty safe to assess that the gefs are not worth using for guidance post day 10 in the upper strat
  10. Not sure why so much misery about the Ukmo .... the other models are hardly showing wintry nirvana prior to day 7 away from the hilly sweaties ..... it could be that the Ukmo would go onto better things than the other models looking at its polar profile at day 6
  11. Different plans for the Alaskan ridge has knock on effects in the n Atlantic the envelope hasn’t got any smaller after one set of runs but the idea that the middle of next week could be nationwide wintry is a fast shrinking one .... still in the game for late next week but nothing particularly crazy at the moment
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