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  1. No rain here what so ever in haywards heath West Sussex. It's funny how I would like it to now, I don't remember ever thinking that in a summer before. The crazy thing is I can't see any rain in my area for at least 2 weeks yet, got to be a hose pipe ban coming to southeast soon surely? I'm nearly ready for one with my new water butt set up, I got 3 x 1000 litre tanks free from work that were being got rid of as rubbish, I've plumbed them in to the garage and workshop roof, just need rain from a storm to fill the buggers up lol, or I will be filling with a hose night before the ban comes in.
  2. about 8 weeks since any rain here, if you ignore the 6 minutes of rain we had last week that evaporated within 15 minutes. Current temperature in my garden is 28.1c, and still climbing quite fast, probably going to be above 30c yet again, be time to get in my pool after lunch
  3. Lovely day here again in West Sussex, currently 25.3c in the garden and still slowly going up. Could do with some rain really as has been couple of months now I think since we last had any, I'm not looking forward to my water bill as I've been watering my back garden lawn every few days which is 120 foot long so takes a fair bit of water, plus I recently got a above ground pool for the kids to play in, it holds 10,000 litres of water and took 11 hours to fill up with the hose on flat out over night.
  4. Absolutely insane rain in last 10 minutes in haywards heath West Sussex
  5. Are we expecting the channel to fire up tonight again?
  6. Lovely day here in haywards heath West Sussex, not a cloud in the sky. Currently 25.7c
  7. Just had a 5 minute shower here in haywards heath West Sussex, been a lovely hot sunny day today with a high temperature of 25.6c Currently 21.4c and has a stormy feeling
  8. amazing the difference in temps within a small area, by 9am this morning it was 15c and sunny most of the day. high of 19.3c, currently its 16.8c Hoping for a storm tonight or over next few days, but I don't get my hopes up as haywards heath often misses out with them going to the sides (i think due to the south downs)
  9. I'm probably a bit crue for thinking this but I want a thunder storm more than i normally do tonight, my teeenage daughter has 2 of her mates staying over, and they are camping in the garden it a tent lol Does look like there is some in the channel about an hour away from here in west Sussex
  10. In my garden in haywards Heath it reached 28.0c at 1:54pm today Currently 24.5c Absolutely amazing weather for April, typical it would be right after the 2 week school holidays
  11. No rain here in Burgess Hill so far today, still time for that to change though I guess. I think we will be in the other extreme within 2 weeks, with temps in the mid 20's and talk of hosepipe bans
  12. LOL whats that all about? last time I checked you had stones on the beach anyway
  13. Haywards Heath Air temp in my back garden 0.0c (DP reading -3.3c) (garden weather station) Tarmac road out front of house reading 1.3c on the surface (read with laser thermometer) grass in back garden reading 1.5c on surface (laser thermometer) grass in back garden @ 1cm depth reading 3.3c (read using probe thermometer)
  14. I've noticed round here that i have 6mm of snow on cars, bins etc. but the snow on the grass and paths etc has melted away. I have a probe in the soil in the back garden 1cm deep and it's reading 3.4c, the air temp 10 feet above that probe is 0.0c, so i guess the warmth last week from the sun is still in the ground, my drive hasnt been gritted but is bone dry with zero snow, yet the cars have it on them
  15. Morning everyone We got a dusting here in Haywards Heath West Sussex, 6mm to be exact As it is the weekend I was up for taking the family to the snow with our sledges, can anyone help and tell me which direction I need to travel to find better snow enough for sledging?