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  1. Only 24c in my garden by 6:10pm, actually feels much nicer like that than it did the last few evenings at 30 plus No storms in Haywards Heath what so ever, or rain that was able to wet the ground.
  2. Over 3 billion litres of water leak out of their pipe network per day, along with pressure. Thats 30% of the daily usage, its been like that for 20 years now, just now the difference is the amount of new houses that are going up in the southeast is ridiculous, no extra water treatment works been built to cope with demand. What they doing with the extra water bill money from all the new houses...
  3. At 11am it is 26.2°c in my garden Haywards Heath West Sussex, feels hotter than that as it's really humid. Still no storms here what so ever, and starting to think there won't be any here. Will it be the 6th day in a row getting over 30°c 🤔
  4. 7:45pm and its 30.1°c in my garden, Haywards Heath West Sussex. (My own weather station in a Stevenson screen) The kids been in our above ground swimming pool for last 3 hours with no sign of getting out yet lol, i just measured the water temperature and it's 27.9°c without heating
  5. Max gust in my garden was 10 minutes ago, 52.6mph. Last weekend I got 62.2mph So in haywards Heath west Sussex it's not as powerful as last weekend yet, same story with other weather stations I've looked at so far Edit, ha cant believe the post above mine at the same time with almost exactly same speeds. Where you based snoangel?
  6. Trouble is I am the boss lol, but luckily my mrs has cancelled her plans so I can use her van tomorrow
  7. I've got to to in to work tomorrow as so busy at the moment, my cars engine just died on me to so will have to ride my Ebike, from Haywards Heath to Burgess hill. It's only about 5.5 miles each way, but won't be fun in the wind and rain ? be around 3pm that I have to ride home to which looks to be peak wind time round here... Forecast to be about 70mph here in the afternoon, probably be nightmare for me on the county roads at that time on a bike.
  8. I was bored at home in Haywards heath with the kids and mrs watching crap on TV, to hot to do anything, so taken a drive down to bexhill, got on a cliff edge and watching a storm our a sea flashing away. Where would be a good spot to go from here? I've never tried chasing a storm before so not sure of where is good round here
  9. Temperature is currently 3.6c in Hayward heath, had some rain so far...
  10. I would be cold set at 16c, my family like it warm. We have a smart thermostat with smart radiator valves fitted in every room, each room can be set at different temperatures via an App on my mobile. and an individual radiator can trigger the boiler to turn on independently. bedrooms are 20c till bed time then 17c during the night. downstairs is 21c at times when people are home, 17c during the night, but back to 21c by 6am That's what its set to 365 days a year, never turned off. That's in a 3 bed-semi, built in 1935, 10 x rads, cavity wall insulation, 8" loft insulation,
  11. Packing all the Christmas lights outside away today, and I noticed daffodils have pushed through the soil already, no flowers yet but won't be long if this mild weather was to continue. But it's 1st January, so I expect we will get some cold spells soon, even more likely now there has been a SSW event...
  12. No rain here what so ever in haywards heath West Sussex. It's funny how I would like it to now, I don't remember ever thinking that in a summer before. The crazy thing is I can't see any rain in my area for at least 2 weeks yet, got to be a hose pipe ban coming to southeast soon surely? I'm nearly ready for one with my new water butt set up, I got 3 x 1000 litre tanks free from work that were being got rid of as rubbish, I've plumbed them in to the garage and workshop roof, just need rain from a storm to fill the buggers up lol, or I will be filling with a hose night before the ban
  13. about 8 weeks since any rain here, if you ignore the 6 minutes of rain we had last week that evaporated within 15 minutes. Current temperature in my garden is 28.1c, and still climbing quite fast, probably going to be above 30c yet again, be time to get in my pool after lunch
  14. Lovely day here again in West Sussex, currently 25.3c in the garden and still slowly going up. Could do with some rain really as has been couple of months now I think since we last had any, I'm not looking forward to my water bill as I've been watering my back garden lawn every few days which is 120 foot long so takes a fair bit of water, plus I recently got a above ground pool for the kids to play in, it holds 10,000 litres of water and took 11 hours to fill up with the hose on flat out over night.
  15. Absolutely insane rain in last 10 minutes in haywards heath West Sussex
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