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  1. lol its not even winter yet
  2. My garden weather station reported a low of 0.7c at 8:20am today. Looks like the cold spell that might of been coming for last half of November is off, before it even started lol. It's been a very boring calm Autumn so far this year, I do like the odd wind storm this time of year personally
  3. Lovely morning here, had a nice dog walk in the woods. I love it this time of year when the trees turn yellow and brown.
  4. Bit of a damp one to start the day here, least it's Friday though with well needed weekend coming up for me So are we expecting any of this storm system to blow our way on Sunday/Monday, or is it still looking like just a south west and northern parts affair?
  5. I caught my Mrs turning it up last night from the normal 20c to 21c (she is a right wimp for cold), we have our heating on 24/7 365 days a year. It's on a thermostat without any timers set, so if it drops below the set temperature then on comes the heating. I have heard it kick on a few times this month, but only for short periods as it doesn't take it long to heat the house 1 or 2 degrees. up stairs is cooler as the thermostatic rad valves are set at 18c, so only downstairs is normally 20c.
  6. nice one thanks for that, shoreham i'm sure would be bit higher wind as is other side of the downs and is on the coast. Stupid me hadn't thought of wunderground
  7. Max gust in my back garden was 39.1mph Is there a website that can tell me what max gust was on weather stations near me? would like to compare with mine to see if it reads about right to others near me.
  8. Hurricane Irma

    I've been in hurricane season, not just because it is cheaper but because I would be up for being caught up in a hurricane
  9. Been a lovely sunny morning here, few light clouds about, but still quite hot at 24.6c in the shade. I'm not expecting any thunderstorms in my area tonight, purely going off past experience of normally missing out on them, they often come close enough to let me know i'm missing out, but that is as far as they come lol
  10. peaked here about 20 minutes ago at 32.6c, just about to leave to go banger racing which will be hot as anything tonight
  11. 27c in my garden by 9:43am 26c in the factory I work in, good job i started at 6am today and will skip my lunch break so I can finish at 1:30am Will we see any storms today in the south east?
  12. my weather station has recorded 21.3mm of rain just since midnight, plus the 11.9mm it recorded last night that's 33.2mm in 24 hours in my garden, most it's had in a long long time. 29.8mph max gust today so far, I expect that to go up a fair bit yet looking at the forecast... good old British summer has arrived lol
  13. Raining in Haywards Heath and Burgess Hill
  14. Ha yeah it is a bit mad isn't it Haywards Heath to Nordkapp and back, crossing Dover to Calais is only part i'm not driving. Last time I did this route it worked out 5000 miles round trip (done in 10 nights!) but as i'm taking my Mrs and 3 kids this time I thought I would make it a bit more relaxing and do it in 20 nights, plus the kids will be flying back with the Mrs from Norway so not to miss out on as much school time. One things for sure we will see some snow! and have some cool memories hopefully.
  15. It's a shame we don't seem to be able to get any snow anymore in the south, especially while parts of Europe seem to have done well this year. I've just booked up my ferry crossing and will be setting off to drive to Norway next week with my caravan, first time i'm taking the kids with me so we can all get our snow fix