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  1. In my garden in haywards Heath it reached 28.0c at 1:54pm today Currently 24.5c Absolutely amazing weather for April, typical it would be right after the 2 week school holidays
  2. No rain here in Burgess Hill so far today, still time for that to change though I guess. I think we will be in the other extreme within 2 weeks, with temps in the mid 20's and talk of hosepipe bans
  3. LOL whats that all about? last time I checked you had stones on the beach anyway
  4. Haywards Heath Air temp in my back garden 0.0c (DP reading -3.3c) (garden weather station) Tarmac road out front of house reading 1.3c on the surface (read with laser thermometer) grass in back garden reading 1.5c on surface (laser thermometer) grass in back garden @ 1cm depth reading 3.3c (read using probe thermometer)
  5. I've noticed round here that i have 6mm of snow on cars, bins etc. but the snow on the grass and paths etc has melted away. I have a probe in the soil in the back garden 1cm deep and it's reading 3.4c, the air temp 10 feet above that probe is 0.0c, so i guess the warmth last week from the sun is still in the ground, my drive hasnt been gritted but is bone dry with zero snow, yet the cars have it on them
  6. Morning everyone We got a dusting here in Haywards Heath West Sussex, 6mm to be exact As it is the weekend I was up for taking the family to the snow with our sledges, can anyone help and tell me which direction I need to travel to find better snow enough for sledging?
  7. When the kids go to bed I'm thinking of going out for a drive in my 4x4 Hilux to find the snow with both my brothers, earlier today I thought it looked like within a hour of Haywards Heath (Maybe Box hill?) we would find good amount of snow, is that not looking the case now? Where is a high up place that will have good amount of snow tonight, nearest to Haywards Heath in West Sussex?
  8. I just took the temp of the road outside my house with a laser thermometer and it's 1.2c, with air temp on my garden weather station of -0.7c
  9. more times than not this happens, it did in the last spell 3 weeks ago, and has done many times in last 20 years of me radar/model watching on the internet. It's normally mid Sussex with Haywards Heath being the centre, I wonder if it's to do with the topography of the land with the south downs etc.
  10. I'm really looking forward to this as it is hitting at the weekend for once, where i am in haywards heath does not do well in snow, only had 3cm last time round. as it is the weekend when snow is due i will be able to take the kids out in the 4x4 hilux and go to find the snow with our sledges in the back
  11. my 7 year old just happened to look at what i was looking at on the laptop while i was getting him ready for bed, he then tells my girlfriend i'm looking at women with 3 boobies Best snow this weekend as that's what i've told them is happening now, and why everyone is getting excited on a weather forum, they now think i'm more mad than they did lol
  12. LOL we are not back in the winter game are we? Maybe I will keep my snow tyres on a little longer yet...
  13. Anyone with a loft that's got pipes not lagged will likely have problems with them freezing, must be some poor plumbing work going on! (short cuts that they get away with while we had mild winters for a while) To over come poor lagging (or lack or any!) open your loft hatch so heat from house gets in to your loft. Also helps if you turn your timers off on your central heating and have heating set on at least 18c 24/7 till milder weather turn up. One thing you don't want is the frozen pipes to of split, then when it melts your have a flood in the loft which will wreak everything inside below.