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  1. What difference would it make if the Met Office had given a amber warning for wind? most people don't take any notice or even see them anyway, it's mostly people like us that are in to the weather. Trampolines need to be anchored down with U shaped stakes in to the ground, then they don't blow away and smash themselves up, or smash fences down on there way, but most people don't bother, as it's then a little more awkward to move it to cut the grass. My kids trampoline is still exactly where it always is, but I've got it staked down into the soil, my garden recorded top wind speed of 67.2mph...
  2. 67.2mph gust recorded on my garden weather station at 5:07am this morning, strongest gust I've recorded with it in the 13 months I've had it set up. the peak wind here in Haywards Heath, West Sussex was between 5:00am and 6:40am. No damage to my garden or house, glad that my 240ft fences stood up to it no problem, I replaced them all on my own last year, glad I used concrete posts and 2 foot deep holes with loads of concrete in them.
  3. Ah chin up guys! We still have a good 6 weeks of prime time for our snow chances (not including March) I'm not saying we will get any but the possibility is certainly there, as it always is this time of year in Mid Winter. It's been 5 years since I had any laying snow in Sussex, if anything I see that as increasing my chances of getting some this winter, just due to law of averages. Like if you roll a dice, eventually you roll a 6. The other thing I will be doing is driving to the snow up north if they have good amount in next few days/weeks, nice road trip with the kids and a night in a hotel somewhere be good family weekend away
  4. It's wrong, no laying snow here in Haywards Heath, dont think anyone in West Sussex had any
  5. Could be last this decade lol, it's already been nearly 5 years since i had settled snow apart from early this year when i had about 0.5cm of slush that was gone in hour or 2
  6. temp on the way back up, now 1.6c from a low of 0.7c snow/rain mix was the best I got from the cold spell nothing settled what so ever. I hope that's not it for the winter...
  7. rain snow mix in burgess hill now turning to just snow, wet snow though at moment
  8. Rain /snow mix in Burgess hill, temp now 1.5c
  9. still peeing down with rain here (Haywards Heath, West Sussex) my garden weather station has recorded 3.6mm of rain already, since 5:46am when it started. Temp was 3c when rain started, its now dropped a little to 2.2c, DP 2.0c Met office have me down for heavy snow in couple of hours time, temps dropping the right way so could happen... but will be wasted on the wet ground I guess
  10. 2.7c with cold rain, but then I didn't expect anything different as that's all I saw yesterday here in West Sussex.
  11. I don't understand it either, I went to school in the 80s and was always gutted when I would listen to the radio and never hear my school called out, the head master used to walk 5 miles in the snow to have it open on time. Where I work expect me to get in unless I want to not get paid, or use a days holiday. Teaching kids to give up for bit of snow is not good, especially if climate change makes severe weather worse in the future
  12. Yes it has dropped off a lot, in Haywards Heath I recorded 7.4c at it's peak today, in last few hours it has dropped off quite fast, now 0.3c, DP 0.1c
  13. isn't there a different low pressure system due tomorrow morning? that's what i thought the models were showing
  14. Haywards Heath West sussex, 17.1mm of rain so far today in my garden, temp now 7.6c !!! massive jump in temp since 9am