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  1. anyone else wondering why the CET is stil registering above 9c? Ok Saturday was warm, but my local weather station in South Northants was on 8.6c on Sat and is now on 8.4c, and this is in the southern half of the CET zone. Doesnt seem to compute with me that the CET is still showing up above 9c, I am expecting a big downward correction at end of the month.
  2. I would say Lampeter in mid Wales, or Lancaster. Lancaster is outside the town on the edge of the Forest of Bowland, land 1500ft high, often snowy in winter. Even if there is no snow on campus there could be within a few miles, also Lancaster is within easy reach of Lake District and Yorkshire Dales.
  3. for me it depends on what I am doing! If I am just going about my every day business then im ok up to about 23c I would say, can manage ok in mid 20's but 26c above would generally be too hot. If I am doing something more active like mowing the lawn the the mid teens would be nice. Also depends on the type of weather, if there is a nice breeze then I can tolerate warmer temps. I live smack bang in the middle of central England which is pretty nasty on hot summers days, humid and sticky, no wind and warm overnight, its actually the overnight temperatures that I dislike more than the daytime.
  4. Accordong to the Met office it was -327.7. So I was slightly out with my guess. Funny, I thought it was fairly mild but the statistics never lie! Month CET Anomaly notes January 5.7 1.9 February 6.2 2.4 March 7.6 2.0 April 10.2 2.3 May -327.7 -338.8
  5. THe CET for JUNE will be 15.5c THe CET for JUNE will be 15.5c
  6. I like Mountains and beaches, summer temps up to aroung 25c, not above 30c frequently Winter cool with snow on mountains. Probably somehwere like British Columbia not too far from coast. Or Seattle area, but not in the city. That or the Maritime Alps of France / Italy. Not far too coast or too Skiing in the mountains.
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