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  1. Average July CET 16.6 Average August CET 16.3 So hopefully nonsense about it's not possible to be hot in August / cold in February can be laid to rest?
  2. Lol, other than the UK's hottest day has occurred in August, and early aug normally peak of summer heat. But guess you were just on the wind up anyway!
  3. might be a good time to refer back to this excellent post from last night - as predicted we are getting towards 4pm and there are the clamours of "but it's raining"....
  4. Onwards to the GFS and icon 18zs If you can't face that then there is some dyer output on BBC1 at the same time!
  5. fingers crossed then that there are no future attempts to refine the science of long range forecasting and we can return to looking out of the window!
  6. i think Catacol wrote a detailed response to these "arguments" last night - but I guess it's like shouting into an echo chamber!
  7. i don't think you can reason with those who post entirely by their emotion rather than on the basis of any science. things are certainly looking a fair bit watered down for next week on the basis of (some) of the 0zs and the available 6zs but I don't think the bigger picture has suddenly changed. From past observations of this, there has often been a weekend wobble prior to a cold spell. No real scientific basis for that other than the models may have over-reacted to a particular signal. Either way, it's a great opportunity to learn more through unusual synoptics which could still all give us the weather we want! How many points can we learn, as opposed to score?
  8. aside from the issue of giving any credence to a D16 GFS chart, much of the UK seems to be bathed in pretty cold 850s (apart from a bit of a warm waft over NW Ireland) - so I don't think it would be warm?
  9. in Cambridgeshire - sometime mid-late July 2015 - absolutely incredible storm throughout the night with continuous thunder/lightning and biblical rain. As a young boy in Derby - 9 July 1981 - I think this was noted for its significance in a weather book I once read. Of all time/anywhere .... in Malaysia a few weeks ago. Extraordinary and they seem to get it on a daily basis which may slightly spoil the novelty factor.
  10. fantastic walk out and about tonight. Totally eerie over the snowfields and a cold - combined with the windchill - like I have barely ever felt. For the last 200yds I felt the urge to experience it without my hat and gloves. The windchill on your face and head was extreme. An easterly gale blowing falling snow into your face. Pretty rare for this country and the combination of snow and cold for this area easily exceeds 2010 (which was pretty snowless here). Extraordinary - have tried to make the most of it tonight - may not get this again within 10 years. It's good to be back in the electric blanket again now though!
  11. i don't think it's barely started though? uppers of -17 will be crossing the country in the next 48 hours, I think that's about a once in 20+ year event? Some places will get lots of snow; others less so. but to write it off on the first day seems odd to say the least
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