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  1. There must be at least 6 inches of lying snow in Grantham, which is drifting in th3 strong wind. Showers seem to develop along the stream before they get to us and follow the a52 westwards. Typical, as we hav3 been under an amber warning all day , with not much happening, it ends and throws it down. Great
  2. The storms must be 30 miles to my South, but I can see regular lightning flashes and hear distant booms of thunder. Here's looking forward to a direct hit
  3. At least the 18z gfs, looks like the ecm and there seems to be some agreement between the two.... Shame they seem to be totally different to last nights..
  4. It has been snowing here from about 23.10 until about 23.30 with massive flakes, about 2 or 3 inches wide covering everything they land on. There is abut 2cm laying on all surfaces outside. I have now had 2 more snowfall events this winter than I had last winter, when there was not one at all!!
  5. Well it's snowing here in grantham, with the temperature down to 2.5c and still falling r what was 6.5c earlier. Scrap that it was snowing, it has turned back to light rain now. What I have just had hear was better than anything we got last year, considering there was nothing wintry here at all last year.
  6. 7cm measured outside about 20 minutes ago and it's still snowing outside. Took an hour and 15 minutes to get from one side of town to the other, as I got stuck on the hill. A1 is covered in snow as well as every road in town, and it looks like no gritting has taken place. It is brilliant to have snow for the first time in 17 months though.
  7. i have spent an hour and 15 minutes trying to get from one of town, back to home on the other, due to cars, including ours getting stuck on the hill. We have had about 3 inches here, and the rest of ads are treacherous, with them looking like they haven't even been gritted. Even the A1 is covered in snow, with trees down on it and cars stuck all over the place and it is still snowing heavily now... Ido love it though
  8. Is this likely to be just an east coast event or is it possible they could hit me inland in lincs, as so far had nothing, even though to the west and east have had storms today..
  9. There are bright flashes of lightning in the distance, which are quite regular, but so far seem to be just sheet lightning and there is no thunder at all.
  10. A few cells seem to be appearing and gathering in strength just to the south of Lincolnshire and are heading north west....
  11. Gfs 18z run still shows the strongest of the winds affecting an area further south than the met office has it's amber warning out for at 18.00.
  12. Can somebody tell me how badly I am likely to be affected by the winds tomorrow, as I am rather confused. Looking at the models they seem to be showing gusts in the region of 110-120 kph (gfs), and mean speeds of 55-60 kph (euro4) at 18.00, yet the metoffice has it's amber warning much further north than me with wind speeds of 50-60 mph. Who is right, especially as I thought the metoffice and bbc forecasts used the euro4 model, for their short range forecasts...
  13. The latest gas run seems to show the strongest gusts of 110-120 kph in an area from the wash to north wales on the south and Lancashire and Yorkshire on the north at 18.00, a bit further south than what the met office are saying, but also in about the same areas as what the 6z euro4 model was showing.
  14. Gone from heavy rain and temp of 5.6c at 11.20' to heavy squally hail and finally to quite heavy snow, covering everything except for the roads and pavements and a current temp of 0.6c. All this in just one day and then we have tomorrow's storm too. Only really in this country can you get weather like that.
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