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  1. Still stiflingly hot here in Chelmsford. Breeze starting to pick up slightly, and light cloud cover drifting in from the south. Just south of the amber warning here, but certainly feels like something stirring. Have put the plant pots under cover or I think they'll get a bashing later. Never thought I'd utter these words, but I cannot wait for the rain.
  2. After an eventful late Winter & glorious second half of Spring, it looks like we could be slipping into a somewhat benign start to summer. Murky and average temps seem to be the order of the day in my location for now. Let's hope our trend of unseasonal start/extreme end to our seasons this year is continued. I love to see the heat build in the height of summer, so would gladly trade June for a hot and thundery July/August.
  3. What's that yellow orb in the sky called? Fascinating. It's felt like a geological age since I last saw a day like this, but today is an absolute corker so far. First day I've really noticed Spring starting to get a foothold - green buds beginning to unravel, grass needs a cut etc. Never thought I'd be looking forward to mowing the lawn so much.
  4. Number 23

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    Spring warmth still being held at bay for the foreseeable it seems. Cannot wait for a dry warm spell, and to leave the coat and brolly at home for a while. Hopefully, we'll get lucky with an early and long summer. Need it after what feels like a never-ending winter.
  5. Well, the coverage here was highly variable since it never really settled on the roads etc until the peak of the snow about 9pm on Saturday. At it's deepest on my patio furniture we probably topped out at about 7cms. I'm tapping out now, seen enough of this until next winter. Please send a plume or two our way weather gods...
  6. "Snow penetrating deep inland"
  7. Can't believe we're looking at this on 16th March. Imagine if the first Easterly had been mid-Jan and this was hitting in early Feb. Would've been quite the winter! As it stands if I get 5-10 cms (still TBC obviously) that would be three snowfalls in that range in the space of three months. Not a bad return at all really.
  8. Well after the fun and games of last week, for me it's nice to see a return to some level of normality and not watching the bloody radar. Our cat is especially delighted, as he can now discard the litter tray and get back to burying his business in next door's flower bed. I'd give that spell a solid 7/10 for our area - mainly huffing and puffing to be honest, but one decent fall and many showers. Still some talk of potential snow events through March, although I'm positively aching for that first moment of Spring sunshine which feels genuinely 'warm'. It's felt like a long old winter, this one!
  9. Still falling as sleety stuff here but intensity increasing - shame it's not snow!
  10. I'm a bit north obviously but it's heavy sleet/freezing rain at the mo (can't tell the diff!).
  11. Freezing rain here coming down moderately - bleugh.
  12. Looks like this has been a bit further West? Heavier stuff off through North London into Herts.
  13. We have light PPN here now, but as BA alluded to above it's falling as a mix of snow/sleet/freezing rain.
  14. Now the fat lady is clearing her throat, we just have to hope the aftermath doesn't leave us in no man's land for the whole of March. Presumably it'll take a while for a more familiar Spring pattern to assert itself. Not a fan of 5 to 7 degrees max temps as the missus will expect me to be out in the garden soon!