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  1. Feels raw outside. Just got clobbered with a hail shower. Full woolly hat, gloves and coat job out there. If only I brought them 😂 Wretched.
  2. The wait goes on. And on. And on. Whatever happens from here, it's going to feel like a very short season of warmer temps and longer days before autumn catches up with us. Maybe we'll get lucky with September and October as compensation. My parents live in SW France and have only recently stopped using the wood burner. Anyone claiming that's a normal Spring pattern needs a reality check! Just desperately poor luck given recent times.
  3. "Leave the gloss work until late Spring" I said. "We can leave the windows open all day and night" I said. To say I'm looking forward to a few days of 20+ is quite the understatement. June, perhaps?
  4. Arrrgh make it stop. Heating on in May is a sure sign we're not enjoying a good Spring. I do fear we could be sliding into June before we see anything which can be described as warm. Really hope we get an Indian summer as compensation, as it's going to feel like a very short trot into autumn otherwise!!
  5. I think this April feels so much worse because we're all anticipating finally having some freedom. Last spring would've been perfect for some BBQ/beer garden weather to celebrate some positive news. As it stands, inviting a friend or family over to sit in the bloody cold in the back garden doesn't really cut it. Let's hope we're getting this tripe out of the way early 👍
  6. Snow in Chelmsford after a t shirt and ice cream day yesterday along Maldon prom. And there was me thinking back in Feb it could be years until we see it again. Not all that pleased about it, but we get what we're given 😄
  7. Just got used to some nice spring warmth! Rancid output for the time of year, but might do us a favour in keeping people indoors over some of the Easter break I suppose.
  8. Yep, I want the winter coat in the cupboard now. Lighter evenings starting to catch up with the end of the traditional working day, which is when I begin feeling like spring is just around the corner. Given the vaccine rollout and a genuine prospect of an end to the crisis, this spring feels quite symbolic, and I'm hoping for a repeat of last year. I like summer to spill into September and early October as there's a tangible benefit to extending warm conditions. The same can't be said for winter in March unless we get exceptional depth of cold. So it's a no from me!
  9. Well after a cold spell which (for me) lingered a little longer after the snow stopped than I'd have liked, normality returns. Actually feels quite pleasant in the sunshine. Not sad to see the back of the icy pavements either, which nearly had me on my backside several times. No appetite for further cold at this point, since it'll be the back end of Feb before it arrives. Wouldn't say no to a BBQ in the garden before a decent thunderstorm rolls in though. Bit of weather to get through before I can do that I reckon!
  10. Yeah the Met seem to be pretty steady with the cold signal too, so I fear the worst despite a glimpse of warmer in the output. Especially with the NH profile still looking like it could open the door. If the cold keeps us out of Atlantic downpours then it's a second prize I can live with. We really need to dry out a bit. The met have been pretty good with their long range since new year I think, so has to be considered the form horse.
  11. Dusting here overnight, but wow at the snow down the road! Now the snow risk has passed, had a sneaky look at the MOD. Hints at some useable weather appearing? The cold can do one now... unless it's the only alternative to wet 😂
  12. Bit of light snow here to round off things. Expected nothing at all so making the most of it, as who knows, it could be years before I see it again!
  13. You hopeful of sneaking in any more down there today Paul or just out of range?
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