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  1. Looks as though that CME is heading towards us after all! http://spaceweather.com/ The solar eruption of August 7th might affect Earth after all. Newly-arriving data from the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) show a CME heading our way with a significant Earth-directed component.
  2. Should this stuff be in the oceanic thread??? Anywho, is the PDO more based on the spatial distribution of anomalies, rather than absolutes like ENSO, so that the difference between the cold areas and warm areas determines the strength of the of the oscillation whether it be in a positive or negative phase? If that is the case, then in a warming world, wouldn't the areas that have the warm anomalies just get warmer, while the areas with the cold anomalies mover closer to average and while changeing the absolute SSTs, not changing the difference between them and thus allowing the oscillations t
  3. Quite bizarre, any ideas what might have caused it? Volcanic fog of some sort perhaps and a partial solar eclipse?
  4. Haha, thanks GW! I have some time to mull over what wine to get anywho, she's away visiting her family and won't be back 'till Monday or Tuesday, which I think is best 'coz my head is starting to peel EDIT: Sorry if that puts anyone off their food!
  5. I'm not really a big wine drinker, 'tis more for my girlfriend. She put up with my whinging over the last 2 days over my sunburnt head and neck and so I wanted to get it as a "thank you". Currently she drinks the McGuigan Black Label (Australian) and JP Chenet (French I think), so if that helps!?
  6. Almost a thread all to yourself GW! On a side note, can anyone recommend a good merlot for under €20?
  7. The cold pool that was moving towards us has all but disappeared at this stage with the North Atlantic looking very warm. SST anomalies around Greenland looking especially high. La Nina is still rapidly developing, with areas 4C below average beginning to appear.
  8. Suppose that makes sense, though I can see how complicated it could get with anomalies of different strengths, sizes and shapes and then all the lag times and teleconnections interfering. Thanks though SB
  9. Any chance you could give a basic outline on how you work out the effects that the positions of warm and cold sst anomalies have on weather SB? Most papers I've tried to read online tend to go over my head somewhat!
  10. Dunno if I would say it has maintained its strength SB. From these images from the last 2 weeks, it would appear it has gone from >3C below average to just over 1C below.
  11. A quick update on ssts. It seems a negative PDO pattern is appearing with a clear reverse "C" shape of negative anomalies now present in the North Pacific. The negative anomalies from the developing La Nina have spread almost as far as Papua New Guinea and is now connecting the a large cool anomaly just to the north. Positive anomalies are still present around Japan, the Korean peninsula and the Kamchatka peninsula while much of the rest of the N Pacific remains relatively cool. In the Atlantic, the large negative anomaly around the Azores has spread eastward into the western Mediterrane
  12. It seems there has been some slight changes in SST anomalies over the last week or 2. Temperature anomalies have really increased around the British Isles and the tripole appears to be even more clear and entrenched than it has been. SSTs have warmed up across the N Pacific, especially around Japan, the Kamchatka peninsula and in parts of the central north Pacific, where things have switched from large negative anomalies to positive in just 2 weeks. Not sure if these changes in Pacific ssts are quite widespread enough to have much effect downstream but once more, I'll leave the analysis to m
  13. Thanks for that. I guess I was working off the assumption that sst anomalies and air pressure patterns worked the same as with landmasses, the way you get continental high pressure during winter because of the cooling and then slack low pressure in the summer. I'm still unsure as to how the opposite occurs with sea surface temperature patterns, though I guess with sst it's a mixture of anomalies and absolutes.... confusing! Perhaps this is something I should pursue in the learners area...
  14. Not too much change since the chart from the 28th. The positives anomalies around the British Isles have been reduced to roughly average, La Nina looks to have weakened a little but the same braod patterns don't seems to have changed all that much. Very impressive negative anomaly in the Okhotsk Sea. Thanks for that. Could you explain what exactly the tripole is and how it results in a -NAO?
  15. I think there was a thread a few months ago on SSTs, but I couldn't find it so mods, feel free to move this post if ye like. Anyhow, it seems there's has been quite an increase in SSTs over the last 10 days or so over north west Europe, especially the British Isles, which has changed from negative to positive anomalies. I presume this was due to the recent warm spell we had coupled with the sunshine. The large negative anomaly over the Azores and positive anomaly around Greenland still persist as they have done for a few months now. I can't say what impact this change or curr
  16. New eruptions in Ecuador and Guatemala http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/world/latin_america/10189054.stm
  17. mmmm... sprouts and gravy:)

  18. Taken yesterday around noon
  19. Taken from the RTE website
  20. Image from New Years Eve at about 350m up the Galtees in South Tipperary.
  21. Image of a guy I met up to his shoulders in snow while up the Galtee Mountains on New Years Eve.
  22. Thanks for all the updates Any idea when the last time the sun was this quiet?
  23. Hello. Just wondering, how do I change my username?
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