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  1. Last day to vote in the 2021 sea ice minimum poll. Closes tonight!

  2. Just a few days to vote in the first sea ice minimum poll of the year.


  3. It would appear I'm moving to Newcastle in Autumn.

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    2. lassie23


      Not what you usually meet on a field trip, agreed:oops:

    3. Thundery wintry showers

      Thundery wintry showers

      Why aye man!  

      You're evidently doing a PhD in something you're deeply interested in- great to see, and good luck!

      Newcastle is traditionally one of the most reliable places in England for winter snow events.  It doesn't necessarily snow significantly more often than at 125m in Tipperary, but when it does snow, it is more likely to stick around.  Until 2004, it was virtually a hard-and-fast rule that a deep northerly or north-easterly, would bring temperatures low enough for falling and lying snow in the Newcastle area, and even mild winters tended to have one or two falls.  With the recent warming of the Arctic, however, northerlies and north-easterlies are not as reliable as they used to be, and the winters of 2013/14 and 2015/16 both passed by without anything of note on the ground.

    4. BornFromTheVoid


      Cheers, TWS. This is the project I'll be working on, using drones, laser scanners and other fun toys in the Arctic! https://www.findaphd.com/search/projectdetails.aspx?PJID=72952

      We've had plenty of snow here this winter, but none of it stuck for more than a few hours. I'd say it's been several years since we've had widespread snow that's lasted more than a day in southern Ireland. I have to go hiking several times each winter to get my fix!

  4. Just back from the 5km "Darkness Into Light" charity run.

    1. Polar Maritime

      Polar Maritime

      Great stuff Born, Hope it all went well!

    2. BornFromTheVoid


      Cheers PM. It's an odd experience, 4,000 people doing the route through a town with a population of under 3,000. Good fun though!

  5. FFVII Remake, it's happening!

    1. simshady


      Been waiting for this forever!!

    2. BornFromTheVoid


      They've certainly been teasing us with the idea for what feels like forever. Would almost tempt me to buy a new console!

  6. After about half a dozen days in the high 17s, we just broke the 18C barrier here for the first time this year!

    1. cheese
    2. BornFromTheVoid


      18.5C now, can is 19C within reach!?



      Yep, that's global warming for yer mate ...LOL

  7. Pretty impressive temperature increase at Dublin airport this morning. From the Met Eireann twitter:Significant temperature change at Dublin Airport this morning: from 0.7C at 7AM to 8.6C at 8AM

    1. March Blizzard

      March Blizzard

      I remember a similar rise in temperature at Aboyne in March 2012.

  8. Max so far today of just 3.0C after a minimum of -3.2C . Could well be the first sub zero daily average of the winter here!

    1. lassie23


      finally feeling seasonal

    2. Lettucing Gutted

      Lettucing Gutted

      I don't we will see many more of those this year somehow.

  9. Setting up my drum kit for the first time in about 3 years. Apologies to the neighbours!

    1. lassie23


      There goes their Sunday peace and quiet!

  10. Got my MSc results today, first class honours! Now to start applying for PhDs :D

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    2. Yarmy


      Boom. Congratulations and good luck with your doctorate.

    3. Sainsbo



    4. Gray-Wolf


      Well done old boy! So Dr BFTV in a few years and then on the gravy train for life ( or so I'm told!) ;)

  11. Great and surprising lightning show last night. Might have even more today!

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    2. lassie23


      2002 was the last thunder snow i saw, it was quite a sight!

    3. BornFromTheVoid


      Another rumble in the last minute:)

    4. lassie23


      It did look good here, but the shower headed off east, the sun has come back out!:-(

  12. MSc dissertation submitted. Next step = find a PhD program!

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    2. BornFromTheVoid


      Thanks GW. There's a good chance I'll end up somewhere in the UK, as there are a few Unis that do cryospheric remote sensing. For now, it's just a case of looking out for funded positions and contacting a few researchers in the area.

    3. SomeLikeItHot


      Well done. So I take it the topic was on Cryosphere?

    4. BornFromTheVoid


      Cheers. Yep. My undergrad dissertation was on sea ice, so my supervisor suggested I look at something different, so I did snow cover instead! I used different temporal interpolation techniques for reducing cloud cover from satellite imagery (which is basically replacing cloud covered pixels with cloud free pixels from neighbouring days), and then tested how accurate/useful they were monitoring snow cover during the spring thaw season, with southern Saskatchewan as the test area.

  13. Several warm sunny days and now a thunderstorm. Already a better summer than most in the last 7 years!

  14. 2nd day in the last 4 to reach over 22C. A nice taste of summer.

  15. Second warm, sunny day in a row, even a risk of some thunderstorms later on. Currently 22.4C with blue skies, feels like mid summer!

    1. Eugene


      Complete opposite here, feeling cool, only 12C with grey skies and light rain

    2. reef


      Here we've had over an inch of rain over the last 36hrs with it falling almost constantly. Its pretty cold for late May too with a temp of 11c. Pretty grim!

  16. The end is nigh!

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    2. BornFromTheVoid


      What's got you thinking that SI? A hunch? October so far is looking like a -ve NAO and easterly flow to me!

    3. UV-RAY


      I think your right with regards to an Indian summer but I feel October will be the month to deliver. The CFS charts were backing this a few months ago but they seem to think September now also.

    4. Lettucing Gutted

      Lettucing Gutted

      It never did end properly that heatwave.

  17. A slight tingle of excitement from next weeks storm potential already!

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    2. IanR


      wont be anything here

    3. BornFromTheVoid


      Indeed. 'twill be a few days of intensely scanning the models, skies and skew-t charts, then the jealous frustration of hearing the awesome reports from other on here!

    4. Karl83


      What days look best chaps? Off to North Wales on Thursday and don't want to miss the action!

  18. Blue skies, 23C, light breeze.... this unsettled spell is awful!

    1. Gray-Wolf


      I know , Iknow.... how much worse will the next few weeks be???

    2. Eugene


      What unsettled spell

  19. Another warm and bright day in Cork... certainly the best June for a number of years.

  20. Lots going on in Brazil lately

    1. BornFromTheVoid
    2. Scorcher


      yes and barely covered by our media, surprise surprise

  21. The sky has turned grey and drops of water are falling. What's going on!?

    1. DR(S)NO


      Don't worry BFTV,it's a highly unusual phenomenon....I'm sure it won't last long...very rare in this country!!!

    2. BornFromTheVoid


      I'll let you know if there are any further developments!

  22. Half an hour left for the ARCUS poll in the climate area...

  23. For anyone interested, today is the last day to vote in the ARCUS sea ice poll in the climate area. The poll results will be sent off after 10pm, and joined with other professional, model and public predictions to produce monthly reports from now until September.

  24. Yet another day of blue skies and warmth. Could do with a nice storm to spice things up!

    1. Dancerwithwings


      http://www.sat24.com/en/gb ,Have a look, Where we are in the midlands,Cloudy and 12c.:(
    2. BornFromTheVoid


      It's rare that Ireland gets a prolonged summery spell while the UK shivers. I'm sure we'll see a reversal at some point though!

    3. D.V.R


      It's nice and warm here as well..wouldn't mind it being a bit warmer, but this is nice.

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