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  1. Of 6999 new tests done, 2510 were positive. This is 35.9%, another record high. The rate of increase is now 1.2% per day.
  2. Which I'm sure many people will see as a basis to dismiss the article, without considering any of the clear points made or the fact that most of the article consists of information and quotes from medical workers across the UK. The article is, unfortunately, an accurate reflection of the front line NHS preparedness (or lack thereof).
  3. Commentary article on the Lancet, published today. Offline: COVID-19 and the NHS—“a national scandal” https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(20)30727-3/fulltext
  4. Still have a while before reaching that 60% herd immunity mark... so just another 197.9 million to go. Lets check back in a few weeks.
  5. According to worldometers, the US has just passed 100,000 cases. Yet another unfortunate milestone.
  6. I wonder what they consider accurate? The current method produces one false negative for every 4 positive tests.
  7. An incredible rate of growth in Turkey over the last week, capped off with an increase today of 2069 cases, which is +58%, up to 5698. 10 days ago they only 48 cases.
  8. Here a list of over 3,500 local mutual aid facebook pages for the UK. If you find yourself stuck, whether trying to find a shop with toilet roll or requiring medication while in quarantine, it may come in quite handy! Covid 19 Mutual Aid Groups - Google Drive DOCS.GOOGLE.COM
  9. 8911 new tests, of which 2921 were positive. This equals 32.8%, the highest proportion of positive results so far and the highest number of tests. This has resulted in the trend increasing to 1.1% more positive cases per day.
  10. Agreed, criticism of decisions made and opinions aired around mid-January are rather pointless. After that? A different story.
  11. It helps to keep in mind the rate of infection spread. In mid January, there was less than 50 confirmed cases and little research to suggest significant person to person transmission. Fast forward a week to the 20th, and cases were already up to 290, 25th there were almost 2,000 and by the end of January there were nearly 12,000. In the space of 2 weeks the virus went from a handful of infections to a rapidly spreading significant illness. One week it would have been completely reasonable to assume there's little risk and not much human to human transmission. Next week the evidence suggests the complete opposite. The situation was changing so rapidly then that it's very easy to cherry pick peoples statements to make them look foolish.
  12. Infectious diseases are nothing new. There have been numerous studies examining outbreaks similar to now, looking at best practices to "flatten the curve" and such. Various countries have suffered from infectious disease outbreaks recently too, think SARS, MERS, Ebola, and have learned from experience what works and what doesn't work. From this, and much, much more, WHO and others have established guidelines on how to deal with the very situation we now find ourselves in - yet they seem to be largely ignored. Ask those on the front line - the doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers. Do they feel as though their health and safety is been taken seriously? Do they have clear protocols to follow and the basic equipment on which to follow those protocols? Do they feel there are serious measures in place to prevent hospital outbreaks? This isn't some petty political point scoring. This is life and death for 10s of thousands, and hardship for millions more. People are right to question, right to criticise, right to be upset and right, in many situations, to be angry.
  13. The thing is, the UK had weeks, maybe even months, of watching what's happening in other countries but didn't think to stock up on the first line essentials. Having PPE when dealing infectious or potentially infectious patients is one of the most basic elements required to prevent disease outbreaks in healthcare settings. Much of the Italian outbreak was initially caused by a single hospital not following the proper safety protocols Coronavirus: inquiry opens into hospitals at centre of Italy outbreak | World news | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM Investigation begins amid reports doctors delayed testing ‘super-spreader’ Yet in hospitals here, infection controls measures are impossible because of a lack of PPE, lack of testing, lack of isolation protocols for patients, separate COVID wards, etc. Throwing thousands of extra doctors at the situation might make for a good headline, but can only do so much. In fact, throwing lots of elderly, retired healthcare practitioners, at the ages most at risk, into the middle of an epidemic without providing basic PPE could make things a whole lot worse. Nobody is expecting every government to get every decision correct here, and clearly lots of countries didn't take the threat seriously until it was too late. But that shouldn't be an excuse. None of this is radical or new - the guidelines and protocols for all these situations have been available for decades.
  14. 7,847 new tests, of which 2,129 were positive. This equals 27.1%
  15. Here's how the number of deaths in each country has changed since the 16th of this month. The values for the 26th will also change during the day. There's currently a further 56 countries with between 1 and 10 deaths too.
  16. Have you got a source for the cause of death method Germany uses? I've seen this claim many times, but not anywhere that seems reliable/official.
  17. (Better late than never). In the 24 hours up to 9am on the 25th, there were 6,583 tests carried out, of which 1,452 were positive. This is 22.1%.
  18. The chart below shows the number of countries with particular numbers of confirmed cases. In 10 days we've almost doubled the number of countries with over 100 cases, from 41 to 81. Similar increases for the other categories. A sign of things to come I think.
  19. We were promised 10,000 a day at the start of the month, so I won't be holding my breath. Besides "in the near future" isn't too promising when the infection peak is supposed to be only weeks away.
  20. Latest map with the confirmed cases as a percentage of population. Those grayed out countries are few in number now. Five countries above 0.1%.
  21. 6,491 new tests, of which 1,427 were positive. This equals 22.0%, the 2nd highest proportion of positive daily results.
  22. Things getting a bit too argumentative, so take 5, have a Kit Kat, do whatever you need to chill. Now, criticising certain Government actions or inaction is fine, as are defending those actions. However, personal, inflammatory, or overtly political comments will be removed.
  23. Below is a graph showing the fold increase in COVID-19 cases between the 15th and today. It shows the top 25 countries in terms of how many times their cases have increased since the 15th (current cases divided by cases on the 15th). This is the blue bars show the fold increase and the axis is on the bottom (from 0 to 40). The orange bars show their current case numbers, and uses a log scale which is at the top (from 0 to 100,000). Countries that had less than 10 confirmed cases on the 15th are left out (they can result in massive values, like Turkey which had a 206 fold increase). A few examples are shown below. Rank (in terms of fold increase), country, starting cases, the cases now, fold increase.
  24. Latest map showing the confirmed COVID-19 cases as a percentage of the population using a log scale. Iceland is top, on 0.17% followed by Luxembourg and Italy, the only countries to have reached 0.1%. China is now down to 34th Up to last night, in the past week the number of countries with >100 cases has increased from 41 to 74, with 500 cases from 17 to 37, and with 1,000 cases from 13 to 25.
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