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  1. So what happens if you change your password if the sites are supposedly not secure? Change it again and again etc. etc. Norton security does not seem to know anything about it.
  2. Habsish

    Windows XP

    Cost and hassle puts me off together with software that cannot migrate.
  3. Habsish

    Windows XP

    Should you upgrade now Microsoft is ending support? Are the scare stories just as likely as the millennium bug that was going to cause the end of the world?
  4. Just got back from Hastings. Most unpleasant drive but fortunately no particular hold ups. Just lit fire, wound central heating up, poured a nice drink and settled in a comfy chair.
  5. Really not liking the look of tomorrows rain now here are some pics of my garden at the weekend.. Surrey, You might wish to check out this link. http://www.jungleseeds.co.uk If you do a search you will find they sell several types of rice seed.
  6. Personally find If it rains more user friendly on a smaller screen. Seems that Net Weather is either for a browser or android device. Each to his own. Good to keep checking out what is available. Thanks for your comments.
  7. The Will it Rain app for my ipad and iphone seems to be working fine. They have also just brought out Snow Radar for UK, which seems to be quite good. Pleased I can give it a test run with current weather. Have to pay for the apps but only £1.69 each. Far cheaper than a pint of beer and much longer lasting.
  8. Not a cunning plan so you can record numbers for RSPB's Bird Watch? I just shoot everything I see and then tot the numbers up at the end. Only joking!!
  9. Interestingly Blue Tits have started checking out the nest boxes in my garden. I ponder which models they follow.
  10. Seems the pantomime crowd on the models thread are mainly saying "Oh yes it will" with some saying "Oh no it won't".
  11. What a downer this programme. Not exactly we have the Pools now. The detail can be seen on line so why clutter a TV schedule up.
  12. All seems great to me. Heating cost way down. Roll on Spring and sowing seeds. Couple of days of unexpected snow ok if it comes along. Model watching won't improve anything.
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