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  1. The blob is causing a bit of excitement....some of us may get the northern edge in a few minutes....
  2. Yes definitely a feature from the NE. Hopefully this continues to pep up and merge with the NW band....
  3. I'm just waiting for this upcoming cold spell to go pear shaped..... Surely not?!!!
  4. Rain falling on frozen ground. Has caused a few car accidents....
  5. A bit of an anti-climax I’m afraid. Most of the heavier precipitation headed either to the north or south of us. A batch of heavier stuff to come soon, but will be rain....I was going to say looking forward to the next cold spell, but probably be end up being the same!
  6. It really doesn't know what it wants to do out there!!!
  7. Can't get a straightforward snow to rain affair these days.....used to at least get 2 or 3 inches before things turned....
  8. The BBC app graphics are changing like the weather!
  9. Moderate snow here now. But looks quite powdery....
  10. I'm personally seeing mixed messages about tomorrow. Alot of confusion for me. Hoping more knowledgeable members can shed further light regarding tomorrow's front........
  11. Definite activity to our west. A long line of precipitation from Berwick to Liverpool.......
  12. Heavy snow in western parts of West Yorkshire...
  13. Reports of the low being further South? (I am trying my best .....)
  14. The front has reached the west of Ireland? Does it look a touch South than predicted??