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  1. I think for us further inland, we’re done for any snow, unless the wind goes back to having an easterly component.....
  2. Looks like the wind has switched to a straight northerly...
  3. Got an inch from that heavy shower band earlier. School run was fun!
  4. Definitely is, but doesn’t look like it’s as far north as we would’ve liked...
  5. Looks like we need a low pressure system to be forecasted near the Shetlands 5 days out for it to hit Yorkshire on the day ...
  6. Lol. I think his grounds of proof are a bit "shaky"
  7. Getting a bit heated in the cold hunt thread ......
  8. Had Sleet/Snow from almost minute one, but never been heavy enough to cause any issues on a wet ground....there is a light covering on the hills though....
  9. Met Office app showing rain here all the way...then light snow showers tomorrow pm...
  10. A lot of wrist slashing going on in the model thread. Looks like it’s game over....for the south east.........
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