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  1. Snowing in Keighley. Got an inch at best atm...
  2. I personally think it's game over for most of us. Roll on spring!!!
  3. Showing snow 24 hours ago on the met office app, but now changed to sleet for our area...
  4. Snow. Getting heavier. Another convergence zone????
  5. Looks like the North Sea convection has stopped for us, but seems to continuing ok further North.....
  6. The North Sea still looks active to me. Although not sure what is out there beyond the normal radar range....
  7. Any idea what the Northern boundary of this convergence system will be?
  8. What an amazing gap that some of us have!!
  9. At the moment, we're a tad too north.....catch the extreme top of the showers at best...for now...
  10. Hope so. The NE element hasn't really worked for us in our area....
  11. Are we expecting some sort of a trough to get this warning??
  12. Looks like we’ve got Shakespeare in our thread!
  13. Dry, powdery, drifting snow in Mid-March. Wow. Whatever amounts you get enjoy the Synoptics people. This doesn’t happen very often....
  14. I probably wouldn't want to be on the M62E at this very moment in time......
  15. Prefer to be under a yellow warning going by past experience ....