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  1. North west regional discussion

    Someone has a mower out in Sunny Salwick.
  2. North west regional discussion

    All in all that is a hell of a potent Easterly in FI If it ever comes off SW MOD thread should be a blast.
  3. North west regional discussion

    Saarth West Forum meltdown alert. At +276 theres going to be a meltdown either way in the MOD thread after the inevitable downgrade
  4. Off up to Cumbria this weekend - better take extra spades.
  5. 06z Sunday 09:00am Monday 18:00pm OK - just a predictive chart - but aren't all model charts predictive?
  6. .,....what's a Snowman?
  7. Yes - Could be some decent totals this weekend - Sunday through to Monday even for us lowlanders.
  8. Agreed - Parlick and Fair Snape looked reasonably covered - off up to Langdale this weekend.
  9. Yes. But in the nearer time frame for the snow starved Fylde. Friday Unashameably IMBY
  10. All eyes on streamer activity to the NW. Could pack some beefy showers when temps drop.