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    Mountaineering - been “out in it" more times than I can remember but still respecting the weather conditions and all it's effects.
    Fellwanderer - starting to creak.
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  1. Quick skim through this weeks GFS Needed. Yes please - something seasonal. .....and I'll leave this one here.
  2. Good thread. Henley obviously - listen to the lyrics. Forever Autumn - memories of HMS Sultan at Gosport way back in '78
  3. Yes! Was looking for the remnants of Ida when this fellow appeared - banked to watch.....
  4. Yes enjoy from your IMBY point of view - and I don't begrudge you one bit - seriously We'll take what scraps of heat remain - we're used to deluges up Noooorth - all in all a very poor August.
  5. I'm sailing on Windermere 15th August. What are the chances? - a light breeze would be beneficial. GFS Please be nice. GFS Please be nice. GFS Please be nice. GFS Please be nice. GFS Please be nice.
  6. Of course - but it's the week of this Summers Tour!!!! - fingers crossed Swanage and Tenby. Action packed
  7. Brave. We were in Glenridding Sunday at 8am. Place was well on the way to capacity then. Quick jaunt up Keldas and home for midday. Thanks but no thanks.
  8. This Suns far too good. Front pushing from the S Hopefully let’s see it stall over Cheshire and never reach Salwick like those lovely snow laden ones always do in Winter.
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