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    Mountaineering and respecting the weather conditions and it's effects.
    Winter Expeditions although i'm starting to creak a bit now - Border Terriers -
    Prog Rock - Bass Guitar - Preston North End FC.
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  1. All well and good you'll miss all that lampost watching and the inevitable disappointment - and also what about the Latics? #coyw
  2. Atlantic washout - the faint glimmer of a decent spell for the next weekends Bank Holiday has gone off the GPS for the time at least. Summer Over - I'm ready for the first frosts and Indian Summers. Lovely.
  3. I know it was a long time ago but it's odd seeing the RAF repair a dam for a change. Hope all is good as can be in this bonkers weather of ours
  4. Lancashire shower generator reaching full output from the North - some big radar returns.
  5. Radar has stir-rod rain incoming soon - some loud returns.
  6. Absolute pyrotechnics here in Corfe Castle!!!!! Never seen so much electrical activity the Sky is so charged its ridiculous!!!
  7. Finally clear skies for a good sunset at Shell Bay. Decent temp inversion in Corfe valley when rising out of the mist to Langton.
  8. Maybe but what heat! It's all to play for - I'll be keeping off the tops for sure.
  9. From Tuesday some serious Pyrotechnics incoming next week.
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