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  1. All good - yes fun - but I thought my post for the 25th was well pushing the optimism
  2. Interesting runs and comments. They say get the cold in and the rest will follow.
  3. Beast from the East on it's way apparantly? Blocking going to take some shifting up to T+360
  4. Incoming over Blackpool and the Irish Sea - huge returns on Radar.
  5. Due to follow this track for Sat afternoon - evening Ireland W Scotland. at T102
  6. Due to follow this track for Sat afternoon - evening Ireland W Scotland. at T102
  7. Guy Fawkes - Snowy 5th? Previous to this next weekend? Far from stagnant model wise. Iain.
  8. Monday looking colder still - direct N but nothing in the way of PPN.
  9. GFS 00z bit of a downgrade - still N flow established but less in the way of ppn. Best bet Scotland - Cheviots - Northumbria - N Pennines Friday PM Wales risk increase Saturday? Iain
  10. Yes This from 20th November 1988 A great day out in the mountains that weekend but the rest of the winter was largely forgettable
  11. 00z Well its going to be an early shock to the system this weekend so far. Pennine snow down to 200m approx 650ft Interesting feature pushing from the continent not cold related but one to watch. Iain
  12. Yes maybe but the new thread is the search for cold however futile. Maybe ppn (white not drizzle) on the tops?
  13. 12Z Cold N feed continues next weekend only ppn for the tops maybe if you feel like getting out.
  14. SST (Surface Sea Temperatures) quite warm this time round especially after the Summer we've had - all has an effect alt Sea Level elevations *maybe not so much at altitude if there is an early Northern flow. edit: *for snow that is