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  1. Rain in Hythe, Kent.. Managed to go for a drive last night towards Hawkinge just so I could say I saw laying snow this winter.. Just in case..
  2. People need stop getting hung up on what these outlooks contain. They can only give commentary on what all the various data systems they have to hand are showing at a given time. If they change, so will the commentary and the probability of a particular weather pattern.. Take them for what they are at a particular point in time..
  3. Building blocks are in place, chaps and chappesses.. Ignore the 850 temp ensembles.. Cold blasts of old had warmer upper air preceding blocks to our NE. I've seen enough over the last 12 hours to be very optimistic about..
  4. Why doesn't someone ask the question about MetO's outlook forecasts on the next live video they do?
  5. I know it's in La La land but end of GFS 12z has a 1987 look about it. As in the behaviour of the Arctic High..
  6. The south north sea snow making machine looks a bit iffy for showers for Kent this afternoon at the mo..
  7. Little feature being progged on ICON for the past 12 hours Tues into Weds..Could be a surprise for us Kent folk..
  8. Unless there is a dramatic change in the modelling of the PV strengthening then I would say its a 70-30 probablility we will be in a westerly regime by the end of the working week of next. Plenty still to keep us on our toes..but form horse does look like being a return to average conditions by end of next week..
  9. ECM at 240 has HUGE potential. Granted, it is out at post D10 but could this be the start of the strat conditions filtering into the model output?
  10. Your colleague in Essex seems to think the Met favour the mild solution?
  11. Well, it's dangerously windy here now...Canterbury seems to have been hit quite bad and it is well inland. Roof has been blown off a block of flats.
  12. Not a non event in Kent. Sad incident that will be reported in the news later, I'm sure...
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