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  1. In other words, after milder temperatures move in from the west we could see another cold shot from the East. Or we could have HP close to the UK providing chiller, but drier weather depending on the position of the higher pressure.
  2. Para GFS a little different this morning. Has HP building over the UK a week today and easterly feed getting cut off..A variation of a theme and waaay too far out to be concerned about..
  3. Easterly still favourite. Longevity and depth of cold is still up for grabs.,.
  4. Model fatigue for in here for some. Or a bit of reverse psychology going on; I’m not sure.. Early February looks like the next chase for widespread snow for the UK and the background signals are showing little chinks of light in the current output. Keeps me interested that’s for sure.
  5. 700 miles in weather terms is not that far so all to play for 🙏🏻🤣🤪
  6. We need better height rises to our NE for sliders and disruption to help us I think.
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