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  1. Snow starved Midlander dropping in to see you all enjoying the snow. Looks like most the South East is getting burried! Have fun guys!
  2. There is way too much energy coming out of Canada with the extreme cold for it not to unfortunately.
  3. Seen quite a few people on here mention that it’s always been borderline for the very south of the country. This has always been the case through the majority of model outputs we have seen. However, they are instantly shot downs as trolls? 😂
  4. Has been quite the trend for the Atlantic to really fire up towards the end of next week on the last number of runs. I’m guessing it’s mainly down to the extreme cold filtering down through the US that is likely driving a stronger jet stream? Disappointing in terms of getting a prolonged cold spell, but i guess we can’t really complain with a decent 4/5 day cold spell.
  5. Yep looks a wet one in the south east.. starting to see some consistency now withing the 12z runs to model the low further north. Some northern parts are going to get buried.
  6. Would be quite toasty in the South East.. drawing in air from the Med.
  7. ECM Op show an alternative solution. Might well be an outlier but will be very pleasent and spring like if it were to come off. The daffs will be out i no time.
  8. I was just reading through the model discussion thread.. like the blind leading the blind in there.. most of them haven’t got a clue, just endlessly chasing day 10 charts as if they are gospel.. half of the folk couldn’t tell you whether it was raining if they were wet through, stood outside and looking up at the sky 😂😂
  9. Could well be reaching for my t-shirt and shorts if the ECM is anything to go by, brings in a spring like south westerly towards the end of the run. Be interesting to see where it sits in the suite of runs.
  10. Can’t believe there is so much surprise in here this morning. The reality is the cold available was already being watered down on yesterdays output. Anything noteable has been in 10 day range plus now for over a week. The joys of living in a maritime climate mean things are always more likely to go wrong than right, especially when you take into account a warming world.
  11. 18Z looking really good Blimey, this used to be a place where people could express an honest opinion about what the charts were showing.. now anyone who points out something that is a realistic issue, they are riff raff!? Do we not have moderators on this forum!?
  12. Again looking like we need to be patient. I think it’s clear that we aren’t seeing any deep cold to tap into again. Plenty of booms going on in here tonight, which is all well and good if you want a chilly wintery period. However, those of us who are more interested in a proper cold spell, i.e snow at all levels that actually sticks around, a dissapointing outlook.
  13. Writing has been on the wall for a few days now for a warm up, this is as conclusive as it gets. Must now look to the SSW to start taking effect, although no guarantee that will yield any cold for the UK. Hopefully things change within the next 2-3 weeks while we still have some proper winter left or it will soon be time to start dusting down the BBQ.
  14. Always amazes me how many people on here who supposedly have decent knowledge of the weather charts, get it wrong. They are totally blinded by their thirst for cold, that it makes them lose touch with reality. Can’t see wood for the trees.
  15. Further disappointing output this morning after we get through the current chilly spell. Those of us who are after noteable cold are forced again to be patient and look ahead. We really need to see changes to the jet over the Pacific. In terms of the SSW, hopefully this also has a positive effect, however it’s far from certain it will lead to a notable cold outcome for the UK.
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