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  1. Thanks buddy. Knew I shouldnt have promised the kids a day out with the sledge.
  2. At work and no time to wade through pages of moaning in the mod thread, can anyone give a quick update on Sundays slidergate?
  3. https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/warnings#?date=2017-11-23
  4. Thanks Ravelin and doctormog. I'm travelling down to Dumfries and Castle Douglas first thing ( work). So I'm guessing about 4 am ish down here? I'm too lazy to look properly. Hopefully will make it that far west and be enough for a snow day.
  5. Any idea what time it's due?
  6. Can't complain about the snow in south lanarkshire. Was a lovely afternoon for a walk, before the thunder snow hit that is.
  7. [quote name="Buriedundersnow" post="2874153"