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  1. Those cells fair rattled through here, however just seemed to die as they passed. A few cloud to ground strikes, a few minutes of intense rainfall and loss of Internet for a while.
  2. Unfortunately as much as I had planned to, I'm unable to go chasing (damn kids), so hoping this has got my name on it.
  3. A level 2 for SE Scotland from Estofex. http://www.estofex.org/cgi-bin/polygon/showforecast.cgi?text=yes&fcstfile=2019072606_201907250721_2_stormforecast.xml
  4. Brilliant, thanks @Kirkcaldy Weather, your forecasts are very much appreciated. Looks good for tomorrow, might take a short drive along the A70 into west lothian or south east into the borders depending on the radar.
  5. @Kirkcaldy Weather I've just seen the forecast from convective weather in the storm thread, is this in line with your thinking re tomorrow evening? I've noticed you are pretty spot on with your forecasts, and I'm hoping south Lanarkshire is in the firing line. Thanks.☺
  6. I'm sure you will get some later this afternoon. That band thats just gone through rural south lanarkshire, douglas, lanark, Biggar was epic.
  7. Thanks buddy. Guess I'll have to try and change my route, hope my boss understands, if not I'll just blame you. ???
  8. Catch, in your experience how accurate is the Euro 4? Just asking as I've to travel down the 74 first thing tomorrow, get on at Abington off at Annan. Then back again later in afternoon.
  9. I see ive sucumbed to the usual met office amber warning kiss of death??
  10. Thanks buddy. Knew I shouldnt have promised the kids a day out with the sledge.
  11. At work and no time to wade through pages of moaning in the mod thread, can anyone give a quick update on Sundays slidergate?
  12. https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/warnings#?date=2017-11-23
  13. Thanks Ravelin and doctormog. I'm travelling down to Dumfries and Castle Douglas first thing ( work). So I'm guessing about 4 am ish down here? I'm too lazy to look properly. Hopefully will make it that far west and be enough for a snow day.
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