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  1. Well, at least there was enough snow on box hill for tobogganing today!
  2. And I’m about to sing evensong at St matt’s In Redhill - wonder what I’ll come out to see!
  3. Wow, proper snow falling in Reigate...
  4. Just started to snow in reigate
  5. Interestingly, it’s still below freezing according to the grammar school’s weather station: http://www.weather.rgsinfo.net/index.htm my guess is that the tarmac hasn’t had a chance to cool down!
  6. @abruzzi spur - you can imagine the chaos and carnage here with many kentimetres of snow in Reigate ... (there’s a heavyish dusting - looks pretty but the roads are clear!) sadly not enough to toboggan on - 15 miles west of here it seems they have done well
  7. I’ve just got back from the curry in Redhill... still snowing lightly in Reigate with merely the tiniest of dustings... good amber warning this!
  8. It’s ok - I’m up to date with my jabs!
  9. My mother in law is babysitting the kids tonight whilst me and Mrs Plum go out for a curry with friends in Redhill. Mother in law has come prepared with an overnight bag in case she can’t get home (she lives a mile away! )
  10. The light snow in Reigate is starting to settle on pavements etc now...
  11. I was about to reply but Flightless is right! Still snowing relatively pitifully here in Reigate...
  12. Ok, snowing quite hard and settling on some stuff now in reigate
  13. Still snowing, still not settling in reigate