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  1. No snow of any note in Reigate but the downs behind the windmill at Reigate Heath looked covered.
  2. @John Stevens - that’s a mad amount of snow - I’m 10 miles east and there’s nothing! sad to hear that @carinthian has left - always enjoyed his posts.
  3. And you chose Horley? ? light snow here - I was going to take a photo but nothing settling in the lower parts of Reigate except on my neighbour’s car!
  4. I’m in woodhatch so quite low down compared to much of Reigate... It’s well known that Horley is practically a swamp!
  5. Still snowing lightly in Reigate but not much settling here. The traffic cams on the m25 on Reigate Hill show quite a bit settling on the verges...
  6. Nothing in Reigate either - just picked up a Chinese and drove to the top of Reigate Hill - perhaps a bit of sleet!
  7. All, many of us look at this on a mobile - please say your locations when posting as we don’t see these otherwise!
  8. @IDO is the man that can answer that I think. I’ll tell you later when I pop out for a Chinese!
  9. Definitely nothing in Reigate. I would expect the extra elevation to help and it’s likely to be snow there!
  10. Currently 1.3c with a dp of 0.6c - definitely going the right way in Reigate but I think we are too Far East...
  11. Is this the first time that I’ve ever wanted to go to Basingstoke?
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