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  1. Pretty heavy snow at Christ’s Hospital near horsham - not much settling although the grass is pretty white...
  2. It would be dry at least and probably frosty so it would be seasonal!
  3. Above the snow line on Reigate hill...
  4. Still snizzle / drizzle / sleet / snow in Reigate - no chance of anything settling here - Reigate Hill is white though...
  5. It’s very ‘trying’ Pure! Am in Reigate town centre now and there are a small amount of slushy accumulations on the parked cars!
  6. Down by Earlswood Lakes at the mo - traffic not moving - goes sleety and then more like snow!
  7. Pretty grim here in Reigate - luckily I’m in a car... sleety wet snow here!
  8. It’s too dark out there at the mo for me to tell but it sounds like rain ok our conservatory roof!
  9. We got about 30 mins of snow yesterday otherwise it was all rain - here’s hoping for more!
  10. Interesting from the met office app for Reigate...
  11. We are on our way to Epsom and it’s trying to settle at lower kingswood!
  12. Sleety snow at junction 8 on the m25!
  13. Hopefully it will get to Reigate! hope all is well!