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  1. I take your point about when graduates may have been at school, the ones I saw would have been 12-14 when the SNP came to power so would only have been moderately influenced by any changes, but I would have thought their universities would have been stricter on the quality of their English. That is indeed a beautiful area but I'm further north and east where it's a good bit drier.
  2. Good point, I mean who on earth would want to start work amidst stunning Highland scenery as a CAD technician on >£28k, plus bonus, pension, and 30 days annual leave plus statutory.
  3. Regarding who pays to educate prospective staff, the two members of staff we recruited most recently were educated by the Czech government. I thought it quite telling that out of 9 applicants, including 6 graduates, a 19 year old Czech woman was able to write the best application in English.
  4. Scottish Politics 2011-2016. Doesn't say anything about this being a General Election thread nor any reason why we can't debate any subject affected by politics, is it the case that if we raise issues the Nationalists have no sensible answer to the forum police get involved?
  5. I don't read the Mail or Express, you make that assumption because I disagree with the Nationalist's? Yet another assumption, yes, I would prefer to have someone other than the SNP running our education system, not the UK government, you do realise we can vote for other parties in Scotland? Scotland's education system is below average internationally in maths, reading and science, that was three areas not one when I was school maybe you were in education more recently.
  6. I'd love to have a business I can run effectively by devoting less than half the year to it. Are you so far removed from reality that you think that's how the real world works? As for committing tax fraud, let's say you're MD of a decent sized company and you claim to spend >183 days in England but are actually working full time in Scotland, payroll are going to know what your tax code is, and someone will eventually tell HMRC just for the sheer hell of it. I only agreed it's better for a country (devolved or fully independent) to be in charge of all its taxation, at no point have I a
  7. Complete and utter rubbish, if you spend 183 days in Scotland you are a Scottish tax payer, read the law if you're going to comment on it particularly with regards to the meaning of "place of residence". I haven't made any assertions about tax avoidance so why should I provide proof, I merely asked what proof others are offering that their claims of potential tax avoidance would not occur after independence. Clearly neither they or you can provide such proof because it does not exist.
  8. Have I said I disagree? It has been stated that people will avoid paying an increased Scottish income tax if we're still part of the UK and by inference that this wouldn't be the case if independent. I'd like an explanation as to how this could be as it doesn't seem to be logical.
  9. The rules are very simple on whether of not a person is a Scottish taxpayer. If you have a single residence in the UK and it is in Scotland you're a Scottish taxpayer, if you have residences in Scotland and the rest of the UK it depends on where you spend the greater part of the year; you do physically have to move to avoid a Scottish tax regime, it can't be a paper exercise. You still haven't explained why someone who might move to avoid a relatively small tax difference under devolution would be inclined to stay in an independent Scotland and face significantly higher tax bills.
  10. By technical aspect I mean the mechanics of collecting the tax which is what I believe Ciel was initially talking about. If Scotland is part of the UK and the SG raises tax rates then you're saying people would move to the rest of the UK to avoid paying more tax? How would it be different in an independent Scotland when the tax raising powers would be even wider ranging, would the SG still not use them in case it drove people out of the country of would everyone have bought into a utopian socialist paradise?
  11. I found your comment about me not understanding the niceties of the Scottish situation patronising, regarding the technical aspect I simply don't agree that it should in anyway influence policy. I also agree taxation should be higher and progressively weighted such that anyone earning less than 10% above the living wage pays no income tax, a hefty sugar tax of at least £2/kg, locally paid lettings tax on holiday lets, and if a minimum price per unit of alcohol is ever introduced lets have it as a tax rather than a gift to the big supermarkets who will simply take the majority of the money
  12. If I miss your point maybe you should be a little less ambiguous. Why should it be beyond the powers of HMRC to process different tax rates? Each taxpayer is already flagged as Scottish or not and certainly the accounting packages my businesses use are capable of operating several tax regimes simultaneously, so it would be remarkable if HMRC couldn't sort out their end with minimal fuss. What a wonderfully patronising way you have, for the record I was born in Scotland and spent 38 or my 49 years here so do not try to claim I don't understand the situation.
  13. If you're a Scottish taxpayer this is already indicated on your tax code, so if the Scottish government wished to use the already devolved powers to vary income tax they could do so very easily with only minor adjustments by HMRC.
  14. Is there some kind of official data to back this up? Or yet another case of SS believes something so it must be true. I voted yes in 2014, I will not vote yes should there be a second indyref which looks increasing unlikely now that the SNP are polling around 40% and they have already declared the GE in Scotland to be a vote for Indyref2. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/1069407/poll-snp-mp-at-risk-three-year-low-general-election/
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