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  1. So what is this cooling down term mean? It's not got warm yet, and looking at the models this morning ,significant cold at some place over the Easter period but as to exactly where and when people will see more of the white stuff still remains a long way off in forecasting terms
  2. Evening All....Easter looks cold ,but how cold? Some very interesting synopyics in the days ahead.......
  3. Evening All! Really cannot see anything that mild from the gfs and ecm 12z suite tonight, in the days ahead , gfs brings us a cold Easter ,ecm offers us in no mans land.... Very Unusual synoptics. , The Sun Cycle has the biggest effect on Planet Earth and is doing so now ,
  4. Evening ! My thoughts for tonight is a gradual rise to normal temps, in the next few days The GFS offers at its final shout some very cold uppers by April some strong sunshine , Some Amazing Cloudscapes and some Amazing weather A very exciting time for weather watchers
  5. Snow and cold is beautiful in Winter ,but we have had too many courses now ,let Spring SPRING:yahoo:

  6. Evening All , I find this cold spell , from the East very fascinating and interesting ,Much more so than the last Easterly, Could well be some very severe weather from convective storms which will fall as thunder snow , and there could well be some more general snow, Now , I want Spring more than anything but this short, sharp blast of late Winter will again make news headlines and some amazing cloudscapes , and expect the unexpected The strength of the sun this time of year will influence what we have at the surface , but both models show a settling down . with high pressure building with residual cold Sharp overnight frosts ,warm days and some Pop up thunderstorms.... It may look like winter charts at first, but by T+240 Spring has Sprung...
  7. Weather stations were different in the Victorian period .. do you really believe that data ???and weather stations have appeared in urban areas over recent years . demographics and a growing population , Weather stations are in the wrong place , put the bloody weather station far away from civiliseation
  8. The Idiot on bbc weather said COOLER weather perhaps from the:rofl:East:cc_confused: Have we had an heatwave:rofl:

    1. lassie23


      better than the wizzle from the west lol

  9. The BBC have now got the weather forecast from the Metogroup . and weather warnings from the metoffice  , what a Shambles:nonono:

    1. lassie23


      and the daily express has nathan rao a shambles indeed

  10. So this beast from the east is such an idiotic saying , The Daily Express at its best!

    1. lassie23


      who gave it that name:cc_confused:

    2. chrisbell-nottheweatherman


      We did, or at least weather forum habitués did.

  11. Evening! Perhaps after this mild blip .the freezer touches our toes again.... Strangely the ecm and gfs at this time period are singing from the same hymn sheet
  12. Evening...It looks as though the jet stream will be to our south for a while yet, hints from the 12z suite from gfs shows ridging from the south ,could it be the old adage March in like a lion and out like a lamb
  13. Evening ,! Well LOLS! Its Spring now , and most are jaded with cold ,well I am anyway.! As it gets milder ,the only talking point will be ....Wait For It ....RAIN
  14. Goodbye Jack Frost ,see you next winter and not before!:hi:

  15. Evening I was born in the great month of March and it's a volatile outlook just like me but can be true and kind as well as unpredictable but true at the same time ,the models are now resting between the next onslaught of stormy weather and perhaps cold ,snowing again here , but really can't wait for spring now
  16. Hi Mate , that's not a Thames streamer!!! Anyway the front is pulsating bring frequent heavy snow along with some drier periods to this area , and it seems to have pepped up.....
  17. Plenty of drifting snow here in Evesham some parts of the ground laid bare other parts have snow drifts seems strange to see powdery snow at this time of year and even in any winter month it's very uncommon
  18. It's a bloody nanny state ,people have died from heat cold and getting out of bed in the morning who needs warnings the human race has survived up to now
  19. Not an historic event by any means but truly memobile for the time of yesr:yahoo:

  20. A nice night for a white wedding:hi:

    1. shuggee


      BBC still insisting this is a big freeze... :rofl:

  21. Looks as though the precip to the south of us is moving further east, different from what computer models are showing, watch the warnings change thru the day, Let the fun and games begin...!!!
  22. Please believe me from experience tells me otherwise ,watch the radar
  23. And if you were to belive the bbc on how clear cut this situation is than it will be the first time in there history at times like this they got it right
  24. Just looking at the latest radar looks as though some parts of the south west midlands worcester Gloucester and Hereford could well get into the so called red warning later ,just watch this space and radar in the coming hours.....