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  1. To be honest the complicated breakdown in our weather is best taken with loads of salt or perhaps rain Yes the Atlantic is coming in , but any detail is open to subject... the Devil in the detail,.The ten day ops both ecm and gfs show a similar evolution, ,but we all know that won't happen...Watch this space. ...
  2. So who's got the best hairdo....? Trump or Kimūü§£

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      Ice Man 85

      Kim because he'll kill anyone that doesn't like it :80:

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      I think they both look quite, similar, but I don't like trumps fake blonde, would be better if he kept it grey.

  3. Evening ! The major Pattern change looks likely around Wednesday next week, no point looking for any detail by then as models struggle with pattern changes ,but the winds blowing from a Westerly direction rather than the East looks very likely....After months of Continental weather , we may resume normal service from the West , and there will be sparkling Atlantic sunshine to enjoy......Im certainly welcome a change......Just look at the jet stream now , and predicted next Wednesday....
  4. Good Evening Folks .....! Well the ops models both ecm and gfs show a major pattern change into next week , with the jet stream firing up across the Atlantic and making a Bee line for the Uk. After weeks and yes at least three months of mostly continental weather ,which don't forget brought us a severe freeze in March, is now starting to change , But before next week look for more continental weather.....
  5. Evening! Well the dead Atlantic continues with a very slack weather pattern over the Uk in the foreseeable future....very warm at times with light winds , but still potential for some intense thundery downpours as we head into the days ahead, impossible to predict at this point but the threat is there so watch the Netweather radar!
  6. Looks like some violent storms on WednesdayūüėČ

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      Hopefully just sunny here ūüć™

  7. Looks like convergence winds later Wednesday could give the southern half of Britain some wild and intense thunderstorms
  8. Evening All....A very thundery outlook for the week ahead , more picticularly southern Britain, in the more reliable time frame , but warmth and humidity look high on the Uks weather priority in the days ahead. No point looking at weather forecasts for rainfall and thunderstorms , ,just keep checking out Netweathers rainfall radar....Its a Nowcast situation..
  9. If you've had a look at the wind profile today you will see this afternoons storms have been due to a convergence zone....
  10. Welcome to the wonderful world of Netweather!
  11. Evening All. So the Atlantic remains dead for the forseable future and I would imagine Scotland have had there driest period for some time. The operational model's have been absolutely useless as of late ,but with a blocking pattern this is nothing new. If I had to have a stab at a forecast for the next ten days well a very similar setup ,risk of thundery downpours for southern Britain drier and more settled further north and never no heatwave for the uk.
  12. Evening,! Nobody is saying the fine spell is over but with lower pressure to the south of the uk over the next few days it spells warmth and some violent thunderstorms. Plenty of energy in the atmosphere to produce warmth sunshine and the like
  13. Evening! Really? I would not describe the synoptic weather pattern "Scorching" in the up coming days, in fact the models have downgraded the heat for the weekend , but good news the thunderstorm potential still remains with perhaps some Violent thunderstorms for the Bank Holiday weekend....
  14. Yes indeed ,great charts for storm lovers ,BUT it's a long way off and just like forecasting cold and snow caution is needed in big style, but nevertheless an interesting trend
  15. Evening All ! With continued blocking from Scandinavia , our weather comes from the East , as its done for some time now. But the trend from both ecm and gfs is for a lowering of pressure from the south so ,thunderstorms look like increasing along with heat and humidity as we move towards the Bank Holiday weekend , The Atlantic is dead for now.......
  16. Evening All! What some great weather coming up ! This weekends weather is just perfect for the FA Cup and of course the Royal wedding. Looks extremely blocked the weather pattern at the moment, but pressure falling for southern Britain early next week allowing for some slow moving thunderstorms....Watch this space....
  17. Models always struggle with blocking patterns but at this time of year is nothing unusual, but gfs may be sniffing the coffee
  18. Night Night All Sweet Dreams God Bless x

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      you leaving?

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      Night mate see you on the other side ......

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      maybe he's moving to higher ground because global warming is melting the ice caps:oops:

  19. Indeed as far as the weekend is concerned gfs and ecm differ greatly , but looking like a half decent week for most with little rain for the majority , and some chilly nights coming up with potential frosts ,so gardeners beware , Gentle Weather coming up......null
  20. Not sure what you mean to be honest, by mid week all the UK is under the influence of a large low pressure system out to the Northwest of the uk with its attendant rain ,showers and chilly Atlantic air. Of course there will be some sunshine but for the forseable the uk remains under the influence of the Atlantic and not the continental stuff
  21. A strong jet stream looks likely from early next week from north America ,yes a few fine days before it turns unsettled from the west on late Monday ...tuesday
  22. John Holmes and others when ,you told me to grow up with what I posted two days ago about global warming, Thanks for the comment ,but it was a Quote not from me but from Jo Bastardi  in the fascinating book " The Climate Chronicles ! A guy who knows more about weather than all on here, You should buy a copy:D

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      jo laminate floori is predicting a new ice age

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      Ed Stone


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      Joe B and Piers Corbyn need to get together.

  23. BBC with there claim to so called Global Warming are now picking on Antartica just because the  Artic has not melted , contrary to the  BBC stance a few years ago that by 2012 the Artic would have no ice Shame on you BBC ...:nonono:

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      Tornado is derived from the Latin word tonare meaning to thunder :pardon:

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      Nick L

      Who said tornadoes were meant to increase with climate change? Link to paper?

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      Optimus Prime

      Mushroom picking again are we?

  24. Evening ! After the Winter cold of the last few days the weather generally looks to be looking fairer as we move into May, High pressure tries to move in but it struggles too as a strong jet stream from the Atlantic scuppers any chance of dry ,prolonged settled conditions .....
  25. The C02 theory of Global Warming is akin to turning on a hot shower in your bathroom , then claiming what warmed the bathroom was you turning on the light:rofl:

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      Ever heard of extracting the urine, John? Which is the polite way of putting it......



      Stop burying your head in the sand:hi:

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      Better hurry up , wifes got heating on again ....