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  1. Evening! Tonights gfs is not without interest for Christmas day albeit a long way off ! If the chart Ive posted tonight comes very close some people will see a White Christmas , especially with some elevation ,and it does not have to be that cold to snow! After that well both models gfs and ecm pump up the jet stream between xmzs and new year which has been on the model output for some days now, and nothing showing anything really mild.....I will follow with interest
  2. Evening All ! Hope you have had a great weekend , Im really glad that the jet stream has gone north this week as it allows Christmas activities to go forward with out and problems from the weather well apart from some fog for some..... The jet stream really kicks in by around Christmas day bring wet and windy weather cold enough for snow over higher ground so a White Christmas for some although not many , after that the jet stream fires up to bring us some stormy weather between Christmas and new year
  3. Evening All! So a milder spell of weather coming up, after this weekend , gfs and ecm hint of a change by Christmas , with a change to more stormy conditions with a mix of cold and mild
  4. Cant wait for some mild weather next week , :yahoo:

    1. Mokidugway


      jaffa cakestaker :whistling:

    2. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      At least it won't be cold

  5. Nineties winters done nothing for me here , eighties was a lot better
  6. Evening All... Cant help thinking that the ecm is far to progressive with the Atlantic return, gfs is a coldies friend ,ecm gives the coldies a Cold Shoulder
  7. A 62/63 winter so I'm told was the coldest for 240 years which really was very freaky. There are lots of variations of winter for the UK but you can get a damn good winter without the severity of that infamous winter. As far as I'm concerned the winter has started on a high note for me......can it continue , looks very interesting viewing in the days ahead
  8. Indeed ,just go back a few days and the models have really underplayed this cold snowy spell for southern parts of the UK ,we could see a minus 14c for the Midlands over the snow Fields by Tuesday morning something even when viewing the upcoming cold spell which I really never expected, this cold spell for me has been told to go round to some Friends for beans on toast and getting a banquet instead
  9. Please call the doctor,I've really tried to avoid it but lamppost watching has become an addiction again today can't wait for some milder weather:rofl:

    1. lassie23


      lamppost syndrome, no cure

  10. I think I will call this a proper old fashioned snowstorm ,gusty winds heavy snow what more could a snow junkie want on a Sunday morning
  11. White out in Evesham roads are atrocious and gonna get a whole lot worse yet as previously is intensifying on the radar
  12. Evesham six inches in the next 24 hrs:cold:

    1. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      Darlo in the next 24 hrs 0cm of snow

    2. ajpoolshark


      good luck Ian!

  13. Evening, folks just take it a little easier and relax. Some people will get a surprise snowfall overnight into tomorrow. Winter has hardly begun and we are talking real winter weather in the days ahead ,happy times I think
  14. The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion

    Well I live there and I think possible snow early on ,,,,,for instance on the Malvern's , Cotswolds etc but soon turning to rain as milder weather filters north. I think the peak District is prime for a good pasting
  15. Indeed the winter weather ahead is a blank page and interesting enough no year in recorded history is or has been the same, each year ,whatever time of year is unique let's just enjoy our very interesting and intriguing weather
  16. Evening All, so can we see a Bartlett or Euro high from the ops today? Its not on the scene and even the Azores high as no influence by day ten. Great news for coldies but the devil will be in the detail ,and how many times have I said that? I think the Northeast of the uk will see proper winter in the days ahead , but plenty of time for all of us to enjoy winter....after all we are only on the cusp of Winter ,not the end of it....enjoy the ride folksRemember it does not have to be that cold to snow
  17. Plenty of scope from Friday into Sunday, for snow to fall just about anywhere, and even though Ive not got the dewpoint figures but as long as they are at freezing or below ,despite an air temperature above freezing, snow will fall.
  18. Yes indeed , it's like who will get thunderstorms in the summer ,computer model outputs for snow are useless ,Answer just hang some seaweed outside your door
  19. Seven million tons of food waste in the uk, because people see best before dates this should be banned ,open the food if it smells all right ,looks alright  then eat it. I'm always eating out of date food and I'm still alive. God gave us ears nose and smell, sadly the nanny state have taken that away especially for young folk.

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    2. Daniel*


      I think I read 20% of perfectly good fruit/veg is thrown out purely due to cosmetic reasons. Disgraceful while there are people going hungry. 

    3. lassie23


      supermarkets have started selling wonky fruit veg at a discount, i don't give a flying **** whar my fruit and veg looks like, just as long as it doesn't test super dupery doo

    4. Captain Shortwave

      Captain Shortwave

      I agree and see the co-op's move to sell stuff which is a couple of days out of date on the cheap as a good idea. People can make their own choice but for the most part a lot of items which have past their sell by date will be perfectly fine, the shop cuts waste and still makes a slight return on their produce whilst customers can get cheap food which given how tight many familys' budgets are can only be a good thing.

  20. Evening! A potent shot of artic air for all during Friday and Saturday, both ecm and gfs have a messy scenario after that with the Atlantic having some influence .Certainly not mild though as the jet stream even at T+240 time frame shows the jet stream way south of the uk. A few things to note on this upcoming scenario, don't believe the snow charts, expect the unexpected , and computer models will be in a frenzy with any detail.....
  21. Evening All ,hope you have had a great weekend , A Potent shot of Artic air by the end of the week , once we get this little blip of something milder which still feels cold This will be a colder shot for all of us than last week ,so snow likely in more places especially in the north and west as apposed to the south east, but the longegevity of this cold spell remains shortwell at the moment....
  22. Thundersnow for some this coming week:yahoo:

  23. Some incredible cold charts for this time of year but, snow is likely in the North even possible further south especially on high ground! Lesson , don't take the opp models literally even a few days ahead, the cold looks like it's here to stay for a while so folks enjoy the rollercoaster
  24. Cant wait for cold convective weather when I go down to West Wales at the weekend , You Mild sea do your stuff:cold::yahoo::D