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  1. Sexual Harrasment from Politicians and Hollywood  , nothing new..:nonono:

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    2. Tamara


      The "idiots" are accurate - maybe even more qualified than you in many cases in their capacity as weather television presenters. One nationwide cold night (and -5c was the colder exception to the rule on a countrywide basis) and daily temperatures slightly below average just into double figures doesn't add up to the sort of ice age you and others will tribally crave between now and Spring.

      Try some less neanderthral analysis and a more adult tolerance of those who appear to you less of what you perceive as "weather enthusiasts" and take the weather, and those others perceptions of it with a rather more mature respect and perspective instead.

      Along with so many others who return to the winter net weather pilgrimage, attacking anyone, whether on or off this forum, who defers to anything less than tundra like conditions from "cut in" myopic hysteria point circa October to "cut off" myopic hysteria point sometime around March, is enough to put off some who like snow, let alone those that don't

      And yet another reminder (if it was needed) to be very glad to be no longer a part of it.

      As magical as it is, there is more to life as to whether or not it is going to snow...

    3. Daniel*


      Bang on Tamara! Anyweather sometimes you should keep your gob shut total fantasy many would appreciate that.. :) 



      Why don't you talk some sense for once.?

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