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  1. I did not realize that Jeremy Corbyn is the brother of the famous Piers Corbyn weather forcaster... Ive spoke to Piers several times, Hes a top bloke....

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    2. Timmytour


      Been familiar with the name of Piers Corbyn for years...as a younger man desperate for snow he was always someone who gave me hope when I read what he was saying in the papers. After a while though he became more familar in my mind with the phrase Chriss Tarrant used to often use to describe the predictions of amateur weather forecasters.. "and the crabs are walking sideways on the beach"!

      Although never impressed with his ability to forecast the weather...I came to think o...

    3. Timmytour


      whoops...too long? Had added..."as i do the Daily Express today" I met him in a pub near Liverpool Stret station once though and found him to be good company. Knowing his name for so long meant i looked for the connection with Jeremy as soon as he came to prominence a fw months ago. Mannerism wise it wasn't a surprise to learn they were brothers.

    4. Nick L

      Nick L

      A clever bloke who went a bit loopy.

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