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  1. Hi Folks. Just a question !? I really dont like the Met Office , Just wondered if anyone else feels like me. I pay there wages and I think the there forecasts are really terrible.

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    2. Don


      I have a lot of respect for the Met Office and think they do a great job. They can't always be right!

    3. cheese


      The Met Office are pathetically underfunded in comparison to similar Met agencies around the world - and the amount of public climate data they realise is really limited compared to comprehensive sets from the US, Canada and Aus.

      Plus, they keep on closing climate stations so coverage diminishes. Leeds Weather Centre closed in 2003 so we relied on Church Fenton, now that's closed and there is no station to reflect local conditions. Grr.

    4. cheese


      Btw, I know that isn't their fault as they can only work with what they government gives them.

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