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  1. Evening! At last we have a general consensus that ecm and gfs agree on a breakdown from the Atlantic, Perhaps a Thundery breakdown ,Tuesday /Wednesday , then a normal regime by late week. No Detail , But the Theme looks increasingly unsettled...!
  2. Evening ! A thundery breakdown after the Easter weekend...is the Atlantic coming in or not ? Just a wifff off Brexit here !
  3. Evening! Yes there was a Wintry outbreak across some parts of the Uk during April 4th, West Midlands and Wales got a Significant Covering....and it made news headlines! Anyway for the outlook, Lots of Sahara dust here in todays front.... Warming up for a day or two but a short lived warm spell , by Sunday/Monday the Atlantic creeps in, I say creep because the Blocking is still in place to our northeast... But the outlook for next week looks Yuk! Wet, cold and windy depending where you are. Perhaps , Some Thunderstorms as the weather next week breaks down...
  4. Evening All ! Some nice weather to enjoy in the next few days for most , next week looks very suspicious from both ecm and gfs . Bank holiday Monday Who Knows?
  5. Good Evening All ! Threes things to say tonight....Staying cold in the next couple of days, Warming up towards Easter with a Possible 21c . and perhaps a thundery breakdown during the late Easter period...?
  6. Evening! Exceptional low dew points ,humidity and overnight low temps coming up, not good for Growers ,would not be surprised to see some record lows for the usual frost hollows in southern Britain.
  7. Evening! There is no point in looking too far ahead...Its going to feel Bitter In the wind this weekend , and given the Thickness of the cold 850,s it would not surprise me to see some snowflakes falling... And the word COOL is absolutely ridiculous in the next few days in the forecast , Cold Or Bitter in the wind, those people who Compose , Absurd wording in there Forecasts need to look at what they write, That includes Netweather Forecasts, What is Cool at 7C with a stiff 15 to 20 mph from the Very Cold Airmass from the East which is on the way ....Cheers Everyone..
  8. Evening All, The Ridge to our North East is getting stronger, enjoyable viewing,,,
  9. To John Holmes , Yes I'm the Joker in the pack , but look forward to see some snow next week in your Garden Best Wishes Ian
  10. Evening All,! Don't Underestimate next weeks cold...Its not really being picked up from model outputs and tv forecasts , but everyone will feel the unusual cold. The computer models cannot perform well with Northern Blocking , wild swings from them , but next week into the early following week will see Record lows ,Damaging Frosts , and snowfall even for southern Britain,, along with localised flooding , Devil will be in the detail, but an April to remember...
  11. Evening All ! Even colder next week , April darling you have got the Coldies a belated presant ...Thanks April
  12. To be honest the overall theme is for extensive northern blocking, it's already in operation, yes kinks in the model output as models do not model this scenario well but believe me April has not shown the worst of Wintry weather......
  13. Evening! Serious Northern Blocking from the ops. Ecm and Gfs show a few mild blips , but overall some very cold synoptics on the cards, So Aprils cold today , looks as though this will be the theme for April, some of those charts show some damaging frosts , any growers need to take notice,,,,
  14. Evening All , Classic Winter Synoptics albeit very late, yes still can deliver snow , and will do, My thoughts for my Local magazine, were for much colder conditions have been founded , Computer models will struggle with detail, but This April will make news headlines for its cold...
  15. Evening Cold is the outlook.. anything past T+120 is a total waste of time...
  16. The 12z suite from the ecm and gfs only to T+144 is quite remarkable in the difference in that time frame. This is the time to bring some human intervention in ....Moto Don't get hung up on computer models ,
  17. Evening Folks! Battern down the Hatches as April will see a dramatic turn to Winter!!!! As I said the other day Record cold spilling out of Greenland will greatly influence the Uk, Computer models are just getting a Wiff of this change, even by Sunday into Monday , some record lows overnight , would not be surprised to see a minus 10 over sunday into Monday morning somewhere in England or Wales...The coldest charts seen since the Winter before last,,,,!!!!!!
  18. Good Evening! I think youre right, and certainly not daft. I write for a local magazine , for my weather predictions for April , and my thoughts are for a much colder April than average , record cold in Greenland. This cold needs to spill somewhere a mid Atlantic ridge forming....April , Looking at all the data from ecm and gfs , I see some serious cold spilling from the record cold Artic, But at the same time computer models have no idea, on this evolution ...Interesting Times.....
  19. April will bring a settled start ....Just watch out folks Snow yes Bloody Snow will fall in many places during April
  20. The Incredible cold across the Artic is very notable, Record lows for this time of year, across Greenland, just watch that Spill out of the Artic during late March /April,,,across the Uk....
  21. Good Evening All...! The "Normal" March weather continues courtesy of the strong pressure gradient between the Azores High , and the Strong polar vortex over Greenland, but both models gfs and ecm show a buckling of the jet stream to the south of the uk, so away from the relentless wind and rain , colder , but quieter weather, with some Gorgeous Sky Scapes this coming weekend , Lots of weather coming up , wind ,rain ,snow , sleet , sunshine , slow moving showers,,,Thunder and Lightning and some warm sunshine in the Best places....
  22. Looks normal March to me , ,last March was not normal , the summer was not normal , February, this year was not normal..,, The great British weather , Enjoy the ride,
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