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  1. Just scrolled through the gfs and ecm ,long range forecast from my point of view an undulating jet stream...Heat ,Cold ,Wet, Dry ...British Weather Anyone.......!!!
  2. To be honest the poorest Summer solstice temperature in many years since I've been recording weather data. It's been warmer in January than it is today...!,!..!
  3. Not much different in South Worcestershire, the British weather is always well ....different!
  4. After some pyrotechnics in the next couple of days for south eastern Britain, the change to more of a westerly regime ,in a good old fashioned way looks very likely....I think too many people on here rely too much on computer models...
  5. Temperatures rising , and it's all about to go bang....normal British weather...!
  6. To be honest can't really see anything really settled in the ops models....yes some very warm at times for southern Britain but some unsettled weather crushed in between areas of high pressure
  7. Evening All... a very mixed outlook it has to be honest no Super high controlling the weather ...instead some Gentle Summer Weather...
  8. And Tomorrow's charts will show something different!
  9. A Gentle, kind weekend for many of us....after that into next week Ecm shows more settled conditions allbeit with some showers and Gfs shows it warming up significantly but with thundery rain, especially for the south.. !!!
  10. The Jet Stream is Playing Hells Game with the models, If I Snuff it out a drier bank holiday but changing again next week...😂😂😆😳
  11. I'm not really bothered about the extended outlook the Weekend looks lovely ,very useable weather . ......Certainly going to make people feel much happier ,sunshine , warm days and light winds allbeit some cold nights and ground frost looks likely in some areas...!
  12. Good Post, there is nothing in the models showing heatwaves or anything really settled ,hints but that's all..!!!
  13. Encouraging signs for the Bank Holiday ,can't wait for much needed warmth and dry. But, the usual Caveats apply to that this far out .
  14. I wonder if this year's Summer will share a similar fate to Summer 1954? Just look at the heat to the East of us...!!!
  15. It's certainly possible.... Look at the charts from 1975 and now...PS the world is Cooling ...
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