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  1. Schools out for summer:yahoo:

    1. I remember Atlantic 252
    2. Mokidugway


      Can't say I noticed .....

  2. Its worth noting that the storms to the south of us are intensifying over the English Channel , usually they diminish . I think the Midlands will see the worst of the the storms Nos Da
  3. The Climate report concluded that the Earth becomes so exhausted with the weight of ice upon our planet , that it simply drops out of orbit and falls endlessly down throughout our universe at an alarming rate .....Forever:rofl:

    1. Daniel*


      Your climate report you mean :nea:

    2. lassie23


      might finally get a cold winter then:p

  4. To Be Honest ,the charts we are seeing tonight are not that bad , normal British summer , without the heat and humidity. Ok will be some showers or spells of rain but but some sparkling high summer sun to enjoy.
  5. The climate study reveals because the Earth as so much ice the weight will disable our orbit, spin and tilt around our sun  .with dire consequences:nonono:

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    2. ajpoolshark


      good lord man, dont you know it's rude to talk with your mouth full? tsk tsk

    3. lassie23


      the earth is square so should be okay

    4. cheeky_monkey


      Earth has been ice free before and did not spin off into space..somebody is pulling your chain!

  6. Really hope this model is correct , we have had loads of" potential " thunderstorms this season and received zilch
  7. A new study on climate says a massive cool down on planet earth within the next 50 years will result in the planet earth becoming an "ICE BALL!:nonono:

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    2. Daniel*


      Guess it’s your own “study”

    3. lassie23


      what have i been missing from not watching game of thrones:shok:

    4. Ice Man 85

      Ice Man 85

      *Nudge*, *nudge*, *wink*, *wink*:D

  8. Dr Who 13 is the most sexiest and preetiest Doctor Ive ever seen ,well excluding Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker:rofl::rofl::rofl:

  9. Morning! Well after some initial heat and humidity along with some thunderstorms the Atlantic will bring much more unsettled and much cooler conditions for the second half of this week So headlines will be Low In Control
  10. Penalty shoot out for gfs and ecm,,,,,,,,,Gfs=3 ecm =2
  11. Evening All. If we spotlight to day ten which we know is the silly output, gfs makes more of an Atlantic low , ecm still tries to make some thing of the Azores high which both models agreed on a few days ago. Now if this was preference I would go gfs as it will be fresh cooler Atlantic air ,yes unsettled but with some sparkling summer sunshine on offer, conversely ,ecm shows muggy, cloudy oppressive conditions with little sunshine .......Take your pick
  12. Evening All . Normal British summer resumes with no extremes in temperature although there was frost in Northern Britain last night which is pretty record breaking After a rather benign set-up in the next few days the heat build for southern uk for only a short time before its washed away by the Atlantic. So perhaps again some welcome rain for southern gardens thanks to a plume of some sorts and some welcome thunderstorms perhaps
  13. Both Ecm and Gfs agree at T+240.....Strange
  14. Cumbria has received international world heritage status . That's really great , for the local economy , what the fragile land , more people more mess and pollution is it really that great???:pardon:

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      So Don't you think if we had 20 ,000 feet mountains slightly out of place in the uk. Go to beautiful North Wales and you will see some Dramatic Mountain scenery:yahoo:

    3. karyo


      I visit north Wales often. Pretty but not enough for me. 

      I am hoping to relocate to the Pyrenees in a year or so for the real deal :D



      Too hot in summer I've been to the. Rockies in Canada beautiful but just as beautiful here:D

  15. Hello Folks , so from here on changeable to unsettled conditions for the uk and some welcome rain for my garden At day ten the op models gfs and ecm show some sort of high pressure building The gfs makes the most of this , but its day ten folks and lots will change