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  1. Evening All! An Amazing Winter followed By an Amazing Spring....Really could not make it up , After a very long winter we get summer in just 24 hrs. Forecasting thunderstorms in this country is about as difficult as how much snow you will get in your back garden in winter!, ,,,A Spectacular display of lightning last night , hoping its just the start of something really special
  2. Nothing new with that it snowed in June yes June 2nd 1975 in southern Britain ,there is nothing new under the sun , I wonder what the crazy climate change folks would blame that on now if that happened. ...perhaps man made climate change
  3. Morning All. Well it's nice to see a warm up for next week in stark contrast to this week as it looks and feels like mid Winter. A long way off but it looks like the ecm and gfs show the peak of the temperatures between Wednesday and Friday, but along with that a possible breakdown as early as late Thursday into Friday wit potential thunderstorms from the southwest. Whatever it will be a welcome change for not just humans but for the animal life and the flora and fauna and even though it looks to be a short warm snap ,I will enjoy with what seems to be the longest winter I've ever lived through
  4. BBC weather presenter said it's cool on east coast with a max of 7c ...Get real it will feel cold not cool ,get out of that studio and get a life:rofl:

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    2. Mokidugway


       16 c and sunny here :closedeyes:

    3. cheeky_monkey


      yep still snowing still below freezing..but we might make 7c on Sunday will feel like summer.

    4. Nick L

      Nick L

      The irony in telling someone to get a life when you're getting so angry about something so trivial...

  5. GFS in netweather extra

    Houston calling mission control
  6. But given the very inaccurate and poor model output as of late ,I would not put any money on it
  7. GFS in netweather extra

    Found this too its not updating
  8. Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    In a luxury lodge in beautiful mid Wales near Rhayader Powys ,heavy rain this morning then cleared to leave cloudy ,chilly conditions. Looking out at the Welsh landscape landscape it looks more like mid January than early April . Currently a poultry 8c here ,so there is only one thing for it ,a dip into the lodges luxury hot tub
  9. Still some snow patches left in the beautiful hills and mountains of mid Wales  Amazing!

  10. Evening ,well a pattern change of some sorts from end of week into next week, looks likely a COL setting up for the uk ,between two highs and two lows so some at least milder weather ,warm in the Spring sunshine but given a slack area of pressure one or two storms could develop and with clear skies at night potential for frost, so not a perfect outlook but warmer drier and more settled quieter conditions on offer tonight away from the foul weather of months and months....
  11. Bbc graphics are absolutely useless for tonight ,showing snow for South Midlands  when it's 6c ,perhaps the Black Mountains  may get a bit and the Beacons but that's it:hi:

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    2. lassie23


      think she has her snow cones out as usual

    3. weatherguru14


      What shes got blue tits in her garden?? must be cold.

    4. lassie23


      the beast from the east changed their colour

  12. Evening All . ! At last something to look forward to , Proper Spring looks like coming at the end of this week , A dramatic warm up looks quite likely as I mentioned last night , and this is gaining momentum , if these charts verify we could see our first 21c/70f by the weekend .the first time since October 16th last year. May just get the shorts out....
  13. Evening All , looks like a pivotal point in a turn around in our weather, later next week and into next weekend and as the potential for warming things up dramatically before turning colder from the east, will be interesting viewing in the next few days...A difficult period yet again for forecasting
  14. Feels and looks like a grim winters day and it's April tomorrow, 7c max temp so far, Please Spring come!

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      Are you winding me up ? 7c feels cold, nothing cool about today's weather!

    3. weatherguru14


      Errr I was being ironic. :pardon:

    4. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      hopefully here on Monday, 13 degrees even for northern areas