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  1. Evening All.A hot few days in the souff east a very warm week next week with increasingly thundery downpours. Anyone thinking this is not normal let's go back to 1984. Many many weeks of above average temperatures and low rainfall. Historical Weather is what I deal with , so anybody having a question please let me know!
  2. Feels more like Winter in the wind today 11c now down from 15c earlier this morning.
  3. Evening All! Hope you are all well. The upcoming cold spell is unusual in its severity but certainly not unknown. May 1996 saw some brutal cold across the nation, for this time of year, lots of snow fell in over the moors and tors of Cornwall and Devon. Sunday into Monday looks very interesting, snow at low levels possible even as far south as Cornwall And the Channel Islands and the Scilly Islands. Models agree at short range , !
  4. Afternoon All ! Anyone wanting some early heat may be a bit dissapointed. Both Ecm and Gfs show pressure building across the nation, next week but as the air is sourced from the north it won't be that warm with some pontentially cold nights with some frost. Looks like some lovely sunny days for most perhaps the gfs is overdoing the showers and lower pressure to the south west of Britain. ....
  5. Evening! Both models are showing in some way a depletion in air pressure by the weekend , watch this space. ..
  6. Evening! As the country goes in lock down, the weather goes in upgrade for winter lovers, feeling bitter in the winds , sleet and snow look likely this coming weekend. ...Grim weather for this time of year. ...Enjoy the next few sunny mild days ,!!!
  7. You have to laugh really, now we are in Spring the models are showing the best set of atmospheric synoptics we have had all Winter!!!
  8. Evening All! We are now entering a dramatic synoptic change of what seems to be an endless run of Atlantic weather. It looks as though winds will be blowing in from anywhere between north and east in general in the weeks ahead. So rainfall looks as though it's on the decrease and colder than average temperatures too. Not that unusual for this synoptic pattern at this time of year. Both ecm and gfs shows potentially some Heavy thundery wintry showers this time next week, Watch this space....!
  9. The Spanish Flu killed 50 million people between 1918 and 1920. The world's population was then around 1.5 billion , .We now have about 7 billion people now . I think governments and picticularly China have told us lies like they always do. Why so much hysteria? Will be interesting to see the unfolding situation, but if you look at the news tonight rather scary stuff, or scaremongering? Ian.
  10. Evening All, ! A major weather pattern change into next week , we loose the high pressure from southern Europe and develop an high over to the north east of the uk. Not game over for winter lovers though, ! 1916 saw really heavy snowstorms in late March. ..
  11. Evening All! As long as the predicted high pressure over southern and south eastern Europe continues its Tiddly Pip for real winter weather. It needs a complete change in synoptics . This Winter has been dominated by this weather, and shows no signs of change at the moment. February can often deliver The coldest of British Winter weather, often happens in February and one can hope that high pressure develops to the North of the UK, which will deliver the goods. An old saying many centuries old in Britain " As the days grow longer the Cold Gets Stronger"
  12. Good Evenight Folks! Hope everyone is getting there Boiler primed and serviced because there is some very cold nights in some locations and even Jack Frost making an appearance in one or two prime locations a very early start to the meteorological Autumn. A semi settled spell coming up but the jet stream is too strong to allow pressure to build strongly across the nation.. Watch this space..?
  13. A definite wind convergence across the south midlands hence the line of storms and rain we have had thunder and lightning here in Evesham?
  14. Good evening! An insane run from gfs tonight with some deep lows looks more like Autumn / Winter than late summer. Some notable cooler spells too as the deep lows moving away spill cold from an increasingly cold Greenland and Artic and would not be surprised to see some frosts in Scotland and snow on the highest mountains...and even further south some chilly if not cold nights...Its been a long time since we've had a strong jet stream fuelled by an very early freeze in the Artic and a strong sub tropical Azores .....A roller coaster run unfortunately it's still Summer!......
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