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  1. Hello Folks....Is Armageddon coming??? The winter rollercoster has started with too may coldies on here setting the bar way too far high so early on as regards cold. I think we all need to relax , sit back and enjoy whatever the weather throws up at us. Remember the weather wont follow computer models , its the the computer models trying to chase the chaos we call weather and they often get it grossly wrong . Looking at the next ten days, seasonal weather, yes mild at times but a fair share of cold weather, potential stormy weather too, But I did say yesterday morning , computer models will be grid locked in there output in the days ahead...Interesting times.....
  2. Evening All, so a seasonal outlook in the next couple of days ,yes turning a bit milder but with it the problems given the time of year for southern Britain with mist and fog. It turns colder by the end of the week for all with cold winds for the north , and quieter settled conditions for southern Britain,as high pressure builds in allowing frost and fog again to be a feature...As we move to the ten day period show potential for Winter to begin from both gfs and ecm but of course at that range , lots of changes to come ,but the overall trend is for cold for the uk as we have a split vortex forecast...One thing for Coldies is there is not any real mild scenarios thrown up, certainly interesting viewing ...
  3. Morning! Impressive block developing by late week over the artic ,with some massive temperature fluctuations to the north and south of the UK. Expect computer models to become gridlocked in there handling of the up coming synoptics in the days ahead.... h850t850eu.webp
  4. Fantastic night at the beautiful Regal cinema in Evesham Worcestershire at a George Michael tribute concert ,a fantastic star who put on a performance that even George Michael himself would be proud off and Well done for the staff in the Regal for doing a fantastic job . Evesham should be very proud of our unique art deco cinemaxxxx

    1. lassie23


      surprised it hasn't been turned into a gym like the ones around here

  5. Evening All , so to start ,can we see any Mildies in this forum? Hands up? Cant see any... Probably not because there is not any real mild on the way...A very potent short cold spell this weekend with icy winds and potentially some record breaking frosts during Sunday into Monday morning for this time of year....it warms up to average and then a very cold of air by next weekend....and the trend continues with some potentially stormy cold conditions at T+240 , a very split vortex displayed by the outer time frame from gfs and ecm .......Interesting Reading....There is certainly a Fight in the Artic....
  6. Hello Folks... I cant understand how some people write off cold weather even before we start Winter, Tonight will be the fourth frost we have had , how does that compare with the last couple of years The model output is packed with frequent bouts of cold weather, in the next week , I think the saying is enjoy the present weather and not what might or not in the days ahead...! Anyway, both ecm and gfs show a split vortex , in the days ahead , the devil will be in the detail...c,mon Folks its only early November....
  7. Some great weather charts for coldies, , Question is are we going to see the coldest winter since 2010? The models show that's the gfs and ecm lots of blocking and the AO is in a very positive phase smashing the Polar Vortex , perhaps a very cold start to Winter.....
  8. Cant blame people putting their money into tax havens , why not. ? Why should people who work hard pay for other folks sprogs ,down and outs ,drug addicts and peop[e who cant get off their asses and do good for this country. I don't mind paying tax , as long it benefits our country....:nonono:

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    2. Mokidugway
    3. lassie23


      the royals work hard:rofl:

    4. CreweCold


      Some 'drug addicts and down and outs' have valid reasons for being in the position that they are- think things like mental health such as PTSD, anxiety and depression. I see stigma is still very much around, is it any wonder some people see suicide as the only way out with people like you casting aspersions?! 

  9. Evening All, well its certainly fascinating viewing from the ecm and gfs in the days ahead with a very blocky weather pattern. Certainly different from recent Novembers and as I said a few days ago a sniff of 2010 is certainly present on the latest output....Good to be chasing cold and coming to fruition just like tonights very low temps where currently we are are at ground frost level at 8pm. As the fireworks go off on this very cold Bonfire night our next spell of very cold weather if models are right are for next weekend with snow for Scotland even at low levels and even further south wintriness and snow on the mountains of Wales ,
  10. Good Evening All! So what can I say , looking at the 12z suite from ecm and gfs , a Proper Old Fashioned November ! Not to say Novembers past gave a traditional November, but models are showing short lived wet and windy spells becoming a little milder at times ,but overall colder than average with frost and fog fairly common. . If this synoptic pattern continues expect plenty of lower than average temperatures as we move into December and above average Snowfall, ....I have a sniff of 2010 this year.
  11. 2020 starts the new ice age ..fill your boots folks....:cold:

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    2. lassie23


      nope days are numbered, be lucky to see out christmas

    3. Ed Stone

      Ed Stone

      Last time I heard a prediction like that, the Ice Age was due to start in 2007-8...Can't remember whether it was the so-called and much vaunted 'Landscheidt minimum' or 'solar sausages' that were meant to cause it, though..?

      But as it never happened it's hard to care!:laugh:

    4. Seasonality


      No Ed, you have it all wrong. It was to be caused by the 'Gobscheidt maximum'

  12. A Red Co2 warning for the UK for Bonfire Night , Thousands of Bonfires And Millions of fireworks will introduce a very concentrated pool of Co2 over the Uk. Please tell me something, why does the Government keep this going , when they consider Co2 to bring the Phantom Global Warming? An Easy answer? ...Because the Uk Government make Millions of pounds from firework sales:nonono:

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    2. Mokidugway


      Tax volcanoes :rofl:

    3. Seasonality


      I ate more beans last night. Released some more greenhouse gas of my own!

    4. lassie23


      volcanoes don't pay for anything, about time they got taxed.:angry::aggressive:

  13. Happy Halloween Everyone. The weather charts in the days ahead show a rather blocky pressure pattern so little rain for southern Britain the worst of the unsettled conditions in the north ,but on the other side of the coin temperatures will dip down below average for just about all with "frequent" bouts of frost mist and fog at some point in the next ten days ......Proper November weather
  14. Co2 is good for the planet ...it increases plant life and the general floura and fauna , These suck up Co2 from us humans and our activity and grow so much that that they give us so much oxygen ...:)

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    2. lassie23


      did you go as Jigsaw:cc_confused:

    3. Mokidugway


      No went as Mortica Addams  :rofl:

    4. lassie23


      oh yeah forgot lol, i'm going as kevin spacey:oops: