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  1. Goodness Me Di Barch:hi:

  2. Evening All , models that's gfs and ecm show a big rise in pressure to the northeast of the uk just enough at the start of the ten day period to influence our weather , but the jet stream is too strong and brings us to some volatile weather as we end the ten day period as we leave September and Greet October....The devil will be in the detail,
  3. Definitely very notable now, the dark is outweighing the light. September 22nd equals March 20th for daylight hours
  4. Evening ,looks like the progged east west battle is going to give the UK with perhaps flooding issues in one or two places especially out west but not exclusively in the next ten days and add the potential for some stormy conditions after a quiet start to next week into October with the added ingredients of ex tropical influence
  5. Its No coincidence that again another major earthquake and severe weather  = sunspot activity...Ring any Bells anyone:hi:



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    2. lassie23


      kim jong testing his harrpo, either that or the lizard people are flexing their muscles

    3. Nick L

      Nick L

      Yes, it is a coincidence.

    4. crimsone


      It is indeed a coincidence, and campanology isn't my thing.

  6. Its so cold that our central heating as been on days now for an hour or two each evening:cold:



      The Floura  and Fauna has told us that we are going to some cold conditions , Some amazing cold for Winter ...just watch this space.....:cold::cold::cold:

    2. Ice Man 85

      Ice Man 85

      Not unless the Azores High disappears, we won't.

  7. Evening All! Its quite clear the ex hurricane and tropical storm Josa is causing serious problems with the outlook from gfs and ecm at the ten day range although the general consencus is for a big pressure rise to the northeast of the uk ,but pending on the jet stream will this high be close enough to influence our weather? Perhaps for a while ., ecm makes more of ex Josa than gfs. but both models show a quick return from the Atlantic, whatever happens nice to see proper Autumn weather rather than the boring lifeless Autumns of the last few years Looking forward to Hurricane Maria and seeing what she will do to the uk in the days ahead......Interesting Times
  8. Evening All , a lot of weather to come in the days ahead and indeed a High Level of Shannon Entropy as we enter the ten day stage....Not surprising as we have tropical storms Maria now becoming an hurricane and Hurricane Jose dying out across the cold waters of the North Atlantic.....pressure builds to the northeast of the uk but perhaps to far away to deliver some fine conditions....in day ten
  9. Why is Netweather predicting cool when there will be temps at or below 3c Its Bloody cold
  10. Evening All! Right out to t+168 The weather remains very unsettled from both ecm and gfs after that a dodgy rise in pressure
  11. BBC using the word "cool" in there forecasts along with some other online weather forecasts including netweather, its not cool its Bloody Cold , try going outdoors:rofl:

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    2. weatherguru14


      Am all for the bbc trying to put a positive spin on things.. But we have had a low centred over  the north of the UK for several weeks and just stuck there.sending low after low our way I don't believe we have reached  20c for   at least 2 months in my location which is ridiculous.

    3. Tamara


      Poorest most unseasonal September so far in a long time. *Autumn* began mid July, with a merciful break for the August B/H, and could be set to last till next Spring based on this La Nina atmospheric circulation and other combined factors that are likely to be present. A dismal prospect.

      Seasonal emigration and escape would be heaven...

    4. Alice1991


      This September is certainly quite a contrast to the last few Septembers. In the whole 25 years of my life, I have never known such an unsettled September like this one. The latter half of the month doesn't look too promising either.

  12. The BBC has sent there weather presenter Thomaz Shcafanacered across the Atlantic to the Americas to report the devastation from the Hurricane .The BBC  are on about climate change using CO2 they are the biggest liers  out Just a joke , cut down on your emissions . Im really glad C02 does not warm the Planet:cold: 

    1. Mokidugway


      Shovernakers been out for days producing carbon :bomb:

    3. lassie23


      what a pointless trip, bbc are supposed to be hard up:fool:

  13. Really cant understand some people banging on about high pressure in the days ahead and the models show something so different.
  14. Evening All ,A very Turbulent outlook in the days ahead from the 12z suite from gfs and ecm so expect a rollercoaster ride! Then on to the next few hours a very strong jet stream approaching 200 mph racing towards southern Britain giving very strong winds , while northern England and southern Scotland receive some very heavy rain. So North heavy rain and south high winds , its only the far north of Scotland which will enjoy benign conditions for a change