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  1. Evening All,,, Probably one of the coldest charts since 2010 , for November ...Let the Game Begin........
  2. Evening All...! A normal November start to be honest.... Quiet start , mild stormy , and then the weather has a rest...! Those people who say this is Climate change please take a look at the period charts.....
  3. Evening All !.Short term into next week one notable thing for next week is the wind chill coming from a Southerly direction very unusual for this time of year by mid week ...
  4. What are you on about ? The ice age is coming ...anyway just wait...
  5. Indeed the globe is calling ,Try on you tube ....Tony Heller...
  6. Evening All ...After the projected Stormy spell coming up which wont happen and again is a big cock up from the met office etc, a quiet spell of weather coming up ,Yes milder weather next week as the jet stream buckles and stops the rain bearing fronts moving east... but under clear skies Fog will form given the added moisture and also some patchy frost especially for south east Britain....So FOG will be an issue next week for some
  7. Evening! A very unusual pattern for late October ,as regarding cold, These charts would not be out of place during January! As the seas around our shores are relatively mild , lots of convection will happen ,,,again was not predicted by the BBC and Likewise ...I think places lie Broadway Hill near Evesham or the Tower , Malvern Hills could receive a dusting of snow , in the next 24 to 48 hours time ..and any high ground in the country ...I think Snow over the Pennines will make news headlines this weekend...
  8. Evening All.... An Exceptional display of an undulating jet stream in the days ahead...so early in the season...and the Artic is so cold this year which will deliver snow on Northern hills ...Solar and Lunar activity to bear in mind....
  9. Evening the gfs is still King the ex hurricane for the end of the week ecm is making cow fodder out of it
  10. Evening! Gfs the king of models at the moment... the Storm for the weekend will make this September one of the stormiest for many years...Gfs has constantly for days now shown this evolution , Ecm has been pitiful in its output....The Gfs has shown for days now some damaging winds , flooding rain and Yes some very early snowfall for Northern Uk, A Storm to be watched.....
  11. Evening All ! Gfs is sniffing out some really wild weather in the days ahead Gfs does this really well !
  12. Evening...Those people who took in the evolution of late August and September of a high pressure dominated pattern have been sorely disappointed , Greenland seeing there coldest week for this time of year and it keeps going driving the jet stream further south and bringing some severe gales for the UK! I think this September despite its quiet start to be in like a lamb and out like a lion....This was predicted by myself ....sometime ago...Just look at my previous posts....
  13. Evening, both models are hinting on a very stormy spell early next week ,fascinating viewing courtesy of the ex tropical storms....Hurricanes.....
  14. No model as got the best Handle on it .....its the weather which no one can predict!
  15. Evening....Big disagreement from both gfs and ecm in the near term , but both computer models showing a stormy period in the next ten days , " Folks Due to the infusion of extropical storms across the Atlantic" computer models are in disarray ....Watch This Space