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  1. Evening the gfs is still King the ex hurricane for the end of the week ecm is making cow fodder out of it
  2. Evening! Gfs the king of models at the moment... the Storm for the weekend will make this September one of the stormiest for many years...Gfs has constantly for days now shown this evolution , Ecm has been pitiful in its output....The Gfs has shown for days now some damaging winds , flooding rain and Yes some very early snowfall for Northern Uk, A Storm to be watched.....
  3. Evening All ! Gfs is sniffing out some really wild weather in the days ahead Gfs does this really well !
  4. Evening...Those people who took in the evolution of late August and September of a high pressure dominated pattern have been sorely disappointed , Greenland seeing there coldest week for this time of year and it keeps going driving the jet stream further south and bringing some severe gales for the UK! I think this September despite its quiet start to be in like a lamb and out like a lion....This was predicted by myself ....sometime ago...Just look at my previous posts....
  5. Evening, both models are hinting on a very stormy spell early next week ,fascinating viewing courtesy of the ex tropical storms....Hurricanes.....
  6. No model as got the best Handle on it .....its the weather which no one can predict!
  7. Evening....Big disagreement from both gfs and ecm in the near term , but both computer models showing a stormy period in the next ten days , " Folks Due to the infusion of extropical storms across the Atlantic" computer models are in disarray ....Watch This Space
  8. Evening ! A Changeable to unsettled outlook looks likely from both models ,yes some warmth in the south for a time this week,but fades away quickly from the Northwest. If I would put any money on a model GFS seems the most consistent..... Keep youre eyes on some very wet and windy weather by late next week
  9. Evening All.....Lots of uncertainty regarding this weekend , as regards low pressure development , after that a strong jet stream heading towards the Uk so overall a rather unsettled pattern , contrary to a settled pattern as forecast.... The Kink in the jet stream this weekend is responsible for the weekend low ...Who Knows how many Kinks we will get...
  10. Evening! After a Projected high pressure scenario for September certainly for the first half its all change ....Low pressure developing across the nation....umm ummm aghh
  11. Possibly the coldest night on record for August in my area!

    1. interested & confused

      interested & confused

      Cold here as well 7.5C off to look what the records say for here in Kent...

    2. wimblettben


      Got down to 4.2C here.

    3. Scorcher


      11C here...what's all the fuss about? The odd cold night in late August isn't that unusual.

  12. Welcome to Autumn everyone ...Its cold outside!

    1. Alice1991


      I don't consider August to be much of a summer month anymore. I think since 2003 the only decent August was in 2016. But in general, August in this country is cursed.

  13. Probably September 2018 too October looks very interesting
  14. Evening...A Slippery slope to Autumn as Gfs and Ecm suggest,