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  1. Evening as someone in a previous posted an undulating jet stream will confuse computer models.. The weekend is still in question....?
  2. Evening All is, Tuesdays Checklist .... 1/ Jet stream way south of UK in the days ahead...Yes! 2/ Cold becoming insitu,,,,Yes! 3/ Deep Cold ...No! 4/ Cold enough for snow for the south....Yes! 5/ Expect many Wintry surprises folks thanks to that ever growing block of Ice and winds from ....Greenland!!!
  3. Really really don't understand people on here given the volitility of the model output to write winter off. Plenty of scope for snow for just about anybody, in the days ahead...Quite simply go outdoors and enjoy the Winter weather , there's plenty on offer
  4. Evening! Its amazing how squiggly lines on a weather map can stir strong emotions! Okay , the Easterly has been put on hold for a while , but looking at the next ten days or so, plenty of major shots of polar maritime air, from strong North Westerly winds. Potential for Northerlies too, ,and perhaps a Polar front which happened nationwide 15 years ago, lots going on in the weather, in the days ahead...But Caution! there is a high level of Shannon Entropy , meaning very low confidence in the forecast, so righting off Winter now , is like having ten Chickens , yes ten Chickens , and guessing how many eggs they will lay in the morning!!!
  5. Evening.. so a different set of cards on the table tonight, , from a coldies expect good news as it won't be mild ,but no cold easterlies at presant , looking forward to wet snow from Greenland ...but the extreme cold awaits ....to the East...
  6. I think Winter 2000 saw nationwide snow from a Northwesterly but it's as people say it's not often that happens in the south of the uk
  7. Ecm is completely wrong tonight Gfs following the trend ...--1....0 to gfs
  8. Evening ! A easterly next week looks certain. .watch this space..
  9. Evening! A Quick check list for the upcoming weather... 1...Cold incoming ?? Yes! 2.... How much snow in my backyard.?.......Not Sure.! 3.....How cold will it get? Not sure! 4.....How long will the cold last? .......Not sure! 5......Ecm or Gfs right with detail? ......No.! 6.......Enjoy the Rollercoster.......!
  10. Evening. The outlook is colder yes, but how cold and for how long still remains a big question, really cant take any detail as reality even with a modest timeframe, gfs and ecm look so different by the end of the week, you cant dismiss either! A bit like a Chocolate Teapot!
  11. Hello Folks... Big changes in our weather ,the Atlantic comes in but as I said a few days ago , an undulating Jetstream will have the computer models screaming and kicking and shouting, as to how much we can tap into deep cold. As far as Im concerned the trend from the models is from cold from the Northwest or North , in the next ten days, Potential for loads of snow for SOME!!!
  12. So where were you last March?, Snow fell between minus 3 or 4 making it the coldest March day on record, with dry powdery snow falling with high winds producing huge drifts of snow in some areas and pipe freezing weather.! Anyway , a major pattern change by the weekend with the Atlantic gaining control, not initially good news for cold weather fans , but as I said a few days ago, its good news as this presses the reset button, and will allow the jet stream to move in a more favourable position for proper winter for Britain. The weather is a mystery and always will be, and an ancient saying spanning Centuries around here is " As the days grow longer ,the Cold gets stronger"! Nothing as changed regarding the weather , what as changed is peoples perceptions and attitudes . Anyway ,just for laughs , the gfs Jet stream at day 8 paints a slice of bread across the northern hemisphere , Hope its buttered on both sides....!!!!
  13. Evening, still a way to go for a pattern change with some places staying dry for three weeks by next weekend.! However this time next weekend the Atlantic kicks in but not the usual Atlantic , a very amplified pattern, so looking to Greenland for our weather by day ten...
  14. The low pressure for early next week looks very interesting, I must say some very very interesting outputs at the moment, perhaps some disruptive weather next week?