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  1. A definite wind convergence across the south midlands hence the line of storms and rain we have had thunder and lightning here in Evesham
  2. Good evening! An insane run from gfs tonight with some deep lows looks more like Autumn / Winter than late summer. Some notable cooler spells too as the deep lows moving away spill cold from an increasingly cold Greenland and Artic and would not be surprised to see some frosts in Scotland and snow on the highest mountains...and even further south some chilly if not cold nights...Its been a long time since we've had a strong jet stream fuelled by an very early freeze in the Artic and a strong sub tropical Azores .....A roller coaster run unfortunately it's still Summer!......
  3. Evening! Well if you roll through the ecm and gfs in the next ten days Autumn like charts with pockets of Tropical Maritme punched in!!! By the The interesting thing tonight is how cold Northern Scotland gets cold by Monday
  4. Evening.. 2012 ..? No but echoes of that year , this year, and August looks very wet...potential flooding. . But that's the great British weather
  5. Good Evening ! Southern Britain. looks to be in for a soaking at some point early next week...Thanks to an extropical storm!
  6. Really, windchill is really any temperature what makes you evaporate your sweat etc of your skin, and makes you feel cooler or cold,..try having a hot shower then open the door to the landing believe me it feels cold. That rush off the cold landing is quite refreshing!
  7. Evening ! Very surprised it didn't go donkeys years ago, I think the lowest night uk temp was around 23c, back in the 1930s 40s in London! Its about time that record was beaten especially given the concrete tarmac and building a bigger ever London and of course the antropegnic warming.! Anyway looking forward to some Violent thunderstorms on Tuesday /Wednesday after a very warm evening..we are certainly due a few ! I will be staying in the pop up tent with my Brindle at the bottom of my garden. .looking forward to the next round of thunderstorms by Thursday, after that it looks like the Atlantic is in control.
  8. Good morning! Well looks like a very warm humid spell for next week but increasingly unsettled especially for southern Britain and if the models stick to there output this morning the news maker next week will be flooding issues over parts of the country which have not had much rain so far this month
  9. Evening , next week's weather is out to the jury, a forecasters nightmare, but reading between the lines a warm up for next week but with some Heavy thundery downpours before the Atlantic air moves in.....that's my thoughts with a human brain rather than a computer. ....
  10. Good Evening! The overall theme from the models well Ecm in picticular is a stronger jet stream from midweek onwards,
  11. Evening All! Looks like a settled spell weekend and early next week, , then it becomes changeable to unsettled ,ecm thundery ,gfs Atlantic influence. ,The schools break up next week, usually the nod for the fountains to turn on!!!
  12. Evening....! No general concensus from the ecm or gfs has to what type of weather will be next week ,great divergence from the models , but the looks likely that we will see more changeable weather next week .........
  13. Evening .. the difference in models is quite striking next week this time low in control from ecm gfs has still a flirting ridge next week. Bonkers model output ecmt850-21.webp
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