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  1. Ecm

    Hi ,noticed the ecm chart viewer is not updating???
  2. Morning allWell thank goodness the storm forecast tonight is not as nearly as bad as what the models showed a few days ago. You could say it's going to be a"Storm in a teacup" but still developing as it heads towards the uk so perhaps it may be worse than forecast...ie, sting jet
  3. Saw a ghost today... They say don't be scared of the dead beware of the living , Im not bothered about the living or dead,,,,:yahoo:

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    2. alexisj9


      In my time*, don't know what happened there.


    3. alexisj9
    4. lassie23


      i see deaf people

  4. Morning. A somber outlook from the models this morning with regards cold ,the winter Rollarcoaster can have big ups but unfortunately big downs. It looks as there will be some winter snow for some ,but perhaps the real news maker this week will be weds/Thurs low . Potentially stormy with damaging winds but it does zip through very quickly ,but still far enough away for some big changes. At face value this morning may look disappointing for coldest but it's just one run ,things cn change very quickly as most of the regulars on here know ,anyway have a good Sunday an interesting week ahead
  5. Well Steve it makes a change for you to look to the Northwest for snow ....
  6. Hello folks , Potential next week for two dumpings of snow for southern Uk ,two sliders possible , watch this space......
  7. Evening All ,,! Well the floodgates of hellishy cold weather is set to visit us next week thanks to Greenland the most potent northwesterly the uk has seen for many years .....Expect the Winter Rollarcoaster to overflow
  8. Looks like we will be looking to the Northwest next week for the next but of snow and ice:cold:

  9. A Great post , Im going to do when a get five minutes or perhaps Five hours a post on how many Easterlies which have delivered in the last 70 years , its your viewing coming very soon
  10. Evening everyone! The no mans land of weather continues for a few days yet, but the signal is fairly strong for a breakthrough from the Atlantic. However , some very cold air spilling towards the uk from Northwesterly winds carrying some very cold Artic air as we move into next week, plenty of potential for snow and not just on high ground. As always the devil will be in the detail but some very interesting weather to come by the time we hit next week....
  11. Again someone using the wrong terminology mentioning the word cool when suggesting a northwesterly wind which will carry Polar Maritime air which is sourced from Greenland and bringing snow .Cool is a summer terminology and really irritating when this word is used in deep mid winter. It won't feel cool it would feel frigid with a wind from the northwest carrying Artic air
  12. Evening All, so gloves are off and the battle between east and west For Now is finally settled ,before then nothing really mild on the cards even with the attempt of the Atlantic in the next few days with frost and fog to play with.....after that look west with some deep Polar Maritime air flooding our shores in the next ten days .
  13. It certainly did happen in the 90s in fact its happened since time began, if you have a proper look at the synoptics you will see why, nothing unusual at all given the current synoptics as its not a proper Easterly
  14. The Creatures who throw Acid in Peoples Faces and who are caught by cctv etc should not be tried or thrown into Prison and making the courts  loads of money , it should  be an eye for an eye ,a tooth for a tooth , They should Receive what they gave....:closedeyes:

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    2. Nick L

      Nick L

       But that's what they do. "Justice" without trial and barbaric punishments such as amputations and such like. Can't argue with facts. I'm proud we live in a society that doesn't sink to the depths of those scumbags. Shame that some clearly want us to :(

    3. weirpig


      Could be right. I'm going off on one again  need cheering up. How's Albion doing :) 

    4. weirpig


      No second thoughts   we should be more barbaric.