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  1. Really pleasant breeze here though. Looking like we have a half decent chance of storms today. My only worry is that we may end up a bit too far south. But it's one of situations where it's not game over until the last storm has fizzled away. Although, far from stormy looking right now!
  2. Bits of pieces north of Wolverhampton developing. Going by what's happening, and looking at the forecasts/warnings, wondering if we're going to be acting as the spawning ground again? More good news for the northwest if so.
  3. Not wishing to dash anyone's hopes in Kent tonight, but those storms don't seem to be moving anywhere...just developing further west along a line. But always the chance of further fresh development closer to home for you guys maybe?
  4. So, as we very very slowly creep closer to a possible complete breakdown of the hot weather...and it's looking like an unusually slow breakdown, will the emphasis of the storms slowly drift towards the east as the week progresses? Suely if a cold front eventually comes in from the Atlantic...which is normally how these things break down, then the risk will get shunted east eventually? A slow breakdown has to be better news in the long run for those of you in the southeast who have been missing out this summer?
  5. Low cloud finally burning off here revealing bright blue skies. Not a lot of instability going on higher up by the looks of it at the moment. Since the thundery looking sky on Friday, it's been mainly pleasant blue skies or low cloud since. But everything is still on it's slow journey north and the outlook is looking really good...but it looks like a complicated little setup to navigate over the next day or three.
  6. I dunno. I've lived in both Lowestoft and Sunderland, two places that regularly suffer from this North Sea clag in the summer. I remember in Sunderland back in summer 2002 or 2003 (can't remember which one!) hearing a thunderstorm approach in amongst the North Sea fog. There was this kind of black area of fog where the thunder was coming from. It was really eerie. When it did hit, the fog lifted and when the storm cleared, the sun came out! Anyway, I don't think it'll take long for the cloud to burn off this morning. The forecasts are looking so juicy for the next few days...I feel bad though because we've already had that terrific thundery spell in June here!
  7. An interesting, if very small development to my southwest according to the radar.
  8. Absolutely crazy that I can see an anvil in the sky way off to my north east. OK, I do live on a hill, but still incredible when the nearest storm in that direction is up near South Yorkshire. Edit: Just spotted a little development near Nottingham, more likely to be it...but still impressed!
  9. The stuff over Shropshire has ignited. Shame it's sliding to my west. Shrewsbury gets it again though.
  10. Been watching it from here. It makes an attempt to grow but quickly collapses in on itself again.
  11. That ribbon of cloud is moving in here now. You watch, something will finally ignite from it once it gets east of Brum!
  12. Indeed. You can see that it wants to do something. It certainly looks unstable in that direction. The setting sun highlights it quite well too...even if it is making it look more interesting than it actually is!
  13. Well whatever was going on to my west has quickly collapsed. It was certainly having a go for a moment there.
  14. I can see towers going up way out to my west. Checked the radar and sure enough, a little development near Shrewsbury.
  15. We seem to be in a good position again in the West Midlands, although maybe not the best. I think areas to our south have a higher chance. I'm still fairly confident though. With this more 'traditional' set up, if you can call it that, I think some areas who missed out last week should have their patience rewarded.
  16. The cell near Warwick has finally got it's act together. That'll be the first one to keep an eye on for us then.
  17. The first batch heading into the West Midlands is a bit on the messy side right now. Could easily pick up again though. Plenty more going on behind it. Very busy radar right now...eyes and ears might be our best resource this afternoon!
  18. Worth remembering that even though certain areas, including here, are looking very promising for this afternoon, the pulse nature of these storms means that the existing ones could lose their energy as they go along (and in some cases, reignite again later). Equally, the areas looking like they'll miss them could see very rapid development. Up to mid afternoon yesterday, it was looking like Birmingham was going to miss out. That situation changed very quickly. Nothing can be guaranteed in these situations.
  19. Hazy sunshine here. Looking really good for later if things keep going the way they are. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the showers/storms seem to be moving a bit quicker today? They were very slow moving yesterday.
  20. Looks like it's northwest London that's going to start us off today. Shower developing there already. It's like election night and who can get the first result in!
  21. Overcast and gloomy this morning. Just as it was this time yesterday. Another day of radar watching ahead. Once again, it's all going to be down to local details. Will we miss them, breed them like on Monday or get a direct hit like yesterday? Looking forward to finding out.
  22. Just worked my train from Lichfield down here to Bromsgrove. Dry at Lichfield but could hear a lot of loud thunder, then into a lot of thunder and lightning around Sutton Coldfield. Got absolutely soaked on the platform at Aston. And now a lovely evening in Bromsgrove. Waiting for my next departure back up to Lichfield. Let's see what it brings!
  23. I'm at work in central Birmingham now. Been raining on and off here. Just worked out from New Street to the airport and back. What was noticeable looking at the skies was how solid the convection is to the north and how much more messy it is to the south and east. Hard to tell to the west where it was raining.
  24. A heavy shower near Nuneaton developing already. With one already formed out to the west in Shropshire, I think those of us in the Black Country and central Birmingham who had only distant lightning shows yesterday have our best chance yet today. As ever, it depends where they trundle off to as the develop. We may end up as the breeding ground again...but it just seems like we'll be more in the game today.
  25. Strong sunshine now the early cloud has lifted. It's a very busy sky already though. Lots of cloud heading 'upwards'.
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