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  1. After this high pressure clears. I think the weather should just go for it. Early Spring warmth followed quickly but quick intense shots of cold. Thundery showers, hail, sleet, fat snow...that kind of thing. Little intense squalls making everything sideways for a minute followed by strong sunshine, Never mid deep cold and long lasting snow, lets have some fun! Would like a crazy couple of weeks where we can't keep up! I think I just described my perfect Spring!

    1. Eugene


      Looking forward to the Spring gloom next week, no doubt with limited sunshine and feeling chilly with average temps of 7C it will hyped up, then in April with warm sunny blue skies and pleasant temps of 12C people will moan it too cold like in April 2012<lol

    2. Mokidugway


      God I need a rest after reading your status !!!:)..

    3. Gray-Wolf


      Sounds like heaven but then you are gord.....

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