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  1. Winter is approaching...America is quick off the starting block carrying on from where it left off from last winter. As for us...hopefully we'll see an end to Autumn this time around before Spring arrives leaving some room for at least a bit of winter!

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    2. Gord


      Who knows what we'll get. Fairly normal November fair so far. With the exception of the 2nd half of Nov 2010...most Novembers have been fairly forgettable. Everything is possible for the season ahead as far as I'm concerned....as the last 5 winters have taught us!

    3. Gone.


      america leading the way, who would have thought :/

    4. Gord


      I lived in Ohio during winter 2005/6. November and December were very snowy but from Christmas onwards...there was hardly anymore snow all winter. So even over there you can never make assumptions based on the early season.