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  1. A real cloudburst here proceeded by a loud crack of thunder.
  2. Huge roll of thunder here recently and some torrential rain.
  3. Very heavy rain. Just heard thunder too.
  4. Roll of thunder just heard here in amongst the heavy rain.
  5. We've had a few splashes of rain from the 2nd trough out here further west. We may see something here if something can develop on it before it pushes east. But I think it bodes well for places east of here as I think it will continue to grow and produce. If it does, it would fit the warning area nicely. I'm going to keep an eye out just in case here but I think some of you are in for a great night, if you not having one already!
  6. That one is out of my reach now. But looking at the sky in all directions, these things could pop up anywhere. I'm sure there'll be a few more drifting around over the next few hours.
  7. Not quite through the Black Country...just a tad further west than that right now. Still sunny here and can see it to my west...though doesn't look as close as I thought it would.
  8. Right...for the 4th time tonight....i think that's it for the night. No....I really do this time!
  9. Some small but very potent cells just popped up around here in the past half hour. A little cluster of them all over Birmingham and the Black Country. I love this. Just the slightest hint of development and suddenly you've got an angry little storm on your hands!
  10. I think that could be it for here. Still bits and pieces around that could spark up. On a night like tonight it's always hard to tell when it's over!
  11. Think...maybe...that's it for us now? Look at it on the radar cracking it's tail right down to the coast on the Essex/Suffolk border make sure the very east coast sees a bit of it too.
  12. Round 2 only just arriving, but my attention has just been drawn to the southwest of Hereford where a round 3 could be developing?
  13. Can also hear the second lot approaching. Looks a bit messier on the radar, but judging by the reports further south, it should still be good. Could be the last one tonight too...so enjoy it!
  14. The second band heading this way seems to be going a lot slower than the leading one. It's not as active, though still looks interesting.
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