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  1. I've lost a lot of interest in winter weather over the past couple of years. Mainly because there's been very little of it to interest me and also because I have been busy doing other stuff. But I pop in here now and again, just in case... Each time I've visited the forum this winter...I've come across a post with a chart and a comment like, "It doesn't get much worse than this". So...when do we reach peak worst?
  2. Our weather is such an odd thing. You forget when you're interested in it that the average at this time of year is around 7c. It's not the cold we like to see but it's not exactly a warm temperature either. I've been interested in the weather for over 20 years now. Everytime I think "That's it, we'll never see cold and snow again", a February 2009 or a December 2017 event pops up and surprises me. Usually followed quite quickly by a second event (January 2010/March 2018). Sometimes a 3rd or even a 4th in the cast of 2009-2012. And then...just like that...when the post mortem on who got the most snow fizzles away, we're back into a run of mild, bland nothingness (or ocassionally a prolonged spell of wild and wet!). But it's what drags me back to this forum each time, even at the lowest points for fans of the cold...like now...is the prospect of a month coming along that'll stick two fingers up at us doom and gloomers!
  3. Dunno, I was born in 1978, and I can't say that cold Januaries have been the norm before or after 1999. Off the top of my head, no googling, just my memory...1987, 1991, I think 1997 started cold? and 2010. There may be one or two more, one or two in the early 80's when I was still too small maybe. But I wouldn't use 1999 as a cut off... But the last decade...granted...it's been a bit useless.
  4. In the context of life and humanity...you're absolutely right. In the context of a forum for weather enthusiasts sharing their interests and passion for their chosen subject....you're being quite harsh.
  5. So yes, this winter has been boring so far and the outlook isn't good. However, I've known a few winters where we've got this far without even a single frost...And we've certainly had a few this year so far. So a very tiny crumb of comfort for you there. Happy New Year. (The predictive text on my phone wanted to say "crumb of thunder", I quite like that!)
  6. A real cloudburst here proceeded by a loud crack of thunder.
  7. We've had a few splashes of rain from the 2nd trough out here further west. We may see something here if something can develop on it before it pushes east. But I think it bodes well for places east of here as I think it will continue to grow and produce. If it does, it would fit the warning area nicely. I'm going to keep an eye out just in case here but I think some of you are in for a great night, if you not having one already!
  8. That one is out of my reach now. But looking at the sky in all directions, these things could pop up anywhere. I'm sure there'll be a few more drifting around over the next few hours.
  9. Not quite through the Black Country...just a tad further west than that right now. Still sunny here and can see it to my west...though doesn't look as close as I thought it would.
  10. Right...for the 4th time tonight....i think that's it for the night. No....I really do this time!
  11. Some small but very potent cells just popped up around here in the past half hour. A little cluster of them all over Birmingham and the Black Country. I love this. Just the slightest hint of development and suddenly you've got an angry little storm on your hands!
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