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  1. So we've been getting the perfect Autumn set up during winter, now we're getting the perfect winter set up in Autumn. Any way we could just tilt the Earth a little bit in our favour so we can get things the right way around?!

    1. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      we all know it will be wild 'n' wet as we enter winter, wouldn't say perfect winter setup either no real beast

  2. Just watched some old weather forecasts from September 30th 2011. That was an amazing weekend into the start of October. Looks like there's a chance of warmth heading into this October...although 2011 has scuppered any chances of getting anywhere near the record for quite some time to come I reckon! That year really was exceptional.
  3. Now it's early Autumn I hope we can hang onto some warmth for as long as we can. Got to squeeze every last bit out of summer 2016 in case we get a 4th horrid winter in a row!

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    2. Scorcher


      Agree Gord, keep the warmth coming! Far too many days already in this country where you have to wear a jacket or coat. Plenty of time for cool miserable muck!

    3. lassie23


      Move to london then you would have had enough of the heat by now scorch

    4. Changing Skies.

      Changing Skies.

      Summers dead for another year

  4. Well indeed..we have plenty of recent examples that show warmth can be possible right up to Halloween..so hopefully we might get a bit more!
  5. Quite enjoyed today's weather after the cold front departed. Lovely September sunshine and feeling fresh. That could well be the last summerish plume of the year...but never ready to say a complete goodbye to thunderstorms. The one advantage of our recent mild winters have been the fun-size thunderstorms that crop up in them. Admittedly they are rare and not numerous but have helped caused brief flashes of excitement during otherwise an unexciting season.
  6. Very thick fog while driving to work at 5am this morning making my early morning shift of driving my tram quite challenging! So how are we looking for tonight here in the West Midlands? Do we have a chance of catching a storm...or too far west this time? We've already done really well out of this spell though.
  7. Indeed. Thunder in June and September...summer finishing off the way it started!
  8. Heavy rain here now..looks like tiny little popup storms in the area. Shouldn't think it'll last long.
  9. Another brief burst of warmth this week on the way. Could be the last one? Bit too early to say probably, as from previous years we know we can get warmth right up to Halloween! Maybe..just maybe a chance of something a little thundery this week but don't want to get excited about that yet. Enjoying all while I can before another winter trudges along. Used to love the approach of the winter months but haven't got the energy to get excited for winter this time after the last 3 efforts..and to be honest, I've actually quite liked this summer just gone. It has at least managed to re-kindle some of my interest in the weather!
  10. Showers are firing behind the cold front but I don't think we'll see anything thundery overnight. As mentioned already, tomorrow will be our chance. I could use a quiet nights sleep to be honest!
  11. That's why I asked. Felt lovely and fresh outside and just doesn't feel right for storm development. I did say earlier that east of Birmingham had a greater chance...it's just that we have been lucky enough to get our own developments in the past when it's looked like we're too far west. I take it that we're now behind the cold front so game over? Or is it more complicated than that?
  12. Do we think we can get something here? I'm not so sure to be honest. A tad too far west maybe?
  13. It's going to be close for my area tonight. I fear I might just be that little bit too far west but we'll see. In the past I've thought that in these situations then all of a sudden we've seen rapid development down near Hereford or somewhere and it's game on. Really fancy the chances for anyone east of Birmingham...East Midlands looking good!
  14. Have to say for here in the Black Country I think this summer has been the best in some time. The incredibly thundery June. The hot spell in July and these brief but frequent periods of warm/hot and sunny weather through August. A few blips here and there (last weekend for example!) but not too bad. Making up for the run of pathetic winters we seem to be enduring at the moment. For me, June is a strong contender for the most interesting month of the year. ..and it looks like we have a greater possibility of a thundery breakdown this weekend. Proper summer weather during proper summer months! Do you hear that Autumn! Keep your autumnal weather in your own 3 months!