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  1. A bit breezy here, but certainly calmed down from earlier. Having said that, just heard the tell tale roar down my chimney! But the snow is settling, stickier and wetter snow from what we've been used to this week.
  2. Just a new light dusting here, filling in the gaps.
  3. Been on evening shifts. I'm a controller/driver at the Metro. Been horrendous at work, standing out in the cold manually moving points because they were frozen to allow the trams to pass. Trying to hold trams by radio to the drivers and keep them spaced out safely when various parts of the infrastructure freezes and fails. We've suffered pretty bad delays but proud we managed to keep trams running and got people home both on Thursday and Friday night.
  4. You've been getting excited about the thaw since this easterly first appeared on the models! I'm joking of course. Glad you've had a good event up there in Stafford. But looking like a postscript to this cold spell could come though here soon!
  5. Another very difficult evening at work on the Metro, but we managed to keep the trams running. Been standing out in the snow for an hour and a half manually having to move the points as they had stopped working. Despite the horrific delays, a great spirit from the passengers, think they were just grateful we had trams running for them. What a couple of days it has been. It's taken us a while to join in the fun this week but we got there in the end. We will be remembering this week for many winters to come.
  6. I'm a little shocked to come on here and read all the disappintment. What's been wrong with today? It's been a great event. Mind you, I've had a horrific evening at work on the trams and the drive home just now was very difficult...but seriously, what's been disappointing about today?
  7. It still looks and feels very wintry outside though. Little dustings blowing down the road in the wind look dramatic. OK, it's not the dumping we were hoping for...but I still quite like it.
  8. Hey, we're not alone! Just seen a tweet showing a satellite image of Kent. The very south east coast around Dover has missed out completely. For me, that would be more gut wrenching.
  9. I thought Liverpool copped a lot of snow on Tuesday? Have they really got nothing there? Some parts of the northwest really do deserve better. At least we do get in on some events here in the West Mids.
  10. It is frustrating I know but all week they've been saying that not everywhere will see a lot of snow. Sadly, this time it's us. It happened to the Northwest in 2010. We're not at the end yet, in December 2010 it took us all the way until the 18th before we saw anything significant here. We have had a decent winter though thanks to that weekend in December. We'll wait and see but it is what it is.
  11. We've ended up being quite sheltered away from this easterly here this week. Some pretty looking dustings and that's it. What we need is a direct flow from the Wash like in February 2009. But the weather forecast has always been clear about regional variations and how some places will see very little. So there you go. It is what it is. I reckon we've got a decent chance of something a bit more tomorrow into Friday. If it hadn't have been for that weekend in early December, this week would have been incredibly annoying. As it is, I've been enjoying following it so far and reading various reports from around the country.
  12. Got in on a bit of the heavier stuff now. Putting down a quick sugar coating but moving on through quick looking at the radar.
  13. Yet just a light shower here, just floating around like a fart in a bottle not really doing much. Quite a variety over a short distance. Pretty to look at though.
  14. Reminds of a day during March when I was living in Columbus, Ohio. We had shower streams blowing down on a strong arctic flow from Lake Michigan, very similar to the set up today. Except there were 2 big differences. The showers were incredibly heavy and intense, and the sun inbetween them was very now very strong at that latitude at that time of year. Also, the wind was very strong blowing the showers well over the land from the lake. So we had this situation where 3 to 6 inches could fall very quickly causing a very brief moment of chaos, then an hour later, everything was just wet with an incredibly quick thaw, then the next shower and so on...rinse and repeat. The official records at the local airport show a total of 0 inches of lying snow for that day because of the timing meant they must have got the offical measurement during one of the sunny periods! Still remains one of the oddest weather days I've experienced. Felt like everytime I turned to look out of the window to see what was going on a different season was happening! Would love those big showers here today, but the North Sea doesn't seem to be able to get the energy into the showers like Lake Michigan can! I suppose the cold air is a lot less modified over there.