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  1. Potentially an interesting end to the working week coming up. Wondering how much of this heat we can tap into here in the West Mids. Could be some storm potential too. All very finely balanced as it always is for us!
  2. Getting a light shower here now and looks like activity is pepping up all around us. As for any thundery activity, it seems to have been ebbing and flowing for the past couple of hours to our southwest, so could be something to watch out for here as showers continue to build.
  3. Lots of cu bubbling up around here, which is a good sign. Looking at the forecasts and warnings, it could be that we're the place that spawns the storms for further north. However, we very nearly got in on the action last night, and there is a lot of development starting around here. It's a long afternoon and evening ahead, we shall see.
  4. I wouldn't be so sure, different bits of it have been dying or intensifying for a few hours now...with lots of extra bits suddenly growing out of nowhere. I wouldn't say it's not going to happen until the last little pixel has gone on the radar. While the energy is around, anything could happen.
  5. Funny how just like last Sunday, any activity just suddenly makes a move northwards after it had been hanging around in the same place for hours.
  6. It's suddenly looking really promising for here. However, when you look at the radar, caution is needed, some cells are losing their intensity while at the same time, new ones are cropping up and really gaining intensity. A little bit of luck may be needed. It's a rapidly changing situation. Overall though, looking really good.
  7. The direction they're moving in would give us a direct hit. However the speed at which they're moving makes it doubtful we'll see something. But never say never, once the storms on Sunday finally left our area, they did start getting a shift on. And areas of storms, even though slow moving, have been known to expand rapidly ahead of them. So my verdict is unlikely but not impossible for today.
  8. Still flashing away to my north east. Much brighter skies have crept up on me on the other side of my house. It's very very slowly pulling away now. It doesn't feel like I'm in the same place when I look out of my living room window then out of my kitchen window out back!
  9. Still going here, but really has made a more significant lurch north now...will have to enjoy what is left.
  10. Getting more active again here now, looks like we're not done yet!
  11. Calmed down significantly here now. Don't know if we'll get in on any more later this evening, never say never but the small shifts north might end it there for us. It's been an amazing afternoon though.
  12. I think the word you're looking for is 'incoming'! No doubt about the slow shift from south to north I've noticed around the hill here. Also notice how there's more strikes being picked up near Penkridge and Gnosall. I'd start getting excited if I were you.
  13. If it's any help to people in Staffordshire, the majority of the lightning was on the southern side of the hill here in Upper Gornal, there's definietly more coming from the northern side now. I think it is very slowly edging your way as well as tracking northwest.
  14. It's forecasted to be affecting the more northern parts of the region during the evening and into the night. I think we'll see a very slow shift north over the next few hours. You're in for a treat if it does.
  15. It's been quite an afternoon here. The whole lot is everso slightly nudging north as well as tracking northwest. I think it's very likely you'll see something.