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  1. Showers are firing behind the cold front but I don't think we'll see anything thundery overnight. As mentioned already, tomorrow will be our chance. I could use a quiet nights sleep to be honest!
  2. That's why I asked. Felt lovely and fresh outside and just doesn't feel right for storm development. I did say earlier that east of Birmingham had a greater chance...it's just that we have been lucky enough to get our own developments in the past when it's looked like we're too far west. I take it that we're now behind the cold front so game over? Or is it more complicated than that?
  3. Do we think we can get something here? I'm not so sure to be honest. A tad too far west maybe?
  4. It's going to be close for my area tonight. I fear I might just be that little bit too far west but we'll see. In the past I've thought that in these situations then all of a sudden we've seen rapid development down near Hereford or somewhere and it's game on. Really fancy the chances for anyone east of Birmingham...East Midlands looking good!
  5. Have to say for here in the Black Country I think this summer has been the best in some time. The incredibly thundery June. The hot spell in July and these brief but frequent periods of warm/hot and sunny weather through August. A few blips here and there (last weekend for example!) but not too bad. Making up for the run of pathetic winters we seem to be enduring at the moment. For me, June is a strong contender for the most interesting month of the year. ..and it looks like we have a greater possibility of a thundery breakdown this weekend. Proper summer weather during proper summer months! Do you hear that Autumn! Keep your autumnal weather in your own 3 months!
  6. Got dark clouds bubbling up right on top of me now. They might do something soon?
  7. They're quick movers. The one I was hearing is already in Cannock and heading out to Staffordshire/Derbyshire. Looks like some more could be about though.
  8. You can hear it too? It must be a good one then. Like I said, don't normally hear them on that side of Wolverhampton so clearly here.
  9. Don't normally hear the thunder so clearly from a storm that distance away here. Quite breezy out so think the sound is carrying on it.
  10. Quite a bit of thunder in the distance now. Think this is the one Wolverhampton way?
  11. Some wonderful anvils going up around here. Still clear overhead though and can't hear anything. Tell a lie...that was thunder just then!
  12. Looking a little bit out of reach tonight and tomorrow for storms I have to say. But, on the plus side, we certainly got the heat today. ...and can't complain if we miss out on the storms after all those direct hits in June,
  13. A lot of Ac Cas to my northwest but still fairly clear skies to my south. A good indicator of how touch and go it's going to be to get a storm here. My guess at this stage is that anyone heading this way to storm chase may need to keep going past us and get a bit further north. I think the West Midlands is too much on the edge of where the activity is going to be. Distant flashes from Lickey Hills would make for pleasant viewing though!
  14. Hullo..I've been awoken from my forum slumber...something interesting is on the way I see! And I'm off work this week.
  15. Mini downpour just then. Nothing compared to what we have seen so far this week but interesting nonetheless. Maybe there could be developments here after all?