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  1. Eh? I've seen many fronts in all seasons fizzle as they move down from the North West as they come against high pressure. Its irrelevant what's in them. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you are using Murphy's law as your reference rather than any scientific law. You are right about the forecast though, sadly it has been pretty good.
  2. At least no nasty surprises. We knew it would turn to rain this time. Unlike the last 4 winters where any snow we we were predicted unexpectedly and cruelly turned to rain just as it was getting going. And seeing we already have what happened last month safely in the bank this winter, I don't feel let down. Was well predicted this morning. All turning a bit uninteresting for a bit now so will catch up at the next event, whether it snow, wind, thunder or the first heatwave of the year. (I hope something else happens before that last one though!)
  3. Had a good covering of snow here in Upper Gornal. Just had to run an errand to Wolverhampton. Obviously there's quite a bit of snow on the ground as I drove through Sedgely then as I came down the other side into Wolverhampton...nothing, just wet on the ground. There's an obvious point on the way where the lying snow simply stops, like someone has drawn a line. Mist and fog developing in Sedgley as I drove back, looks very wintry. The variation around here with the elevation always fascinates me. Sometimes I don't have to go far from home before the snow runs out.
  4. We haven't done very well here from NWerly airflows over the past 4-5 winters...but we've already been able to stick 2 fingers up to winters 2013/14, 14/15, 15/16 and 16/17 so far this winter, so who knows.
  5. Yep, remember it well. That alongside the stormy June were the savours of 2016, just like last weekend has saved 2017!
  6. December 2010 was fantastic but was also a bit back to front here. At the start of the month, we got a quick cm or 2 from bands of showers that made it here from the northeast but it took until the 18th until we saw anything really signicant. Still an amazing month and the snow cover did stay for a very long time. Also had the bonus of some incredible frost and rime in the 2nd week of the month. This spell we just had will be remembered and I can see us using it as a reference for future events, but more for it's impact than its longevity. I think we'll be refering to "that weekend in December 2017" rather than December 2017 as a whole!
  7. Well I don't care what it does now...after the last 4 winters, that'll do me nicely thank you. OK, it was much shorter than the 2010 and 2013 spells and it's all turning to muck now, but it's been so good to get some significant snow and cold back again. I really had lost interest over the past couple of years. The lack of thunder this summer was almost the final nail in the coffin. I for one am very happy and have found my interest for weather has sparked back into life a little bit. So we have some milder weather returning...at least we're not sitting at the end of February wondering if we can get some kind of consolation snow before the Spring like we've had to since 2014. Can enter Spring 2018 a bit more chipper this time around!
  8. I normally hate shifts that start at 4am but quite pleased I have one tomorrow. I should be able to get there with no one else around.
  9. Brilliant day of weather. Has saved what's been a very boring year of weather. I may even forgive the pathetic thunderstorms of the summer. Just concerned about driving to work at 4am tomorrow morning, at least there won't be many people on the roads, and it's mostly downhill to Wednesbury from here.
  10. Nothing to add really, we're doing very well out of this so far in the higher parts of Dudley. Something caught my eye on the radar though. There is a thin line of very heavy precipitation running across South Wales down towards the Bristol area. Is this a front separating the cold from the less cold air? Almost looks like a squall.
  11. First time since March 2013 we've maintained a snow cover from sunrise to sunset here. (We haven't done so well on sunset to sunrise snow covers over the past 5 years either!) Today is also the best weather day so far of 2017...shame on you summer storms!
  12. Interesting day working on the trams. Drove through some pretty intense showers, challenging to see ahead but that's why we have so much route knowledge training! From hardly any cover in Birmingham City Centre to a cm or two in West Brom and Wolves. However, it's back home here in Gornal that's the most impressive. I estimate around 5-6 centimetres and coming down again now.
  13. Some really beefy showers around the Dee Estuary now heading this way. I think what will hurt snow amounts today is how quickly the showers are moving. Heavy snow in them but only hanging around long enough for quick coverings. But it could get interesting again soon.
  14. Just woke up to get ready for work to a light covering of snow. Bit of a gap in the radar now but sure some showers will get going later. One advantage of working this early is that the roads are empty.
  15. If we're already radar watching then there already pokey little showers to our north and far more menancing, larger ones a bit further up. Reports of hail/lightning within them so already looking interesting before we even get to the 's' word.