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  1. I moved to the Midlands in 2006. Lived in Staffordshire, then Stourbridge and I've been here in Upper Gornal since 2012. In the 11 years I've been in the Midlands, 2017 by far has been the most dull for weather so far. I cannot pick our any one event that I remember from this year so far. I think the mini spells of hot weather this summer must be the most notable. What I will say in 2017's favour though is that there have been some cracking early mornings for our daily dog walk. And the bluebell display during the Spring was a good one this year. But apart from that, not really a lot happening. On a more positive note, there is potential for a showery setup this weekend and historically, we can do fairly well out of these for thunder. OK, so it won't be the humdingers that the south and east have been having but at least it will put us on the scoreboard for this year!
  2. Well yeah, the rain is very light to be honest, but always remain hopeful! Where is the cold front right now and how is it positioned? (i.e. is it sitting diagonally across the middle of Wales/England northwest to south east or it is still way out to the west of the whole country?) Am I under it now hence the light rain or is this something developing that may give something further north of me? The reason I ask is because if you draw a line from the North Wales storm through the Holland storm all the way down to the Switzerland storm, there are no lightning strikes anywhere in Europe on the southwest side of that line. That line would come through here which may explain the light rain. I mean I know nothing and it's no more than an observation.
  3. Did we get a storm during the winter? Or was that the winter before? Or 2 winters ago? The winters are all belnding into one in my memory. If we didn't, then I'm very much in...last September being the last storm here.
  4. Feel like we're paying for June 2016 when we had some kind of storm nearly everyday for about a week! Really hard to tell if we're going to get in on this. There could be further development yet which could secure a hit for us. That's been known to happen in the past. If something can get into the Cardiff-Bristol-Bath corridor then we'd be looking pretty good. Right now though, its just a bit too squeaky bum!
  5. Sadly, that one isn't for us. Looking increasingly like we may get to choose one from that batch in the channel instead though. Would be good to break our 2017 duck.
  6. Are those storms heading north towards us or more easterly towards East Anglia? It looks a bit touch and go if I'm honest...but we've been in this situation before and ended up getting something. Just not this year yet! Haven't heard a single rumble yet in 2017. Bit tricky to tell if tonight will break our duck.
  7. Kind of a halfway house here. Lots of cloud but the sun breaking through now and again. Warmish but not humid. Feels fresh. Very unlikely to get something here tonight. But forecasts and warnings have always suggested we'd be on the very very edge of any risk.
  8. Was just up Beacon Hill in Sedgley with the dog. Incredible how quick the towers went up to the north. Then it became gloomy here so couldn't see them anymore which is a shame because it looked like they were going to be quite a sight. Strong and refreshing breeze has picked up here...and very overcast now too.
  9. Surprisingly it's turning into heavy wet snow here. Must be under a heavier burst. I suppose how high up I am helps. Would be interesting to see what it's like down the road as you go down the hill. Easing off and getting back to more sleety again. I'm making this sound more exciting than it actually is. Still a miserable afternoon!
  10. Very light dusting of snow here this morning. The best bit about this morning was the view across to the Shropshire Hills that we have from here. Bright morning sunshine and white hills in the distance. Beautiful. Sleetly rain here now with the occasional flake. Pretty miserable turnaround after that lovely start to the day.
  11. I wish I could have conversations about the weather with everyone I know without them going, "Oh..yeah...right", then turning to talk to someone else.
  12. Some places in the Northern Hemisphere pretend they can cope. I lived in Ohio for 2 years. They think they know what they're doing during the winter, but if I'm being honest, I'd rather commute in over cautious Britain then in the Gung-ho "I know what I'm doing so screw everyone else" attitude of Ohio in the snow. It was really scary driving in the snow over there!
  13. Got to laugh really. The showers have had no problem finding us once the air is too warm. Yep, here they come, one after the other after the other! Anyway. That's me done now. I shall disappear until the next interesting thing happens. Be it winter snow, April showers or summer thunderstorms. Been a real interesting couple of days on here. Been really good discussion in the Midlands thread as always. Look forward to the next bit of weather so we can do it again... ...until then.
  14. A real mix blowing through here now. Rain, sleet occasionally turning to just snow. A wintry shower if you like!