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  1. Like I said, not to be taken seriously. Been on a lot of earlies at work driving my tram recently and have been treated with some glorious sunrises (before this mild air came in), on early again Saturday so hopefully any rain or murk will clear in time for another one.
  2. So we have our first sniff of the season then. It's really difficult to come on here, read the models, check the forecasts, see the chance of cold weather and take it seriously after the past 4 winters. It's like being a trainspotter next to a disused railway.
  3. Can hear thunder here now...and going very black to my north and west!
  4. I thought the potential would have moved off to the east by now. It hasn't just moved to the east it's spread to the east instead as there is still lots developing around here! The sky looks wonderful and there are very dark skies to my north. An interesting afternoon ahead.
  5. The one near Kidderminster is starting to get quite lively.
  6. Caught in torrential rain while out walking the dog here. A couple of rolls of thunder as it moved away. Raining again now.
  7. Quite funny really, that one single loud clap was heard by many people in the area. Friends on Facebook talking about it too. Been so long no-ones really used to it anymore!
  8. Just the one, but enough to leave.
  9. Quite a close crack of thunder here but most importantly, it's the first of 2017.
  10. There it is! Just heard it! First thunder of 2017 and quite a close one too. Better late than never.
  11. We have a shower passing through at the moment. This shower doesn't have any history of anything exciting, the ones to the south are hardly active either but 2017 has been so dire...just one rumble will do. Just to get us on the scoreboard at least!
  12. Bit of a surprise popping up to our southwest. Can see the tops of them. Maybe we will unexpectedly break the 2017 duck this evening at last?
  13. I moved to the Midlands in 2006. Lived in Staffordshire, then Stourbridge and I've been here in Upper Gornal since 2012. In the 11 years I've been in the Midlands, 2017 by far has been the most dull for weather so far. I cannot pick our any one event that I remember from this year so far. I think the mini spells of hot weather this summer must be the most notable. What I will say in 2017's favour though is that there have been some cracking early mornings for our daily dog walk. And the bluebell display during the Spring was a good one this year. But apart from that, not really a lot happening. On a more positive note, there is potential for a showery setup this weekend and historically, we can do fairly well out of these for thunder. OK, so it won't be the humdingers that the south and east have been having but at least it will put us on the scoreboard for this year!