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  1. Surprisingly it's turning into heavy wet snow here. Must be under a heavier burst. I suppose how high up I am helps. Would be interesting to see what it's like down the road as you go down the hill. Easing off and getting back to more sleety again. I'm making this sound more exciting than it actually is. Still a miserable afternoon!
  2. Very light dusting of snow here this morning. The best bit about this morning was the view across to the Shropshire Hills that we have from here. Bright morning sunshine and white hills in the distance. Beautiful. Sleetly rain here now with the occasional flake. Pretty miserable turnaround after that lovely start to the day.
  3. I wish I could have conversations about the weather with everyone I know without them going, "Oh..yeah...right", then turning to talk to someone else.
  4. Some places in the Northern Hemisphere pretend they can cope. I lived in Ohio for 2 years. They think they know what they're doing during the winter, but if I'm being honest, I'd rather commute in over cautious Britain then in the Gung-ho "I know what I'm doing so screw everyone else" attitude of Ohio in the snow. It was really scary driving in the snow over there!
  5. Got to laugh really. The showers have had no problem finding us once the air is too warm. Yep, here they come, one after the other after the other! Anyway. That's me done now. I shall disappear until the next interesting thing happens. Be it winter snow, April showers or summer thunderstorms. Been a real interesting couple of days on here. Been really good discussion in the Midlands thread as always. Look forward to the next bit of weather so we can do it again... ...until then.
  6. A real mix blowing through here now. Rain, sleet occasionally turning to just snow. A wintry shower if you like!
  7. Temperatures only around 2-3c down on what is forecasted for the upcoming mild spell. Sleety rain shower blowing through right now.
  8. Seeing we had a little bit of light rain through here around an hour ago, I wouldn't hold out hope for them. Too warm now.
  9. Oh yeah, not a bad effort at all. Not complaining one bit. But the wait for a true cold blast continues as far as I'm concerned. There were some reports of some sleet and rain this morning not too far away, so we did well there too. Glad I'm working this weekend as things default back to being less interesting.
  10. Been down to walk the dog at Himley Plantation near Wombourne this morning. Surprised me how little snow there was on the ground compared to up here in Gornal. All melting now of course, shows how a NWerly an never really bring the real cold we yearn to see. We can squeeze a lot of snow from a NW set up, we just can't keep the snow.
  11. Ok, so winter 2016/17 has lifted itself from the appalling category into the dismal category, let's see if we can get further up into the forgettable category by tomorrow!
  12. Best snowfall since Boxing Day 2014. That one quickly turned to rain here though. If this one doesn't, will be the most snow on the ground since March 2013.
  13. Same conditions as other people have got here. It's a very fast moving band of snow on the radar though. The last hurrah for this cold snap?
  14. Interesting day and the forecasts were very good. Shame we couldn't tap into any more showers. However, this winter is still in the dog house as far as I'm concerned. It's going to have to try a lot lot harder if it's going to regain my respect for winter weather again. Still no better than the past 3 I'm afraid. So, that's it folks, will see you when the next interesting thing happens. Be that tomorrow morning or the during the first rumbles of thunder in Spring.
  15. Sadly, I'm in that gap with nothing apparent upstream. Just the way it goes in these situations, there has to be losers. Never mind. We have the dusting from earlier still on the ground. Very icy indeed out there.