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  1. Looks lke it might be slowly dying anyway to be honest. We'll still get the leftover rain from it. You never know...it might get going again. It's very humid so anything's possible I suppose. It's just so gloomy here now.
  2. Really dark to my north, where there are no storms, but brighter to my south...where the storms are. This gloom is very deceptive today! Still waiting...I'm sure they'll get here eventually!
  3. This suddenly looks very promising. A lot of activity towards Warwick now. Will be a direct hit for here if it keeps going.
  4. Interesting cell near Redditch has suddenly gathered strength. One to keep an eye on. How many radar frames can it survive?
  5. It does appear that storms are heading our way. But over the past few hours, not much seems to survive west of the M1, just the odd rogue non-thundery downpour that soon dies again. However, isn't the energy fuelling these storms meant be moving north and west? We may get something a bit later?
  6. The Principality of Sealand is the place to be right now! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Principality_of_Sealand And if you can't get there. Felixstowe or Harwich beach will do!
  7. And just like that, the sun is finally breaking through. Very quick clearance of the murk all of a sudden. Might actually be able to see what's going on up there now!
  8. Interesting. Still really gloomy and murky this side of Birmingham. Looking forward to seeing how this is going to play out.
  9. For today anyway. Still some good chances to come over the weekend. We're not out of this yet, don't worry!
  10. I 'think' we've had our fun now. Anything that comes our way today looks like it'll weaken. But you never know. Something may keep going, or even reignite. And any messy wet lumps that do come our way may have the odd embedded rumble. But I don't think we'll get anything as near as spectacular as we had the last few days.
  11. Hmmm..the western cells do seem to be struggling to hold together at the moment. They're still producing lightning though. So gloomy out there right now, hard to tell where it is!
  12. Looks like we could be about to get some storms here in the West Mids over the next few hours. We're not getting the strongest cells of the system the way it stands. But as we've seen this week...the strength of various storms can ebb and flow as they continue their journey. So well worth keeping an eye out for.
  13. Sadly, there is another side to this weather. There's been a serious rail derailment near Stonehaven. A passenger train too. Very likely weather related. As a rail employee myself, my thoughts go to all involved.
  14. That storm that developed between Birmingham and Leicester this morning is moving northeast a lot quicker than any of the storms we've seen this week. Could suggest a slight shift in who gets to see them today? Maybe a few can get into more eastern areas?
  15. I've been on it twice. Fabulous journey. I dunno, sitting in the bar car with a scotch travelling through the storms sounds alright to me!
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