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  1. Ok this is a moan....pure and simple!!! I am cold,fed up with being cold and spending more and more money keeping my house warm. I am sick of the fleeting glimpses of sunshine and the taunting warmth it gives. I am grateful I have the cash available to buy more wood and coal and electric....but the suns free!!! So sod off weather patterns that give cloud cover and cold winds!.
  2. i keep looking in the mod thread for a consistent theme of 'light at the end of the tunnel'. it isn't showing at the moment,I'll know when it is by the balanced posters I trust,(some of them are coldies,but fair'ies' if you know what I mean) I just hope the weather perks up soon,to warmer more varied options. perhaps we have been so spoiled with warmer late winters and early springs,that's why this winter seems so very long. you can.understand why pagans needed so many celebrations through the year.......they had to have something to look forward to when times (weather) was so bad. But if we don't get a break soon......a sacrifice to weather gods might be in order!!!!! unscientific i know,but suggestions for likely candidates on a postcard please!
  3. sorry.on a phone and my reply is in the middle of your post. cold fingers trying to work a small touchscreen,another consequence of cold weather? .:-)
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