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  1. On an iPad....with a dead area,and an ability to go berserk clicking things madly all on its own!

    1. starstream


      it may be sentient.it keeps trying to access email address book and send emails!

    2. lassie23


      not good lol let's hope it doesn't learn how to write them too

    3. Mokidugway


      I see dead tablets .........

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  2. Is it at all possible,that ignored users posts....can then NOT be seen if someone else quotes them? Some continue to feed the trolls,no matter how polite they may be,and as a consequence,even though I try not to read them,you still have to suffer. Especially when folks bold the inflammatory comments to then argue them. Trolls are trolls,even when they use charts to back themselves up! Please help.
  3. I wish I could recall the exact year,but it was likely '92 ,or '93 ..an absolutely stunning hoar frost...everything was sparkly and beautiful. prettier I think than ,dare I say it.....snowfall!
  4. Well of course the daily star is a scientific font of all knowledge! So it must be true ! Good grief! May I suggest, you spend some time reading the very well informed posters on here,and evaluating the prospects of whatever this winter may throw at us from the guidance they offer. It's been said many many times....headlines of extreme weather,sell papers....even the Daily Star.
  5. I am amazed that there 'seems?' To be far less response to Steves post,than I would've expected. It could be the mods are deleting many one liners with little dancing figures...or perhaps its just too early in the season for seasoned Coldie types, to be tempted with Potential nirvana. I for one am thrilled to bits to have had such a promising start to the season,and by that I mean activity within the forum and interest piqued so soon. It is a waiting game, but its brilliant to not still be waiting for anything of interest by mid Feb! Good luck everyone,and may your snow dreams be realised !
  6. Very true,but it has made for an excellent start to the winter season. We've had a really active topic,excellent engagement from senior coldies,not too much bickering,and we are all primed for model watching,lamp post watching,and the highs and lows of a british winter!! Best of luck everyone!
  7. starstream


    I am more concerned about the virus having an opportunity ,in every host it infects,to mutate. We could be lucky,and it turn less 'aggressive' or transmit able ,however it could go the other way! Its likely,that never before,has it (Ebola) had this kind of evolution possibility. Sadly I think the regions in Africa affected,are going to be that way for a long time .
  8. Can you please rename this thread The 'october porn influence' The excitement,and the trying really hard NOT to get excited,yet! is so apparent in the posts! Sorry for the non technical post,I am just enjoying this thread.
  9. not technically Model related, but in March this year, it was hardly spring like weather was it? yet spring turned out pretty good overall just delayed a bit. So although we all would love a cold and crisp Christmas period.....it doesn't mean that the weather switch won't flick over and deliver the goods. Its only Dec 6th after all. Cheer up coldies, it can and probably will change, edited cos I forgot a line I was damn sure I had typed!
  10. Sat Nav " take the second exit on the left.....................recalculating"
  11. It seems to have gone v quiet in the mad mod thread (you know where I mean) Now has all hope of cold evaporated a la THAT ECM? Or,has the zero tolerance keep on topic approach,ensured only a handful of posters left?
  12. If it is deepening, perhaps more than we had thought, I understand they then have a tendency to turn left .Are any more senior peeps on board who can comment on the current track of Jude,and is it deepening or as expected? the more senior peeps may well be off in the regionals, but my regional is currently inhabited by newbies,with under 10 posts(yet post count rising rapidly) talking nonsense.
  13. Its all relative, if you are a beer drinking student..it would be a laugh being without power, however if you have small kids, or a disabled family member then being, aware and preparing is sensible. Also location,a town is likely to get power restored faster than rural where overhead cabling could be broken many times along your power route. I would rather be ready and able to enjoy the power of nature,than thinking 'Oh sugar!!,i forgot about such and such' as to mains gas going outI don't know as I don't have it,was merely mentioning a camping stove for people who are totally reliant on leccy.
  14. I have just done my recce round the garden,and ordered a non electrical phone for £4 from argos (assuming phone lines don't go down too!) I am rural so power and phone are all above ground and swing like skipping ropes in high winds. for kids get them to keep all hand held things like DS,or PSP so they have something to keep amused for a while with,and dig out car chargers for mobiles. I haven't had the potential for significant power issues for quite some years,but is filling the kettle and a few pans for tea sensible? I am ok as we have calor gas....so sadly I shall still be having to cook! Its my mission for today to ensure the washing is up to date and the dishwasher has no backlog,just in case those wonderful things wont work! maybe if you are reliant on mains for cooking perhaps if you have a camping stove,dig it out and make sure its got gas so you can have a brew?
  15. Its all relative Cliffy,if you want extreme weather,hope away! that would be the best for you.If you would rather a tree didn't fall and squash the car,conservatory or anything else you care about then you would wish for the best,for you.But at the end of the day,the winds gonna do,what the winds gonna do.
  16. The most sensible advice has to be....Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.
  17. really glad I am an Atheist! I don't think Essex is going to miss out,we should be prepared to batten down the hatches as anyone else with a grain of sense should.
  18. This scenario is mooted every winter and on just about every forum that discusses weather. Most of us, who haven't experienced it,would like too And most who have,would rather not. I think that tells us something. Saying that,at some point we are likely to experience another significant. prolonged winter, and as we can do bugger all to stop it, we shall just have to cope as best we can.
  19. I would be disappointed,but would get the plus of all the HUNDREDS of spring bulbs (snowdrops,crocus,daffs,and bluebells),I have planted in my garden over the past few weeks would be blooming sooner. But I would have to leave the fridge open,curtains closed and spray fake snow over my windows over Christmas.
  20. I only watch countryfile now and the odd Beeb one if I have plans, but the very greatest indicator of interesting weather being forecast, is watchig the page count accelerate hourly on the forum!
  21. I start looking forward to winter in Late July but only because I love the log burner, and the anticipation of Christmas. Once Christmas is over (and this is true I take the tree down boxing day) the wheel has turned for me,from then on , I am looking and planning for summer. I don't forget about spring and autumn, but they are not the key points for me. probably because for a large part of my adult life,the season's all blurred into one.
  22. can I ask that there be a glossary for updated abbreviations? last winter in particular with the increased interest in SSW Sudden stratospheric warming,the letters being added into posts got overwhelming. with more advances,theories and such,if you cant read up regularly ,its easy to get lost. Also,and I think its brilliant, that regular posters respond to each others posts with real names as opposed to forum ids. It can however get a smidge confusing,so if your ok with your real name being used in a public forum,perhaps an aka after your id? Thanks and keep up the good work
  23. I decided last week,when the heat looked like sticking around NOT to put my above ground.pool up. I wish I had now,but I know if I do,this glorious weather will be jinxed. Shockingly.unscientific I know but Im not going to chance it,no matter how lovely a.swim would be.
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