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  1. 87 gave 2 ft of level snow at heybridge Essex , and the sea froze. Schools shut for a week, I always remember the BBC had a mini series called "Anzacs "on telly box , shown in the afternoons. Dad was off work ( teacher) so we all watched it as there was nothing else to do. surprisingly, I don't remember the power going off, but that would be my only concern if we got a significant Cold event now, severely autistic son would struggle without the computer .
  2. While March 2013 was not snowy in my neck of the woods, it was savagely cold. i remember many times walking and having to come home early as the cold wind made my asthma kick off . the lack of white stuff didn't make it less interesting for me as a coldie. what was amazing, was when the weather turned into normal spring temps, and the blossom and green almost happened overnight. it really was special to witness .
  3. Whatever happens in The forthcoming weeks. feed the birds guys and gals. if winter prolongs, they really will need a bit of extra support, and into spring when they are frantically nesting, laying and feeding offspring.
  4. @bluearmy is that a portion of PV sitting above the UK?
  5. The models may not be showing us what we want to see ,it's the chase that gets most of us on here. I still believe that some surprises are on offer this winter. I cannot back that up with evidence, but then this isn't the thread for that.
  6. This thread has clarity, and I do understand , by the longer term nature of the Mad/Mod thread, that is why this one is clearer . but there are , so far, no Nostradamus quatrains being spouted, nor requests for snow depth in Droitwich south, at No 27 brewers drive! Thankyou Gents, and Sydney of course.
  7. Just below Danbury Essex I've got a beautiful 4 inches. It's sticky and all the trees look magical
  8. The Rollercoaster of the Mod/Mad thread, is what I enjoy most about winter. this seasons opener, has been a corker. if fact, based on the entirely unscientific processes, of I have told nobody it will snow, have not bought any coal in, nor wild bird seed , in anticipation of a freeze fest . i anticipate a bitter cold winter.
  9. Huge respect to @Tamara above although I do feel like Marlin being given instructions by Squirt, on the exit strategy of the EAC!
  10. Sorry to hear about Mrs legritter,I hope,you get copious pristine snowfalls this year.
  11. I am trying to upgrade and get netweather radar , but when I try to subscribe it says neither password not user name recognised. the user name and email is definitely me, so I assumed the password was incorrect but when I request a lost password it claims my email isn't on the database. any suggestions?
  12. Totally agree Paul ,and I don't know how to phrase this tactfully. There are a new generation who have never seen tough moderation in the 'mod' thread, and it's noticeable they are the ones cluttering up with just chatter . its all well and good, until we get snow event - snow event?? What's one of those??- and that's my point I suppose, there seems to be a lack of consistency . I love the mod thread in winter( never post as I am not knowledgable enough ) but it's usually a fantastic read, and can have banter too, but not one liners . I can't be the only one who gauges the mood of the weather , by how active the thread is? its disheartening to look and see it's a load of nonsense .
  13. Not sure if this is the appropriate place to post. i don't want to be a killjoy,as this winter ( so far ) has been pretty dire, but can the mods please please PLEASE! Start deleting and moving , without warning, what are blatant chat , banter and moans from the model thread into the chat, banter and moan thread? its getting beyond a joke, to log on and see new posts , and it's full of chatter and nonsense ! And not a whiff of model related information. Cheers
  14. Just a minor niggle, I can't seem to find a "go to first unread post " thingy, when I open a thread . Not such an issue when it's quiet but it will be when we all get 6 ft of the white stuff , countrywide. ever the optimist me
  15. Sorry guys, I am looking for the archived first Strat thread or the earliest one available. Can't seem to find it, although I am on a phone - which probably doesn't help- can anyone link it for me please ?
  16. so glad I put a certain someone on ignore...he moans all summer and he moans in winter too! never happy

    1. shuggee


      Good use of the ignore feature!

    2. Daniel*
    3. Gordon Webb

      Gordon Webb

      it must be peaceful in the spring and autumn then

  17. Was also a slow watcher ,back in the day. I remember Nick Sussex back then and many others. Be wary of mentioning Mr Farkin too much , he's a bit like ruplestiltskin...mention his name and he's bound to turn up. Him and his many alter egos.....davindra etc.
  18. hmmm rain today doesn't seem to be working,nor nw radar....hysterical snow starved peeps over clicking???
  19. honestly guys....snow can bitterly disappoint, as in not turning up,or it can really surprise by appearing 'as if by magic'. its radar watching and looking out the window time.
  20. Someone asked yesterday for paint jobs,as someone who isn't skilled in any way at reading the models,and relies on clear interpretation from the main posters in here...... Can we have some more piccasos please? It really does make things so much clearer for a visual learner like me. I do know it's time consuming. Thanks in advance guys.
  21. watching Ski Sunday ,for a snow kick

    1. lassie23


      do you have a 3d tv, otherwise it is pointless

    2. Mokidugway


      4D is better ..

  22. In defence of the mod thread,it never operates in the 'now ' it's always days ahead of current weather, the regionals will be where talk of the storm is likely to be,or the thread dedicated to storms.
  23. may I suggest Dr Nick, popping a Prozac? or are you stockpiles under guard for the next week or so? I would imagine the NW community are in for a nerve shredding ride. will it? Wont it? you've got more than me! Ohh no I haven't,youve got a streamer! Zonal mild incoming...you know the drill!
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