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  1. 7 minutes ago, Paul_1978 said:

    Regarding the threads - I understand why the mods did what they did - however for me the balance has tipped too much the other way in that there is just too much chaff in here.

    I personally don't like all the one liners, and a lot of the chit-chat is just inane. The other "focused" thread is just too quiet, although appreciate this may be due to the failed easterly.

    In summary, the balance is not quote right and I feel something has been lost with the new threads. Hope this is seen as constructive.

    Absolutely agree,particularly with the last point.

  2. 1 minute ago, Paul Sherman said:

    You should try the other thread

    Nearly felt like ending it all at least 10 times today in there


    1 minute ago, Paul Sherman said:

    You should try the other thread

    Nearly felt like ending it all at least 10 times today in there

    That's why I've jumped ship , rather have happy peeps.

    although it's now snowing heavily nr Danbury Essex.

    sorry for double quote

  3. 21 hours ago, Paul Sherman said:


    Sorry can't get rid of the quote box.

    have fun sledging everyone, but there is always a tragedy occurring  when we get snow, cos it's a relative rarity.

    so if you've got older kids, who are gonna go out on their own, warn them to check for fences and obstacles which may or may not be hidden by snow.All to often overlooked in the excitement of a speed run  down a hill.

    stay safe and have fun!

  4. 1 minute ago, Dorset_mist said:

    It’s a fair question, we invest for corporate investors and pension funds, cold weather impacts the financial markets, so we pay for the best advanced data. Our meteorological analyst looked at the data and advised 1. Buy energy stocks now 2. Placed company business travellers on red alert (me being one), and invoked the disaster recovery plan, which is non essential travel (ie don’t both coming to the office and forget flights), this is in place all of next week. Personally I think we will make an absolute killing on the energy stocks 😂

    Thanks for the clarity :)

  5. Preparation depends on where  you live and age.

    my Dad whose 83, and remembers both biggies '47 and 63 has been dismissive of the cold, but he's forgetting he couldn't now dig his car out of snow, or walk safely to shops.Statisically if an elderly person takes a bad fall and injures themselves , they will never recover to the level of mobility they were before.

    so if you have an elderly relative or neighbor, please ask if they need anything, offer to pick up shopping or better yet, invite them in for a warm dinner and less worry about keeping there own home warm for a bit.

    Roll on the  cold!

  6. You won't be the only one, with parent worries.

    most of the young and youngish drivers, have never experienced it. 

    Best advice, if she has to drive, is take a warm coat, hat gloves etc  and warm socks ,sweeties and a drink with her, a phone charger and keep a full tank so if she's stuck in traffic she can keep engine running for warmth.

    oh and a shovel, but you've probably told her that.

    in fact even us oldies need reminding of those sensible precautions.

    it doesn't take a prang to leave you stranded, wasn't it lorrys a few years back that crippled a M road , cos they couldn't climb from a standing start ?


    wish her luck x

  7. 4 minutes ago, JennyJane1 said:

    dont know if you could get a small tablet and then there are chargers which run on batteries, i have one, dont know how practical it would be for a week, but its something.

    Unfortunately not, he's 22 and very LD as well, he doesn't understand why it wouldn't work.

    tablets get thrown ,RIP many an iPad!

    usually with power outages we go for a drive to get away till it comes back on . But we shall manage .


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