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  1. Currently having a snow shower now in St Neots, Cambs, but I'm not too excited. Been into the Midland thread and they are just reporting light snow flurries and barely settling and the front weakens moving south. So don't have high hopes of anything to note.
  2. Looks that way doesn't it. Temps around 4 or 5, back up to 7 by midweek. A few snow showers across SE corner, but that's about it. Now they're pinning their hopes on mid month already. ! That'll go belly up by then as well, no doubt.
  3. It keeps turning back to sleet. Don't expect too much, it's very marginal here, as only the heavier bursts are snow, otherwise mostly drizzle with a few flakes.
  4. Can't see it amounting to much, as it keeps turning light and sleety. It much be so marginal here, only the heavier bursts turning to snow.
  5. Had light snow falling for about 20 mins, getting heavier now in St Neots in south Cambs
  6. Light snow falling in St Neots in south Cambs, nothing to write home about yet
  7. Amazes me that when we have a cold Flow from the North West, with the showers packing in, and the air is cold enough to produce snow, the showers never seem to make it across to our area. But then as soon as the air warms slightly which means all showers will be of rain, hey presto, every shower makes it across to East Anglia 😡
  8. Looking at the latest radar, it looks like sleety rain south of roughly Milton Keynes, and a large mix of rain and sleet further north, with snow in the heavier bursts and back edge snow.
  9. Just steady cold rain here in St Neots, west Cambs. No signs of any sleet.
  10. We now have decent size flakes falling, it's steady but not settling as yet. St Neots, Cambs.
  11. Can report the odd flake blowing around, but that's about it from St.Neots !
  12. Looking at the radar and the current movements of the ppn it looks at this stage that it is slipping down the East coast and not making it very far inland. It appears the bulk of it will hit north Norfolk and will probably miss me in Cambs. Win some, lose a lot !!
  13. The Midlands - Weather Chat

    Ok ,thanks guys
  14. The Midlands - Weather Chat

    Hi, tomorrow I will bringing my County Football team to play Derbyshire at Mickleover FC at 2pm. The forecast isn't that good with rain due around lunchtime. Can you advise those in that region if it is likely to start as snow or just rain. I have heard reports that it could be a snowy few hours ? Any thoughts please ?
  15. If only it was colder. Last night when I went to bed, it was alittle frosty and showers were non existent. Now the frost has gone, temp up to 1.5c and that mass of shower activity that has developed has surprised me. I think the heaviest ppn is going to miss me unfortunately, but it think it will be rain /sleet anyway.