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  1. Majority of the fun going north, keeping to the East of London up into eastern East Anglia. Doesn't look like much is going to happen more centrally, as yet.
  2. The storms are staying East of the A1. I'm in St Neots and we just missed out on the passing storm that moved up northwards through the Cambridge area.
  3. Just rain in St Neots, very wet evening, almost passed through, expecting it to clear within the hour then start to freeze. So much for the yellow warning and 1-3 cm of snow !!
  4. I think sleet is about the best we are gonna get now. Mainly rain on the conservatory roof, but there are flakes mixed in. Very wet.
  5. Raining here in St Neots, has been for about 20 mins temps still up at 3.8c
  6. Rain started here about 15 mins ago. Temp still up at 3.9c hopefully that will drop quickly.
  7. Must be patient today. It will all start as rain. It's currently 6c here in Cambridgeshire, it's only later into the evening when the transition starts and hopefully leave a covering of snow as it passes, then a very frosty night.
  8. Radar currently showing heavy precipitation on the east coast, can anyone tell me if it's just rain ?
  9. Just mainly rain in St Neots in west Cambs, best we can do are sleety blobs on the windscreen. Rain not heavy enough to turn to snow
  10. Moderate / heavy snow now falling in St Neots after a slow start with light snow. Started to recover on paths and roads. Phone app says snow from now right the way through til 9am tomorrow, somehow I don't think so !
  11. I hope this proves correct. My phone app for St Neots says snow from 3pm today right through til 10am tomorrow! Yeah right. I wish. Looking at the radar I can’t see it snowing at all. Do you think it will pep up or continue to fragment and weaken ?
  12. Looking at the radar, I just have a feeling there will be some surprise snowfall towards our areas. Unless that suddenly starts to pivot, some of that is heading our way.
  13. Persistent snow now again. Sky looks absolutely full of it. I am in West Cambridgeshire and must be just catching the low as it tracks north. Unexpected but happy.
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