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  1. Moderate / heavy snow now falling in St Neots after a slow start with light snow. Started to recover on paths and roads. Phone app says snow from now right the way through til 9am tomorrow, somehow I don't think so !
  2. I hope this proves correct. My phone app for St Neots says snow from 3pm today right through til 10am tomorrow! Yeah right. I wish. Looking at the radar I can’t see it snowing at all. Do you think it will pep up or continue to fragment and weaken ?
  3. Looking at the radar, I just have a feeling there will be some surprise snowfall towards our areas. Unless that suddenly starts to pivot, some of that is heading our way.
  4. Persistent snow now again. Sky looks absolutely full of it. I am in West Cambridgeshire and must be just catching the low as it tracks north. Unexpected but happy.
  5. Been watching the radar for ages and the showers are not getting any further West than Cambridge which is crap as I’m another 20 miles west. Yet further south the showers are moving a lot further inland. So frustrating.
  6. I feel your pain. ! I'm 20 miles west of you in St Neots, and I moan that the showers reach as far as Cambridge then fizzle out, although today we had plenty of heavy showers. Even tonight showers are still forming in the North Sea and heading inland, but all seem to fizzle out now before they get to Cambridge! Lol
  7. Can you send the stream of showers straight down the A1 to St Neots instead going diagonal towards Northants please
  8. About time huh ? I'm further west than you in St Neots. It's high time we were in the firing line
  9. Well, finally, it's happened. About 45 mins ago the beast delivered my first proper snow shower. Very heavy, full covering, but alas, the sun is making easy work of melting it all. ah well, I've seen abit now, suppose I better stop moaning now...lol
  10. Just watched the 6.30 BBC forecast, and it doesn't look that great at all for my area. The main areas that are forecast more prolonged snow are going to be further north, whereas we have only showers on offer, that's until the wind changes slightly and the showers are blown from the Wash northwards. Tomorrow's feature is spreading south westerly from the north to affect Yorkshire, parts of the midlands and possibly into South Wales. Showers will continue to affect Eastern areas except my town. !! My hope for any lying snow is Friday by the looks of things, when the low tracks northwards hopefully bringing a spell of persistent snow. Good luck everyone else.
  11. If you don't like snow, move to where I live in St. Neots. Every single snow shower will either go around you, slightly to the north or south of you, but will never pass right over you. Have seen 3 flakes in the wind, but I think they were blown off course. ! Lol This is not the place to be if you love snow
  12. I did try and say yesterday but I got shot down. It's been very over hyped as per usual. Yes, very cold,yes lovely to see a few snow showers, but they are only for the lucky few, certainly not widespread snow fall. Like someone said, better than dull, mild and wet.
  13. Yep I'm the same here in St Neots. Cambridgeshire doesn't do snow showers from the East. I have seen 3 or 4 flakes in the wind earlier, don't expect anything til Friday