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  1. Disappointed to wake to see that nothing has changed and the dreaded no snow zone is sill active. It’s always the same, so I’m not really surprised.
  2. I feel your pain. I’m even further west in St Neots and it’s so frustrating to see all the reports coming in of heavy settling snow, when we’re just getting pointless light flakes blowing around in the wind.
  3. Temp, dropped like a stone down to 1.7c as heavy burst, with loads of large wet flakes mixed in now, here in Cambs
  4. Has anyone else got the app called Windy ? I think it’s bloody good. So much info
  5. Latest BBC forecast shows up to 14c tomorrow afternoon on their map and 10c Wednesday. ah well....
  6. Still snowing in St Neots, and has been since 11am Facebook full of snowmen and snow walks with dogs... doesn’t happen here very often, so gotta make the most of it.
  7. St Neots in Cambs for a change in the sweet spot. been hammering it down for a couple of hours, huge flakes, good couple of inches I’d say
  8. Looking at the radar and the the way it’s moving, the system just seems to be moving mainly in East, and the heavy precipitation that Yorkshire are currently getting hammered with snow, looks like moving out into the North Sea, and not sink south as I thought it was going to. Drier conditions already spreading in from the west. is it planned to pivot ? Otherwise it will be dry here in Cambs, in an hour or so.
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